Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Checking In..

Oh, hey. 

I am SO sorry to have stayed away so long. After getting numerous emails wondering if he we were okay, I made some time sit down and check in here.

But, where do I start? How do I recap the past 7 weeks? 

Ill start with our newborn pictures. Taken at 6 days old. 

These two angels fit into our lives just perfectly. We have continued on..working, going to school, enjoying family fun days, celebrating holidays, relaxing..we just get to enjoy every day with 2 more little boys. My heart is so full. 

I know you want more details. And boy, do I have them! Im trying to decide what to do with my little spot on the internet. Im considering making facebook page for it. Its so much easier to keep in contact and do quick updates there. I want to be able to keep up with this "family" I have made over the last 5+ years Ive been blogging. I just dont see myself making the time to sit and share like I used to. So, whats plan B?

I will be back here soon. I have a long overdue book review I want to share. And that birth story..