Friday, September 14, 2012

A Day Out..

..with THOMAS!!

We went to this event a few weeks back and it was amazing!  I hesitated to get tickets because they are very expensive and it was about an hour away. Trevor loves trains, but doesn't have a special attachment to Thomas. I am SO glad I decided to get tickets. The day was perfect and every childs dream come true! 

I happened to be babysitting that weekend while our friends were out of town. So, we had 4 kiddos in tow. We also met up with more friends and their kids. It was a great group!

We arrived shortly before our scheduled train ride. We sat in the back, on the right side, so we could see Thomas pulling us. The ride was about 20 minutes, forward and back. Trevor held tight to his ticket and loved every second.

After our ride, we went into the barns and climbed on all of the trains. All the kids loved that.

We sat down in the shade to eat lunch and for me to feed Gavin. The weather was beautiful...sunny and warm, but not too hot. The kids got tattoos and went in the jumphouse. Trevor loved seeing Thomas every time he went back and forth. I was thrilled to see him so excited about him.

The had other train rides, too. We went on a cable train car and saw all around the grounds of the train museum. We visited with some clowns, whom Trevor was not afraid of! We shared a big lemon shakeup and some popcorn.

There was so much to see and do. They had a few areas we skipped..playing with train tables, coloring, the stuff you can do at home. We were pushing hard through nap time and the kids were angels.

We went to the gift shop and spent too much. We got Trevor a shirt and new cup. We had to buy the train for A Day Out 2012 and Trevor chose a lantern. Our last stop was the model trains. We made a potty stop and everyone was asleep in the car within 2 minutes.

 Trevor has been talking about seeing Thomas ever since. We will add it to our yearly traditions we do with the kids.We can not wait to head back next year!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

He Crawls

Gavin is mobile. 100%, crawl after me when I walk away, uh-oh, were in trouble, mobile!

He has been up on all four's and rocking since he was 4 months old. Some time in the 5th month, he noticed his hands were there. Every now and then, he would move his hands forward and throw his body after it. In the past few days, he has figured it all out and is a crawler. His favorite things to crawl to? Me, Trevors sippy cups, waterbottles and a giant stick we use as a security bar in our back door. :)

I am pretty sure he will be running before he is 1.  He is already pulling up on things, too. He is crawling a full 2 months before Trevor did. Trevor slimmed down so much when he became mobile. If Gavin slims down much more, there wont be anything left of him!

I was hoping for a peanut years ago and I sure did get one!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Plans for #3

Tom and I had our first appointment with Dr. M a few weeks ago. We left the boys with my parents. I would have liked to bring Gavin and introduce him to them, but we wanted to give the doctor our full attention. We signed documents, they took my labs and then we met with him. We talked briefly about Gavin and his pregnancy and birth. We talked about his new IVF lab being built. Here is all the info we left with:

*We have 6 embryos from Gavins IVF cycle. They are all fantastic grades and frozen individually.

*I need to have two tests done before we can cycle. Both can be done while nursing.

*I have to be 100% done nursing before I start any medications. There isnt enough research on whether the hormones could affect a nursing child. We dont want to take any risks, especially because Gavin is a boy!

*One major change is with the thaw process. They now put the thawed embryos in water before transfer. If they expand, they are more likely to attach. If one or both of the embryos do not expand, they will transfer 3.  He said they have had great success with this and have not experienced any triplet pregnancies.

Thats all. I am supposed to contact the office when we are ready to move forward.

I am more than ready now. But, I am not ready to be done breastfeeding. I will likely do the testing when Gavin is 9 or 10 months and stop nursing him at 11. I will feed him pumped milk until he is 1 and switch him to milk, just like we did with Trevor.

One little problem with that is that I havent had another period since Memorial Day. I bled back to back after Gavin was born and now there has been a big break. With Gavin still nursing at night, I dont know when Ill get it again. Most women wish there period would stay away and I really need one!

I cant wait to be pregnant again! I want it as bad as I did the firsts 2 times. :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

T vs. G

I love, love, love comparing Trevor and Gavin. Looks, personality, habits, name it. I love experiencing every new phase with Gavin and remembering back to when it was Trevor at the same age. Let me tell ya, these boys are very different!

Gavin loves his pacifier and has since day 1. Trevor didnt start taking the pacifier until 5 months.

Gavin is a blankie baby. Trevor didnt become attached to his Bear until 18 months old.

Gavin is crawling at 6 months. Trevor was 8 months when he started to crawl.

Trevor was a fabulous sleeper. Slept through the night starting at 6 weeks. Gavin has YET to sleep through the night.

Trevor ate every 3 hours, on the dot, for sooo long. Gavin is a casual eater. He eats quickly and can go many hours between feedings.

Gavin is more of a Mama's boy then Trevor ever was.

Trevor had a beautiful head of hair by now. Gavin is still very bald.

Gavin is a peanut. He weighs around 15 lbs, when Trevor was close to 20.

That being said, Trevor was in 6-12 month clothes and wore a ton of shoes. Gavin does not fit in any shoes yet and rocks 0-3 month clothes, most days. 

Gavin sits up unassisted and has for weeks. I remember working hard to have Trev sit up alone before his 6 month photos.

Gavins eye shape are round as can be, Trevors are a bit oblong. Case and point below..

Because of the size difference, Gavin looks like Trevor did around 2 months old.
Two amazing, goofy grins. I couldnt possibly love them more.

Off topic, but I can not believe I only blogged 4 times in August! I will be making an effort to catch up. Posts to look for:
Day out with Thomas
5/6 month 
Fertility doc appointment
My body after baby

Coming soon..:)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Estrea Winner! & 6 Months

Sorry I am a few days late in posting this! I had 40 entries total and plugged it into What number was the winner? #6-Marianne!! Please send me an email at TERobertson18 at with your information!

How appropriate for it to be #6, since Gavin turned 6 months old this past weekend. HALF OF THE YEAR. I just cant believe it. I have so much to update about my little peanut. I plan on taking his 6 months pics tomorrow and will do a full update then. On Sunday, I did put him in the same outfit Trevor was photographed at the same age(see photo on the top of my blog) was huge. The hat was enormous and I held it together with clothespins. The onesie was ridiculous. Oh, but, I do love seeing my boys in the same outfits years apart.

Hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend. And congrats, Marianne!