Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Checking In..

Oh, hey. 

I am SO sorry to have stayed away so long. After getting numerous emails wondering if he we were okay, I made some time sit down and check in here.

But, where do I start? How do I recap the past 7 weeks? 

Ill start with our newborn pictures. Taken at 6 days old. 

These two angels fit into our lives just perfectly. We have continued on..working, going to school, enjoying family fun days, celebrating holidays, relaxing..we just get to enjoy every day with 2 more little boys. My heart is so full. 

I know you want more details. And boy, do I have them! Im trying to decide what to do with my little spot on the internet. Im considering making facebook page for it. Its so much easier to keep in contact and do quick updates there. I want to be able to keep up with this "family" I have made over the last 5+ years Ive been blogging. I just dont see myself making the time to sit and share like I used to. So, whats plan B?

I will be back here soon. I have a long overdue book review I want to share. And that birth story..

Monday, September 30, 2013

Four Feet!

Hi, all! Babies are 2 weeks old today and things are going well! I have 
been working on their birth story and hope to have it done tomorrow. In
 the meantime, my friend, Bren, just announced that her family will also be growing by 4 feet and she asked me to help her spread the good news. 
Good luck to everyone who enters!

It's Giveaway time! Join us (Bren from Perfectly Imperfect Mom, Erin from Hoping for Our Own Peanut, Kelly from Modern Camelot, Emily from Live a Charmed Life and Jen from Liv, Laugh, Love) for an epic giveaway! Over $200 worth of prizes. We are helping Bren celebrate the announcement of her TWO baby girls!
Check out what all is going to be given away to one lucky reader! 

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First we are giving away a $25 Gift Card to Target because who doesn't love Target? 

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Next up is League of Letters. League of Letters is probably the best Etsy shops when it comes to wooden monogram letters. They are so generously giving away a 18 inch Monogram that you can use for your home. We will be getting two for the girls' room since we are going with a vintage/shabby chic theme. I can not wait.

Another amazing contributor to the giveaway is Stella Bella Designs. I saw these great nursing covers that also can be worn as infinity scarfs. I thought what a genius idea! First of all you can wear them out and look cute and they cover you comfortably when nursing your little one. If you don't want to wear it it still fits easily in a diaper bag. It's a win, win for any new Mom!

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Of course a giveaway would not be complete without a little something from The Anchor & Bows Boutique. One winner will get their choice of an item from the boutique!

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And last but not least is an amazing anti-aging blend from Christine's Essential Oils called Immortelle, Who woman doesn't love a good anti-aging product?

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

They Are Here!

Introducing Brody Matthew, born 9/16/2013 at 8:13am. 7 lb. 1 oz. 19 1/4 inches long. 


Dylan Gregory, born 9/16/2013 at 8:14am. 5 lb. 10 oz. 18 3/4 inches long.

We are madly in love and all happy and healthy. I have lots of details and a birth story to share. We're being discharged in a few hours and can not wait to be together with the big brothers. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Four Days

I am happy to report my appointment on Tuesday went really well!! I had my final NST first and of course, the babies looked amazing. Their fluid levels were great and the best news is that baby B went head down! I couldnt believe it when the tech told me. He has been transverse for so long I never imagined he would flip down at 37 weeks. I thanked the staff for taking such good care of the 3 of us and then walked downstairs to my OB appointment.

All the basics checked out fine and doc came in quickly. She was very kind and listened to what I had to say. She was totally up for inducing me, but had to check their policy as she is newer to the practice. It does state 38 weeks, even with twins. She listened to heartbeats, measured my belly-44 weeks!, and checked me. Im dilated to 2 now, which made me very happy. I mentioned I think the babies will be around 7 lbs. and she said looking at me, she didnt think theyll be that big. We will see!

We talked about the plan for Monday and decided that I will keep my c-section on the books for 7:30 am. She said theres a good chance B will flip again, since he has moved so much the entire pregnancy. I will go in at 5:30 as planned and have an ultrasound to check position. Then, we will decide which route to go.

It makes me a little crazy that we wont know what route we will take until that morning! Im really thinking itll be an induction. Somehow, I have to mentally and physically prepare for both scenarios. I am repacking all of our bags for Mon-Friday, in hopes that we will be out of the hospital by Thursday. My inductions are long, but I am hoping that with contractions for weeks, being dilated to 2 and a 3rd pregnancy will help keep it shorter! 

Its starting to become real now. Any upcoming birth has so many risks and unknowns and I feel like we have double that. However, theres nothing like waking up, knowing youll be meeting your long awaited miracles that day. I will endure anything on Monday that will end with two sweet boys added to our family.

Four more days. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

37+ Weeks!

Thanks to everyone for checking in...didnt mean to leave you hanging. I am still here and very much pregnant. I am scheduled for a c-section next Monday, the 16th. Let me back up to how we got here..

Last week on Thursday, I went to my OB appointment. I made it with the doc I am hoping will deliver me. She delivered Gavin and I really like her. I made my appointments early in the morning so I would get back in time to drop Trevor to school at 11:30. I got to the appt. 10 minutes early, hoping we could do the nurse stuff before the doc even arrived. I had more protein in my urine than ever before, but apparently not too much. My bp was a little high, but not too bad. I was down a pound or two so Im sitting right at 26 right now. Then, I sat in the room..with my pants off..for 55 minutes. I was so frustrated! I understand doctors run late, but considering I was the first patient of the day, it wasnt a nice way to start the appointment. 

She asked how I was feeling and I said something along the lines about being done and ready for them. She went on a tangent about embracing these last weeks of pregnancy and to try to take naps. I felt like she didnt even skim my chart to remind herself that I have 2 other kids. She listened to the babies heartbeats and felt their positions. Based on her belly exam and her dilation exam, she said she would really recommend a c-section. First, Im only dilated to 1, which is what I was back when I was in the hospital for constant contractions. Second, she said baby A is still so high and not engaged at all, which isnt good for induction where we already have to worry about baby B being in a bad position and needing to be turned. He remains transverse with his head on my right side and legs on the left. She basically said she could see me laboring all day and still needing a c-section. Not what I wanted to hear. 

She told me to think about it and go ahead and schedule with the front after my appointment with the maternal/fetal medicine, which I was very, very late to. They took me back quick, checked and confirmed positions and fluid levels. I had my NST and babies got an A+. There was a different nurse there that happens to work in the birth unit sometimes and she was very kind to share c-section advice and even printed out some paperwork for me. 

I left the appointment and called the office. The absolute soonest she would let me do it is 38 weeks. Unfortunately for me, that falls on a Saturday. That puts me at the 16th, 38 weeks, 3 days. One week from today.

Needless to say, Trevor ended up missing school unnecessarily and I was devastated the rest of the day. I was also very upset due to Toms work schedule and not knowing if he would be able to be off for more than a day. Thankfully, that has worked out a bit and his regular days off that week are Monday and Tuesday and it looks like he has enough OT hours to take 1-2 days. I MAY get out of the hospital before he has to go back to work. I have had a lot of time to think, Ive asked a lot of advice, I like to be informed.

However, tomorrow is my last NST and OB appointment. The OB I see is a different doctor and I am hoping the babies changed position..I dilated significantly more..and/or she has a different view on this c-section. Depending on what she says, tomorrow night Ill map out our week with childcare and plans and start accepting my fate. Until then, Im holding out hope for a vaginal birth, less time in the hospital and two healthy, full term baby boys. 

I am not usually one to complain..particularly when it comes to pregnancy. BUT, I am fried. I keep joking that even my hair hurts. I cant sleep more than 2 hours straight, I believe Ive developed some sort of carpal tunnel, as my fingers/hands hurt. I ache from head to toe. I am really afraid at what my poor body will feel and look like after all of this. Today was 95 degrees and tomorrows going to be 97. Icing on the cake. ;)

Cross your fingers for a much better appointment for me tomorrow! Im actually going to a foot spa afterward and still hoping all the walking Ive been doing has helped! I told Tom how most women beg for their twins to stay in as long as possible. And then there is me, begging for them to come out. Ive done my part. Now, come out!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Letter to the Twins

Dear my sweet baby A & baby B- I made time during my first two pregnancies to write your brother letters. I took me until today, the very end of your pregnancy, to realize that you need a letter too! This pregnancy and entire year has been a whirlwind for our family.

Ill never forget the first time I saw the word pregnant on the test. I was only 4 days post my transfer and had never seen that beautiful word that early. I had a feeling in my heart that it meant you both were strong and held on to Mommy tight. I was so nervous for that first ultrasound. I remember laying their and at first the nurse only saw baby A. We left that ultrasound with the uncertainty of one or two babies. The second ultrasound we saw both of your little heartbeats flickering away and it was incredible. There you were, two little lives growing inside me. I couldnt believe it..and still dont quite believe it..

Fast forward 30 weeks and here we are! We made it to our goal of 36 weeks and we are getting anxious for you to come out and make us a family of 6. You have two older brothers that love you so much already and cant wait to snuggle you. Daddy can not wait to hold you. He always wanted a twin brother and now he gets to watch you grow up together. I am looking forward to seeing your faces and kissing your cheeks. 

You two can make your debut at any moment and it makes Mama feel very anxious. I just want you here, safe and sound. Then, maybe this will become real. I still try to wrap my head around the idea of having four sons under four years old. The four of your are the greatest blessings and Daddy and I are lucky to call you ours. 

Come on, A & B! Come out of Mama so we can give you proper names and share you with the world. We love you endlessly!


Thursday, August 29, 2013

We Made It

Tom had his formal graduation at Navy Pier this past Tuesday. We had the BEST day. The ceremony was beautiful. My parents, brothers and future sister in law came, in addition to Toms dad and his girlfriend. After the ceremony, we ate a delicious lunch at Jimmy Buffets. Gavin was a big fan of the tall high chair. :)

 After lunch, everyone parted their ways and we stayed at Navy Pier. We promised Trevor the entire summer that we would ride the ferris wheel after Daddy graduated. The boys loved it! We let Trevor drive one of the motor boats and then had to get back inside. It was the hottest day OF THE YEAR. The heat index was over 100 degrees. 

Backing up to last weekend..I was having contractions from late morning Saturday and they just wouldnt let up. I knew they were different because I could feel pressure. Finally, I said we should go to L & D and see what was going on. I was contracting like crazy as soon as they hooked me up. I didnt feel like we would be having babies that night and as soon as they said they would have to go to the NICU, I was determined to keep them inside! The babies looked great on the monitor, they checked for amniotic fluid and found I was dilated to 1. I was still having contractions every 5 minutes when they discharged me. They just said to rest and try to stay pregnant a little longer. The contractions continued through Tuesday and have let up a bit since. 

Wednesday, I had my regular appointments. Baby A almost didnt pass the NST, but he got his act together at the last minute. Both babies had good fluid levels and they are in the same exact positions. I went downstairs and saw another OB. He was very much on board for no c-section. He said that in a perfect world, I can deliver baby A and baby B's water bag will still be intact. Then, they can rotate B, break the water and allow him to come down. He felt very confident I could handle that. Im up about 28 lbs, good BP, everything perfect. My belly is measuring 42 weeks!!

With that good report and knowing I am 36 weeks very soon, I am so anxious to have these babies! I have another NST and OB appointment next Thursday. Im hoping I dont make it to those appointments. Today has been the most physically draining day thus far. Its HOT outside. My belly is so heavy. My whole body is sore. Ive started to get stretch marks. The majority of my maternity clothes do not fit. Its time to be done.

We would love some Labor Day weekend babies! Tom is off from now until Sunday at 2pm, so it would be convenient. :) Come on, baby brothers. There are SO many people waiting to meet you!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Still Pregnant..

..and 35 weeks tomorrow! 

I had 3 appointments on this past Monday. First was my third NST. Both babies passed and I only had 2 contractions in the 20 minutes. That was down from 6 the first time and 4 the second. Afterward, I had my last growth ultrasound of the pregnancy. I was excited because Tom was off and finally able to see the babies on the screen for the first time since 7 weeks. Unfortunately, they're so big now, its hard to make out much of anything! Everything with the ultrasound checked out great. Fluid levels are good, baby A is head down and baby B is now transverse and has been for the past 2 weeks. Baby A measured at 5 lb. 7 oz. and B at 4 lb. 9 oz. That moved A up to 62%ile for a singleton and moved B down 
to 30%ile. I felt like that was a big change, but my doc isnt concerned and said they're both near average. 

Next, I went downstairs to my OB appointment. I'm up 26 lbs, no signs of preeclampsia and measuring a full 40 weeks. We talked in detail about the birth possibilities. My practice has 4 doctors and everyone has their own opinion, which can be tough. This particular doctor seems more pro c-section. 

I'm not getting my heart set on any type of birth. A twin pregnancy and birth is so unpredictable and can change in an instant. First, theres the position when its time to have babies. I feel like if baby A stays head down, theyll let me try for a vaginal birth, regardless of B. However, there are risks to delivering a breech baby. I don't really want to end up delivering baby A and then have to have a c-section for B. Then again, that could happen anytime, even if both are head down. The unknowns are a bit overwhelming. 

I will say Id prefer a scheduled c-section over an emergency one. If Im going to go that route, Id rather it be done in a calm fashion than an emergent situation. Again, Tom having no time at work really plays a factor here. Major surgery + caring for 2 newborns + caring for 2 other sons + very little help..may be too much to handle. I believe you cant drive for 2 weeks so I dont even know how Id get Trevor to school. 

Another thing to think about is when the babies will come! If I keep cooking, I would be induced/have c-section at 38 weeks. That falls on a Saturday, so I would be on the calendar for Monday, September 16th. Just over 3 weeks away. That seems so soon and yet, I dont think Ill make it that far. I have contraction most of the day, every day. My body is starting to really hurt; my belly is heavy! Ive always had the date of August 31st in my head, as that's what my OB said on my first appointment. Tom thinks it will be sometime next weekend, too. His formal graduation is Tuesday and they are welcome any day after that.

Ill go for weekly OB appointments and NST's from here on out. My next appointment is Wednesday.

Tom and I both are getting anxious to meet them! We've had quite the baby boom with our friends this summer and I cant believe were next..and happen to be the last ones. They still don't have definite names. Baby B's name is 99% sure and A is down to 4 names. I really wanted to have names set beforehand, but it looks like they will be decided at the hospital. 

In non-baby news..Tom is loving the job. Trevor starts school next week. Gavin is becoming a big boy quickly..got his first haircut, is done with bottles and talks all day. His vocabulary is astounding. Boys will be staying with my parents/sisters family while were at the hospital. I have their bag ready to go and big brother gifts done. I cant wait for that moment when they walk in the door to meet their brothers. They are both quite baby obsessed.

Anyway, here's a little photo catchup of the last two weeks. Toms schedule is 4 days on, 2 days off. I am loving that he comes back to me after only 4 days. :) This also means his days off constantly change, therefore, he gets weekends off every once in a while. In fact, he is off this weekend and were going to the cottage one last time. With me being home, its okay for him to have weekdays off because we can really act like its our weekend. That'll be a little harder once Trevor's in school, but we will still find time to do what we want! He is also working the 2-10pm shift through September 7th. Then, he will change his shift/district for the next month. My nights are lonely without him. After nap playing, dinner, baths and bedtime alone..and then theres the quiet once the boys are asleep. I know its only temporary and soon my house will be full of newborn cries and no sitting down!

This was at 33 weeks, 3 days! 

Thanks for checking in and for the love. :) I promise to update more next week and of course, when the babies arrive!