Friday, June 29, 2012

E & E

For those of you that have been reading for a while, you know about Evan. For those that dont, here is a quick recap..

We became friends via our blogs when we both were about to start our first IVF cycles. We established three goals. Get Evan pregnant, get Erin pregnant and introduce our babies at Disneyworld. Thankfully, our dreams came true! We cycled together and were pregnant days apart. She ended up with THREE miracles-Andrew, Bradley and Charlotte. Of course, I became Trevors mom. 

We met up at Disneyworld in September 2010. I could tell you every detail of that day. It was amazing to meet her whole family in person and brought us much closer together!

The kids grew and we had many visits. After I started trying to get pregnant again, she was a huge support. She flew up to Chicago to join me for my second FET. I asked for a trip to Atlanta for my birthday.

We both got pregnant in February. We were so excited to share in the joy together again. Sadly, we both miscarried. I leaned on her from a few states North. She got me through my saddest days.

We spent Mothers Day weekend together in Ohio last year. Every time we get together it is too short and so much fun. In true Evan and Erin fashion, we both got pregnant again. ONE day apart. Trevor and I traveled down to Atlanta for the triplets 2nd birthday last August. Evan and I were 10 weeks pregnant. We got to take a few pregnant pictures together and I will always cherish them.

Months flew by and we had our babies! Stella was born February 21 and Gavin on March 2. Because of those munchkins, we have not seen each other since last August. Our streak of seeing each other every 3 months really changed.

BUT, in just over a month..we are heading down to Atlanta! Tom, Trevor, Gavin and I are all hopping in the car for the {quick} 13 hour drive. I get to hug Evan! And meet Stella! And play with the triplets!! Im just a tiny bit excited!

We have fun plans in the works and of course, will love being at the kids birthday party on Saturday. I think were going to stay until Monday morning and then break the drive home into two days, stopping in between for a hotel stay and some fun.

I just can not wait! Im very happy Tom gets to come with this trip. And I love watching the kids interact. I always try to leave the vacation with another one in the works. We will see what we come up with. :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had a very fun weekend planned and most went as expected! Thursday night, our town had police themed cruisin' night. Since we live just 2 blocks away, we decided to let Trevor ride his squad over. We invited a bunch of friends and kids and everyone had a great time. We came back to our house and had smores afterward. It was such a fun evening.

Friday, we took the boys to a Raging Waves, the largest waterpark in IL. It was pretty fun. It was a big challenge keeping Gavin in the shade. Trevors favorite part was the wave pool! They had two kiddie areas with slides and a tree house. Gavin snoozed in the stroller for part of it. Otherwise, Tom and I took turns having fun with T. We were exhausted on the way home. 

We went to a local fest that night for a little bit. Trevors first ride was the motorcycles and he hated them! He  kept saying, "I dont like this!" and crying a bit. He was so relieved when it was over, as we all were! He enjoyed the cars, which were a bit slower. His favorite place was the fun house. They let him go in with our friends older kids. 

Yesterday was Sam and Brians baby shower.I decided to surprise her at the end of the shower and had my girlfriend bring the boys in shirts that said Brooklyns Bodygurads. It was so cute and they were a bit hit. :)

Its hard to believe June is coming to an end already. Summer is always a blur..weve had a blast and cant wait to see what July has in store. 

Friday, June 22, 2012


About two months ago, Trevor developed a rash. He had round, dry patches all over and his whole body was extremely dry. I kept calling it scaly skin like a lizard. We figured it was something that would go away. After it stuck around for a few weeks, we made a doctors appointment. She said it was eczema. We were instructed to bathe him as little as possible, use Aveeno lotion and she prescribed a hydro cortisone creme for the patches. It cleared up after a few days.

THEN, he developed another rash. This time, it was different. It was red and itchy. One day I put Eucerin calming itch cream on it and it burned him like crazy. After that, I made another appointment with the pediatrician. He said it appeared environmental and would go away. Try not to let him itch..

WELL, it never went away. It got worse. WAY worse. One night, he kept itchy and bleeding and I was worried he would have a more serious reactions, so we went to the ER. They prescribed him a steroid and instructed us to see his doc (DUH!)..

I had Trevor's 2.5 year well visit scheduled and decided I would demand a referral to a specialist. I racked my brain to think if we had changed anything that would irritate him. Nothing. We went to the visit with many photos on my phone of how bad the rash had gotten. It granted us a rush referral to an allergist who we met with 3 days later.

Trevor had to do the scratch test. They made a grid on his back and poked him 11 times with different allergens. He was a trooper. He didn't mind the first few, but by the end, he was screaming. He had to sit shirtless for 20 minutes to monitor the reactions. The doc came in and announced. He is allergic to trees and grass.


We couldn't believe it. She made us a huge checklist of what to do to make him more comfortable. We left the appointment overwhelmed and sad for our boy. 

She prescribed a strong antihistamine he takes twice a day. He also takes a singular chew-able tablet at night. We give him daily baths/showers. (The opposite of what we were doing before, which was making it worse!) Were supposed to keep the windows shut and air on. His sheets should be washed in extremely hot water. He needs a different pillow. Trevor should wear loose, cotton clothing.-She actually said preferably inside out, but, come on! 

He is pretty much irritated 24/7. He cleared up 100% from the steroid. Sadly, it only lasted a few days and its was back. His eyes get huge bags and look swollen at times. His back and chest get red bumps. The creases of his arms are a big problem and he itches like crazy. We feel so bad for him! It affects his mood tremendously. He will act out and I get mad but then look at him and think how uncomfortable he must be!

We had a follow up appointment and there's not much else we can do. How I wish there was a miracle shot or something to make him better! Honestly, I don't notice much of a difference when we stay inside. I mean, its summer. Were out. At the beach, in the yard, we are outside most days. I cant keep my boy from growing up normal. I can only try to make him feel okay. 

I am really hoping this is the worst it'll ever be. We had a very mild winter with little snow. We had an early spring/summer. The pollen is out of control! I am crossing my fingers we can keep him comfortable through the summer and next year it wont be an issue! He is also likely to have other allergies, so we will watch him closely.

I love my little man and am sad he has to deal with this. Yet, I cant help but be thankful for his overall health and remember how lucky we are!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Flight

I bought Tom an amazing gift for Fathers Day two years ago. A flight lesson to take place over beautiful Chicago. Time flew by and we needed to set up a day to go before it expired! 

It occurred to me that Trevor would enjoy joining us on the flight. I called to make sure they would allow a 2 year old and they said yes! We picked a perfect night and had so much fun.

Tom flew the whole time, other than landing. He really loves flying and wishes it were less expensive to become certified. We were over water 99% of the flight, which made me a bit nervous. 

Take off!

Go Bears!

Nothing beats the Chicago skyline. Its even more breathtaking from the air. :)

Trevor did awesome! He put the headphones on and kept repeating, "Hi, Daddy!" over and over. He loved seeing 'Cago. At one point, he requested to sit with Tom in the front of the plane. He was disappointed at the end when we did not land at the cottage. Im not sure where he got the idea of us flying there!

I, on the other hand, was disappointed the plane didnt take us to Disneyworld. ;) 4 months until our big vaca!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, June 15, 2012


My blog friend, Bren, asked to do a little Q & A session to be featured on her blog! She posted it today-go on and check it out. :) Click on her button below to be directed.

Her little man, Ace, is coming up on a year old and he is too, too cute!

Happy Friday, everyone!!

Perfectly Imperfect Mom

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mikeys Birthday

We had the most wonderful weekend at our cottage. My oldest nephew turned 13 on Sunday-THIRTEEN! I was 12 when I became his aunt and now here he is, a teenager. The whole family kept the weekend open so we could celebrate. It was bliss. 

It was 90 degrees, no humidity. Perfect boating weather. Trevor was on the beach playing every second we allowed. 

Gavin is such a chill baby. He seems to enjoy days of relaxation, just like his Daddy.

Tom and Trevor went on a date before we left on Friday. They headed out for buzz cuts and went to see Madagascar 3. They wanted to be bald so Gavin wasnt so sensitive about his lack of hair. ;)

We took Trevor on the waverunner for the first time. As soon as Tom started to push us out, he started singing Row, Row, Row your boat..

We had ribs for dinner on Saturday-Mikeys pick. I picked him up a cookie cake as he requested. 

Those dimples kill me, on BOTH of them.

We all hung at the beach again on Sunday. We really tried to make plans to do something other than our usual, but the weather was too perfect to be anywhere but there. 

Tom and I love the setup at the cottage. We wake up, go to the beach with the boys, nap them at the same time while my Mom hangs at the house and that allows us some time to really relax and allows me some time in the sun. Its hard keeping a 3 month old in the shade 24/7!

On top of that, we almost always end up going out. There are some bars within walking distance(that we typically drive the golf cart to) that we stop in for a few drinks. We put the kids to bed and enjoy some adult time. It is always needed and appreciated!

Trevor is in love with the cottage too. He is always sad to leave and it and requests to go often. We will head back up the last weekend in June. Hopefully the weather will be fantastic again!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Three Months

...and 9 days old. Whoops!! 

Gavin turned 3 months old on the 2nd. Just like that, a fourth of a year is gone. I am LOVING this age. Its amazing how much you forget between children. I'm glad to be back in this place with my baby G.

Gavin is has many nickname. G, Gavey-goo, Goo, Squeaks, Peanut, Monkey..

Gavin went for his 2 month checkup at about 2.5 months. He was 11 lb, 6 oz. Still my tiny, tiny.

He took a shower with me for the first time and loved it! I was sure he was too young, but he needed a quick rinse after being at the beach. Sure enough, he was all smiles as the water beat on his back.

He went on the beach and boat for this first time this summer. Let me tell ya, he was made for it. We have this awesome dome that keeps him comfortable. He played and napped in it. It keeps him in the shade and has a zip for bugs. 

Gavin has started watching Baby Einstein movies and loves them. He stares and smiles at them. I loved them when Trevor was little and he learned a ton from them!

Gavin eyes remain dark blue. And he is SO bald. I mean, he has hair. But its not long and if I look at him, I think, bald baby!

He is still crazy about his bouncer. He is in it a lot during the day. We pretty much use the swing for watching his show and naps.

He found his feet and loves holding them and playing with them. He hasn't eaten them just yet!

Gavin is breastfeeding exclusively. He generally eats every 3 hours. He eats, plays, sleeps. So, he usually wakes up unhappy and wants to eat right away! We wont be starting him on baby food until 6ish months.

We finally got giggles out of him at almost 3 months. He is stingy! You have to really work, but its totally worth it. 

He is a total blankie baby. He snuggles his frog blanket and chews on his arm. If he is upset and overtired, we give him a blanket and it calms him. Of course, I watch him drift off and take it away.

He is always eating his hands. Or your hand. Or my shoulder. Anything goes. He drools some, too. I'm wondering if he will get teeth much earlier than big bro.

He is sleeping in the rock and play by my bedside at night. He always ends up in bed with us, though.

Sleeping has been rough lately. He gave up that longer stretch first thing and has been waking up at least twice. Ive been feeling it too. I really would love some sleep. :)

I wear him all the time. His favorite spot is on your chest, so my ergo and moby make him very happy.

He has fantastic head control and doesn't mind tummy time.

Gavin is so social. He loves to talk. He wants to see you at all times. When we are out, he locks eyes with people and they always comment on his big, round eyes. 

He made his 3 month pics difficult. I would set him down and he would roll over so quickly! He can now officially roll from belly to back and back to belly. He has some strong tummy muscles and hikes his legs up so high!

"Here, Ma. Ill let you capture how I roll."

I LOVE comparing them. Gavin is clearly WAY smaller. They have the same exact nose and lips. I see some differences though. 
We are simply crazy about this baby boy. He has brought a new level of happiness to our home.