Thursday, August 29, 2013

We Made It

Tom had his formal graduation at Navy Pier this past Tuesday. We had the BEST day. The ceremony was beautiful. My parents, brothers and future sister in law came, in addition to Toms dad and his girlfriend. After the ceremony, we ate a delicious lunch at Jimmy Buffets. Gavin was a big fan of the tall high chair. :)

 After lunch, everyone parted their ways and we stayed at Navy Pier. We promised Trevor the entire summer that we would ride the ferris wheel after Daddy graduated. The boys loved it! We let Trevor drive one of the motor boats and then had to get back inside. It was the hottest day OF THE YEAR. The heat index was over 100 degrees. 

Backing up to last weekend..I was having contractions from late morning Saturday and they just wouldnt let up. I knew they were different because I could feel pressure. Finally, I said we should go to L & D and see what was going on. I was contracting like crazy as soon as they hooked me up. I didnt feel like we would be having babies that night and as soon as they said they would have to go to the NICU, I was determined to keep them inside! The babies looked great on the monitor, they checked for amniotic fluid and found I was dilated to 1. I was still having contractions every 5 minutes when they discharged me. They just said to rest and try to stay pregnant a little longer. The contractions continued through Tuesday and have let up a bit since. 

Wednesday, I had my regular appointments. Baby A almost didnt pass the NST, but he got his act together at the last minute. Both babies had good fluid levels and they are in the same exact positions. I went downstairs and saw another OB. He was very much on board for no c-section. He said that in a perfect world, I can deliver baby A and baby B's water bag will still be intact. Then, they can rotate B, break the water and allow him to come down. He felt very confident I could handle that. Im up about 28 lbs, good BP, everything perfect. My belly is measuring 42 weeks!!

With that good report and knowing I am 36 weeks very soon, I am so anxious to have these babies! I have another NST and OB appointment next Thursday. Im hoping I dont make it to those appointments. Today has been the most physically draining day thus far. Its HOT outside. My belly is so heavy. My whole body is sore. Ive started to get stretch marks. The majority of my maternity clothes do not fit. Its time to be done.

We would love some Labor Day weekend babies! Tom is off from now until Sunday at 2pm, so it would be convenient. :) Come on, baby brothers. There are SO many people waiting to meet you!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Still Pregnant..

..and 35 weeks tomorrow! 

I had 3 appointments on this past Monday. First was my third NST. Both babies passed and I only had 2 contractions in the 20 minutes. That was down from 6 the first time and 4 the second. Afterward, I had my last growth ultrasound of the pregnancy. I was excited because Tom was off and finally able to see the babies on the screen for the first time since 7 weeks. Unfortunately, they're so big now, its hard to make out much of anything! Everything with the ultrasound checked out great. Fluid levels are good, baby A is head down and baby B is now transverse and has been for the past 2 weeks. Baby A measured at 5 lb. 7 oz. and B at 4 lb. 9 oz. That moved A up to 62%ile for a singleton and moved B down 
to 30%ile. I felt like that was a big change, but my doc isnt concerned and said they're both near average. 

Next, I went downstairs to my OB appointment. I'm up 26 lbs, no signs of preeclampsia and measuring a full 40 weeks. We talked in detail about the birth possibilities. My practice has 4 doctors and everyone has their own opinion, which can be tough. This particular doctor seems more pro c-section. 

I'm not getting my heart set on any type of birth. A twin pregnancy and birth is so unpredictable and can change in an instant. First, theres the position when its time to have babies. I feel like if baby A stays head down, theyll let me try for a vaginal birth, regardless of B. However, there are risks to delivering a breech baby. I don't really want to end up delivering baby A and then have to have a c-section for B. Then again, that could happen anytime, even if both are head down. The unknowns are a bit overwhelming. 

I will say Id prefer a scheduled c-section over an emergency one. If Im going to go that route, Id rather it be done in a calm fashion than an emergent situation. Again, Tom having no time at work really plays a factor here. Major surgery + caring for 2 newborns + caring for 2 other sons + very little help..may be too much to handle. I believe you cant drive for 2 weeks so I dont even know how Id get Trevor to school. 

Another thing to think about is when the babies will come! If I keep cooking, I would be induced/have c-section at 38 weeks. That falls on a Saturday, so I would be on the calendar for Monday, September 16th. Just over 3 weeks away. That seems so soon and yet, I dont think Ill make it that far. I have contraction most of the day, every day. My body is starting to really hurt; my belly is heavy! Ive always had the date of August 31st in my head, as that's what my OB said on my first appointment. Tom thinks it will be sometime next weekend, too. His formal graduation is Tuesday and they are welcome any day after that.

Ill go for weekly OB appointments and NST's from here on out. My next appointment is Wednesday.

Tom and I both are getting anxious to meet them! We've had quite the baby boom with our friends this summer and I cant believe were next..and happen to be the last ones. They still don't have definite names. Baby B's name is 99% sure and A is down to 4 names. I really wanted to have names set beforehand, but it looks like they will be decided at the hospital. 

In non-baby news..Tom is loving the job. Trevor starts school next week. Gavin is becoming a big boy his first haircut, is done with bottles and talks all day. His vocabulary is astounding. Boys will be staying with my parents/sisters family while were at the hospital. I have their bag ready to go and big brother gifts done. I cant wait for that moment when they walk in the door to meet their brothers. They are both quite baby obsessed.

Anyway, here's a little photo catchup of the last two weeks. Toms schedule is 4 days on, 2 days off. I am loving that he comes back to me after only 4 days. :) This also means his days off constantly change, therefore, he gets weekends off every once in a while. In fact, he is off this weekend and were going to the cottage one last time. With me being home, its okay for him to have weekdays off because we can really act like its our weekend. That'll be a little harder once Trevor's in school, but we will still find time to do what we want! He is also working the 2-10pm shift through September 7th. Then, he will change his shift/district for the next month. My nights are lonely without him. After nap playing, dinner, baths and bedtime alone..and then theres the quiet once the boys are asleep. I know its only temporary and soon my house will be full of newborn cries and no sitting down!

This was at 33 weeks, 3 days! 

Thanks for checking in and for the love. :) I promise to update more next week and of course, when the babies arrive!

Friday, August 9, 2013

A Hiccup

My picture perfect twin pregnancy had its first little hiccup this week. I went in on Wednesday for my scheduled NST. I remember talking at my first OB appointment about how the schedule would go and of course, 32 weeks seemed so far away. Here we are and weekly NST's are part of the deal from here on out.

Anyway, Ive only had one before. It was when I was overdue with Trevor. I scheduled my NST for 1pm and my 32 week OB appt for 2:10 pm, since its right downstairs. First, they did a quick ultrasound to check babies fluid levels and position. Great news is, they are both still head down! Also, the fluid levels were excellent. They hooked me up to the NST straps and I was told each baby needed to have two heart accelerations within 20 minutes to pass. Baby B was my rockstar and got his right away. Baby A did so shortly after. The nurse came back in the room and asked if I was feeling contractions. I did here and there, but didnt notice a ton during that time. Turns out, I had 6 during the 30 minutes I was hooked up. Nurse said 6 in an hour is usually concerning and I had that in half the time.

My specialist came in and asked how I was feeling. He said he would call down and let the OB know what was going on and they would decide what to do. I knew Id be seeing the new OB in the practice today and she was so nice! Everything looked good..Im up 23 lbs, my belly is measuring at 38 weeks, no swelling, good BP, etc. She checked me and we were happy to find out I was not dilated at all. The gave me the option to go over to L&D or to go home. Of course, I wanted to go home! She said to come back if I have 4 contractions in an hour. She said they would stop labor/give steroid shots until 34 weeks. Once I hit 34 weeks, if I go into labor, they will let them come. All day, I kept thinking about how that was in 10 days! Of course, now, its in a week!

That appointment has really made me realize how close we are. I am 33 weeks tomorrow..3 short weeks from our goal and 5 from the max time I would go. The OB said they rarely schedule inductions for twins because they come before 38 weeks. These two need to cook a few more weeks and then they are welcome to join our world!! I am doing my best to listen to my body and be very careful the next few weeks. Just in case, I finished packing the boys overnight bag and started mine.

I am just now thinking about how I have to give birth again! I cant wait to have another birth story and to see these little babies!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Progress :)

I am 32 weeks pregnant. 4 weeks from my goal and 6 weeks from their final eviction. I was telling Tom the other day that I dont remember what its like to not be pregnant. Perhaps its because I only had 10 months between two pregnancies. I think its because I have had a belly for so much longer this pregnancy and its been so involved with the ultrasounds, appointments, etc. I am starting to look forward to getting into shape and drink a glass of wine. I love being pregnant so much and as tough as a twin pregnancy is, I will continue to cherish this time and hope it wont be my last. It cant possibly be my last..

Anyway, this week was nuts. I knew I had to kick baby prep into high gear before I get any bigger or they decide to come. We stayed home all day Monday and Tuesday, which never happens. Trevor suggested a playdate Monday and the zoo is used to being on the go! It was wonderful being home. I started the switching of the boys bedrooms, washed the bouncers, rock and plays, swing, etc. I washed and organized all of the newborn clothes/blankets/essentials. I deep cleaned the car seats and washed the covers and then Tom re threaded the straps to the lowest setting. Tom built Trevor's bed, I washed all of the bedding and organized the decor in the room. I set up the pack and play/changer in our living room. Every task checked off the list felt amazing!

Wednesday we had to take a break and spend the day at Toms star ceremony. It was very casual..the formal ceremony is at the end of August. It was more official though, as its the day he became an actual CPD officer. I pinned his star on his uniform. He held Gavin and Trevor was at our feet. It was something Ill never forget. I am SO proud of him! 

Unfortunately, Gavin was up a ton the night before and we were trying to figure out what was wrong with him. By the end of the day, we figured out he had hand foot and mouth. Poor guy had a rash on his mouth at first, was so thirsty and had a high fever for two days. He was up crying at night and the blisters moved to his feet and just a few on his hands. It worked out well that we planned to be home all week, other than the ceremony. Its been almost a week now and hes MUCH better!

The weekend came and Tom was off on Saturday. We ran around all day and got a ton done! We picked up the twins snap and go stroller and a few little items from the store. I finished putting together the boys big brother gifts for the hospital. I typed up a care guide for them for while were in the hospital. We picked up Trevors twin mattress and completed his bed. Tom moved the boys dresser downstairs. We picked up a hand me down stroller that will allow me to get around with 3 little boys! I bought the video monitor we needed. Tom hung pictures in the house, which we've been meaning to do forever. Dare I say..we are ALMOST ready for these little men! 

We still need to move Gavin downstairs with Trevor, set up a crib, buy and set up another, pick up a crib mattress and second mamaroo, get a few more items from our list, pack my hospital bag, etc. We will see what we can accomplish this week. 

Toms first shift was tonight and I cant wait to hear about it! He got in a decent district..rather than the most dangerous. I am so thankful for that! Hes on the 3-11 shift for the first month. His rotating days off are perfect and will allow us to go to Day out with Thomas and for him to come to my 34 week ultrasound! He hasnt been able to come to a single appointment and the only ultrasound he came to was at the elective one around 8 weeks. I cant wait for him to see the babies! He will also get a full weekend off right before Labor Day. I am so happy about all of it! He will get little to no time off for the babies, so Im hoping it works out that they come the day before his regular 2 off! We will see...

Itll be an adjustment to go back to doing dinner/bedtime alone and having no company before bed. Soon enough, Ill have all the company I need..haha