Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Thanks for all of the feedback, ladies. I'm crazy about our pictures, too. I cant wait until she gets her hands on twin newborns. I know the pictures will be phenomenal. I have a lot of ideas up my sleeve..

Here are the answers to your questions. 

1) So glad you asked! I was curious if you had any nausea or vomiting during this or any of your pregnancies, and if so when did it start? I was nauseous with each pregnancy, but this was by far the worst. I for sure had double the amount! And it lasted a few extra weeks. However, compared to most, I have it easy and am lucky to not throw up because of it. 

2) A lot of people expect twin parents to name their twins similarly, whether it be rhyming or starting with the same letter. Do you plan to do this? No! They will not start with the initial or rhyme. We talked about using all T's after we had Trevor, but decided against it since we wanted to have a lot of kids. I know were sticking to just consonants as a first initial. They wont be A & B names. 

3) How do you stand living so far away from Atlanta? Dont you think you would be happier a little further south? (Closer to Disney, the beach and Hopkins children). This was submitted by the wonderful, Evan. :) Ill say its tough living so far away from such wonderful things. One day, we hope to move South..Tom has to get a few years in first and then can branch out..;)

4) Have you got you house all set up since the move and ready for babies? We are getting there! I have gotten more done in the past 48 hours than I had the entire month of July! We are so busy and have been taking advantage of the simplicity of only having 2 children, Daddy having a normal shift, a super mild summer, etc. This is my last week without a baby appointment, so I knew it was time to kick it into high gear with baby prep!

5) Can you believe there are 2 babies in there? Are you still shocked/surprised? Have you got your new car/mini bus yet? Are you close to your family for help when your babas arrive? It still blows my mind to think were going to have 2 babies in a few weeks..four young children..all boys! I try to wrap my head around it but I dont think itll truly be real until it happens! We are still undecided about the car situation. We do have a car with enough space, but are hoping to get a minivan sooner than later. Unfortunately  we are not close to any family. Until May, we lived 6 blocks from my sisters family, 5 minutes from my parents and everything/everyone in our life was less than 20 minutes. Since we had to move to the city, we are now a good 30+ minutes from everyone. I really dont see me having much help. Additionally, Tom will be working a lot. Im really going to have to figure this out on my own. 

6) What is your ideal recovery postpartum? Then, what is your realistic recovery postpartum? Does your family come and help you? I had a really easy recovery after Gavin. I wouldnt mind a recovery like that! I think any recovery will be tougher this time, since my body has been put through more and Ill have to physically birth two children. I am REALLY hoping to avoid a c-section. That is uncharted territory for me and I think it would be so hard to have to recover from major surgery, care for two newborns and provide for 2 other children. Im sure Ill have some help, but it will be minimal. My sister has 4 kids and works, my Mom cares for my aunt with DS, my friends either have kids or work. I know Ill appreciate any help we can get!

7) Do you plan on breastfeeding the twins, too? Absolutely!! As long as theyre born late enough that I can produce and they can latch, I dont see why itd be a problem. I have always had an overabundance of milk and pump like a champ. I do think it will make outings harder and there will be a lot of sacrifice involved, but I can not wait!

8) Can you update us on how Trevor is doing with his allergies? And any twin advice you've received that you think will be especially useful? Trevor is doing great this summer! I took him to another allergist about 2 months back, to get a second opinion and information on allergy shots. We switched up his oral medication and were on board with doing the shots. But, he responded so well to the new medication that we just stuck with that! He still itches here and there and gets most irritated when were at the cottage. With the lake water, sunscreen, heat, sweating, etc..his skin gets irritated. Its nothing compared to last year. No mood swings, bags under his eyes, horrible rashes. We are so thankful!! As far as twin advice..Ive mainly been told take any help you can get and try to keep them on the same schedule. Im a part of a twin board online and I know that will come in handy!

9) Any hints on names? And you need to update the blog header to include all four of your beautiful boys!! We truly dont know their names. We have meaningful middle names, that are pretty much set in stone. Baby B may have a name..we wont know for sure until we decide on A's name. Honestly, we may end up keeping them quiet now that were so close. Well see. Its a frustrating process! I am dying to order them little hats for the hospital with their names and would love to do it..now! And, yes, this blog needs some major work. Ill get around it it, promise! :)

10) What are future plans? Do you feel your family is complete? Do you want to use all your remaining embryos?? As of now, I do not feel complete. I have always wanted 5 children and that hasnt changed. We have talked a bit about birth control/embryos lately. We have 4 left, from Gavins cycle..which is also the twins cycle. I dont think we will do anything before the twins are 2. I wanted to be done having children by 30 and Im 26 now. We wont be doing anything permanent. I cant imagine closing that door so young. I jokingly tell Tom I am not spending any money on trying to not get pregnant when weve spent so much trying TO get pregnant. Im not really joking, though..

11) I'm still waiting for the new house update! Can that count as a question? I promise to do a photo tour soon. We are about half way done with moving the boys downstairs and setting up the nursery. We also need to hang pictures that have been under our bed for the past 2 months. As soon as that happens, Ill give all the details!! 

12) Is your car big enough to fit all those car seats? Yes! We have a Nissan Pathfinder that fits 5 carseats. When the back seat is up, there is very little trunk space, which doesnt work well with strollers. We really want a mini van and have gone back and forth about trading the car in for one..or waiting until Tom gets his raise in February. Im dreading a winter where Trevor would have to climb over an infant seat(with snow/mud on his boots, undoubtedly)  every time we go in and out. We may go ahead and trade it in, we honestly havent had the time or energy to think about it. At least we do have something that can get us safely from point A to point B, even if its not ideal. 

There ya have it! As always, thanks for following along and for caring about my family. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

31 Weeks And Q & A

Blogging on a Saturday night? Why not! We are lounging and watching Netflix, while recovering from last night. We went out to celebrate Tom passing his state exam with his academy class last night..until 2am. Crazy, crazy.

I'm 31 weeks today, a short 5 weeks from my goal. Unbelievable! I had an ultrasound this week and my Mom and niece tagged along. They loved seeing the boys. Much to my shock, the both flipped head down! Because of that, I have a lot more pressure/pain and contractions. My cervix is still about 3, so were okay there. Baby A measured 3 lb. 9 oz. and baby B is 3 lb. 6 oz. Both looked just perfect and are the size of what an average singleton would be.

My maternity pictures turned out really pretty. The boys did awesome and Im so glad she got some great ones of just Tom and I.

I feel like Ive done random pregnancy updates but haven't really kept up with life here. So, its time for a little Q & A session. What do you want to know? You can ask anything..other than how we plan to stay sane the next year with all these children..;) Leave your questions here and Ill post the answers on Wednesday!

Monday, July 15, 2013

29 Weeks!

How far along? 29 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: Almost up 20 lb. 
Maternity clothes? Yes. I got some cute dresses to wear this week and found a dress for Toms graduation. Most of my tanks are too short and my belly hangs out.
Sleep: Good, up until last night when my legs cramped and hurt so bad! Hoping it was a one time thing.
Best moment of this week: Maternity pics going well!
Movement: Yep. Feet down low, heads/ hands way up high
Food cravings: Ice! 
Gender: Boys
Labor Signs: Contractions here and there. 
Belly Button in or out? Almost totally out
What I miss: Starting to miss my body...I have high expectations for when Im able to exercise again.
What I am looking forward to: a week at the beach
Milestones: Less than 10 weeks!

Lots has happened the last 2 weeks. We had a fabulous 4th weekend. We saw fireworks Wednesday night, spent our 4th with a parade, fun fair and a festival with fireworks. Then, we headed to the cottage for another parade and fireworks followed by my nieces 2nd birthday party. 

We returned home and I had a day of appointments. I saw my OB and heard mostly wonderful news. She was very happy with how things are going..even said I was the best looking twin pregnancy shes dealt with. She said she does not think the babies will turn head down. They are up SO high. We talked about what the plan will be. Basically, Ill pick a c-section date and aim for that. If one turns, I can try vaginally. If I go into labor before the scheduled date, they would do a quick ultrasound to determine which was I can have them. She did say Ill have to talk to the other 2 OBs in the practice to get their take on delivering baby B breech, assuming he will be. I have a lot of thoughts/concerns on this topic, but am not going to stress about it now when I know anything can change in an instant!
After my appointment, I went to the other tower to do my glucose test. It was a blissful hour of sitting, reading a book and a quick blood draw. No news is good news and I havent gotten a phone call, so I assume I passed. 

I  have a growth ultrasound next week and start weekly NST's at 32 weeks. I go back to the OB at 32 and 34 and then believe Ill go weekly. Trevor took his big brother class at the hospital and I preregistered online. This is all coming to an end quickly.

Last week FLEW by with playdates and errands and organizing. We did my maternity pictures over the weekend and Im dying to see them! Tomorrow, we are heading to the cottage for just shy of a week. We go to the big Country Thunder festival which starts Thursday. Tom has his state exam on Friday, so I decided we would go up earlier and let him have peace and quiet so he can study all week and do well. This happens to be the hottest week weve had all year, so if you need us, youll find us at the beach.

I believe most of my followers here follow me on IG. Thats where I snap all the belly pictures. :) If not, my name there is mamaof4littlemen.

Monday, July 1, 2013

27 Weeks

How far along? 27 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: Up 18 lbs. 
Maternity clothes? Yes. Im buying size large for the first time in my life. A lot of my maternity stuff is going to be too small soon.  
Sleep: Pretty good!
Best moment of this week:  This was a really rough week! 
Movement: All day. Its funny feeling 4 little feet way down low.
Food cravings: Ice! 
Gender: Boys
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button in or out? Kinda sticking out
What I miss: Having no aches and pains. Its okay, I know its only temporary
What I am looking forward to: this week! Please be better!
Milestones: 3rd trimester!

We are in the 3rd trimester and the countdown to babies can really begin. We bought their dresser and assembled it so I can start filling it up. We bought one crib and have to go pick it up this week. I ordered new straps for the 2nd car seat, since the were a bit frayed. I have to keep up with the little tasks!

This week at home was really bad. Possibly the worst week I've had with the kids. Trevor is going through something. He has been defiant, talking back, ignoring, etc. He has had countless time outs, been put to bed early, lost out on privileges. He leaves me fried at the end of the day. Then you add Gavin into the mix. He is teething and miserable. He wakes up in the night and regardless of what time he goes to bed, he is up at 6am. He needs sleep to be happier! He is needy..constantly wants to be held, needs his pacifier and blankie, wants a baba, screams to eat, etc. He talks SO much which is wonderful. However, because he can tell me what he wants, he thinks he gets it right then and there. He is mischievous and keeps me on my toes, thats for sure.

Sprinkle these actions with the fact that Im huge and exhausted, its been a mess around here. I never complain about being pregnant, ever. Being pregnant is the greatest blessing and I am thankful Ive been able to do it. I just feel worn out and need a little pick me up. We have a ton of fun 4th of July plans this week/weekend and Im hoping extra hands and some time with Tom will help.