Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We are 12 hours from our arrival time for our induction tomorrow. I think it finally became real that we were indeed having another baby after my appointment on Monday.

As of Monday, I was a "better" 1cm dilated and his head dropped a lot. She said expect a slow start and she would imagine he will be born in the evening some time. Doc said she does not think he will be as big as Trevor was. I really don't think so, either.

I am nervous..there is so much unknown going in to an induction. I have been joking that I want him in my arms at 7pm. I just want a healthy baby boy. I have been trying to not compare tomorrow with Trevor's birth. I remind myself that this is a different baby, a different doctor, different hospital. It will be a different experience. I just hope different=better, in this case.

I have been walking around with a goofy grin on my face all day. Its so odd to know when your baby is coming. I'm having a baby tomorrow! Trevor and I took advantage of the beautiful day and went to the Children's museum, got shamrock shakes and rode outside on his little 4-wheeler. I even let him skip his nap so I could get more of him today. :)

I am supposed to call at 6:30am and arrive at 7:30. I think if they're too crowded, they'll tell me to wait. I sure hope that doesnt happen! Ill do my best to post when he is born. Thanks for all of your support during this pregnancy!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Big Brother

Trevor Michael-

Well, here we are. Days away from you becoming a big brother. This is, without a doubt, one of the biggest changes you will encounter in your childhood. We have enjoyed dedicating our every moment to you the past 2 years and 3 months. You have made every single day special. Daddy and I could not possibly love you more than we do. You're smart, silly and loving. You are growing into the little boy we dreamed about for so long. We are proud!

Now, we will need to share our time with another child, your little brother. We have been talking about him daily for months. You are very excited about him! Daddy and I have been thinking about the moment where Daddy will come to the waiting room, scoop you up and give you your first look at baby brother. It makes our hearts beat fast and tears fill our eyes.

You see, Daddy never had a brother. As soon as Mama was pregnant, Daddy knew it was a brother growing inside for you! Nothing compares to the bond you share with a sibling.

You will always be our first born. Our child who showed us a deeper love we did not know was possible. Our chance at a family. Our everything.

We love you, monkey.

Love, Mama

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Final Days

Hello, there. I am still here and still pregnant. We finally got internet/cable at our new house on Thursday. Now, I can be connected to the world again.

This past week was beyond hectic. I worked long days through Wednesday and am now officially off until further notice. Poor Tom worked his normal 40 hour week and picked up three security shifts, too. It was exhausting for both of us. We were so excited when Thursday evening came around and we were off together.

Toms birthday was Friday! 26=closer to 30 than it is to 20. ;) We went to a large mall so I could walk a bit, bought a few gifts for others, took Trevor to a new kids jump place and ate a delicious lunch at Red Robin. Friday night, we had his family by for pizza and cake.

In our spare free time, we have managed to finish the boys room! I am really happy with how it turned out. We dont have toys in the bedroom, so there was just enough space for both boys things. We are still in need of a desk and kitchen table. Its gotten frustrating because we cant find anything we like and we dont want to waste money.

Bags on table are big brother gift, Trevors overnight bag, boppy and baby bag for hospital.

No, they dont need any clothes..

..or diapers or wipes..

In still being pregnant news..I went to the doctor last week Monday. Everything looked great, as always. My bp was high when I arrived, again, but went down. I was very worked up about this appointment because I was nervous what she would say! The doctor talked with me for a while about what we should do. Its a fine line between inducing me when my body isnt ready vs. waiting too long and having him be too big which could result in a c-section. She left the room for a few and came back with the date of March 1st. Thursday. One day before my due date. I wasnt thrilled with the day..I was hoping for late last week or early this week. But, between not wanting a Leap Day baby and her being comfortable with the dates..March 1st was chosen.

I left the appointment determined to help get him out. I really wanted to have him on Toms birthday. Tom wanted it too. I have been taking my evening primrose oil and raspberry tea religiously. I got a pedicure. I ate Chinese food. I pumped and pumped. I walked. We had sex. Contractions would come, but never for very long. Finally, yesterday, I declared defeat. I had become so mentally exhausted from trying that I was in a bad mood for a few days. I dont want to end my beautiful pregnancy that way. Instead, I will soak in these next few days and meet him on Thursday. I go back to the doctor tomorrow for one final check. I am hoping all my efforts have at least made me dilate more. That would make me very happy!

We had maternity pictures yesterday and it was a disaster. Its been unseasonably warm here and of course, we had a drop in temp and snow on Friday. I'm not a big fan of indoor pictures, but I didnt have much of a choice considering its February in Chicago. My photographer came by at 11 and unfortunately, Trevor was all ready for bed. He has been waking up earlier since moving to the big bed and he was just done. We didnt get a single picture I wanted. He ended up falling asleep on our bed while Tom and I took some pics. We got him up and after a lot of tears and boogies, persuaded him to go play in the snow. We went to a local park and took like 5 photos..again, nothing like what I wanted. Oh well!! The good news is that if we make it to Thursday, the photographer is open all day to photograph the birth and brothers meeting. I will be so happy if she is able to capture that!

I have Monday-Wednesday of this week to get more done around the house and more importantly, soak in Trevor. We have some fun planned.

No, he still does not have a name! Were liking two right now. I guess we are waiting to see him and are expecting he comes out looking like one or the other. I cant believe I will have him in a few days...

Thursday, February 16, 2012


My friends Sam and Elli threw me a "sprinkle" this past weekend. They suggested it a while back and I told them it was silly since we were having another boy. Second showers are not very common in our area. I jokingly suggested waiting until I get my girl and they said they will just throw another one..haha. I'm glad we did it. This baby boy is blessing and he deserved to be celebrated for a day.

We played a name game and there was one name that was the unanimous favorite. Of course, I am not in love. :/ We ate yummy food and opened presents and the time flew.

Trevor didn't leave the sweet table for the first hour. Look at how romantic he looks licking that frosting..

Baby boy got a lot of great gifts! A ton of onesies, which will be great to have him in this summer.

We got the car seat adapter for the stroller, a new mobile, new diaper bag, lots of little essentials, a fabulous diaper cake, new toys, etc.

LOVE this one. Mommys Hunk, 2nd in command

Delaney was my assistant, as usual

Elli arranged for us to Skype with Evan and the triplets. It was such a sweet surprise. The only negative thing about us sharing our pregnancies so close is that we couldn't visit one another. If I was not ready to pop, I have no doubt that me and Trevor would be caring for the triplets while she has her c-section. Its okay, we are hoping to meet up when the babes are a month or so old.

The hostesses. :) Sam is 14 weeks pregnant. I cant wait to start planning her shower!

Family. My Mom, sister, brothers 2 girlfriends..oh, and Trevor. Rylan was sleeping.

So excited to add one more to these pictures!!

I do need to make a few returns/exchanges/purchases this weekend. The big one is a breast pump. I used my sisters for Trevors 1st year and pumped like a mad woman. Now, she is using it for Rylan(Dont worry, we get all new parts) and will need it until the summer. I think its time for me to buy my own and know I have a new one for him and all future babies. Medela is the most popular and the one I used in the past. What kind of pump did you use? Did you love/hate it? I am open to suggestions!

Tom finished painting the boys room yesterday and it looks great. Operation get the nursery 100% ready is happening and I hope to be done by Sunday!

Oh yes, about my doctors appointment. I got there early and was the first appointment of the day. And I had to wait 45 minutes until he came in. I was very frustrated! My BP was high when I first arrived and I had to lay on my side for it to go down. If they would have taken it after those 45 minutes, Im sure it would have been much higher!! Everything looked great and unfortunatley, there was no change to my cervix. I felt so defeated. They wont talk induction with me until I have more going on. I return on Monday and am hoping for some progress.

I am in no rush to not be pregnant anymore. I love being pregnant. Sure, I am uncomfortable and exhausted, but I am thankful for it! I truly just fear having another huge baby with complicatoins. I will be giving the doctor my plea on Monday to get him out in less than 2 weeks. At this point, he is ready. Its a matter of my body being ready, before they will induce. I am doing everything in my power to help that process!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Three Valentines

One, baked to perfection at 37 weeks.

Two, my dreamy Valentines Day lunch date.

Three, that hot hubby I get to make a Daddy again.

How did I get so lucky?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ten Things

We are still without internet and will be until next Tuesday. I want to post like crazy about my thoughts on this pregnancy ending, whats up with Trevor, our new home, etc. Oh well, this will have to do.

1-Thanks for the advice on inducers. We have stuck to the sex, evening primrose, raspberry tea cycle. I plan to pick up the pump from my sisters tomorrow and give that a whirl. I have an appointment at 9am on Wednesday. I am realllllly hoping doc is on board with the 24th.

2-My girlfriends threw me a Sprinkle shower yesterday and it was great. Baby boy got lots of cute and necessary gifts. He is stocked on just about everything. I need to do a few returns and will use the money to get the little stuff no one likes to buy. :)

3-I am taking Trevor on a special Valentines Day date tomorrow. First, he needs a haircut. Then, we will have lunch at the Choo-choo restaurant. When Daddy gets off, we have gifts for him. Valentines Day 2009 was the day he was created. The first day Tom and I came together as one. V-Day was never big for us and now it has turned into a holiday to celebrate Trevor.

4-Toms romantic Valentines Day plans are to paint the boys room. The ceilings are tall, so I am hoping he can get it done in one night. If not, he has Wednesday too. We need to pick a ceiling fan and decide on Trevors sleeping situation. Full size bed? Toddler? Keep him in crib longer? Once the room is painted and I see the space we have, I will decide.

5-I am at the point in pregnancy where I am utterly exhausted. I feel like I never got any energy back after the move last week. In addition, I hurt my upper back by leaning over boxes and unpacking. And sorting the mounds of baby clothes. It feels like something is pinching me on the right side and its constant. I am going to see if I can get a referral from my OB to get it checked out. Or I may just go get a massage and ask them to hit a few pressure points while theyre at it!

6-I cant believe we could have a new baby next week. I wonder what he will look like, how big he will be? What will it feel like to hold him after such a long journey?

7-Im super sad about leaving Trevor behind and staying at the hospital. That kid next to me 95% of every day and I will miss him so much! The hospital is only a few minutes from my Moms and I imagine we will be calling her and tell her to bring him by again and again.

8-I signed him up for a music class that starts next Thursday night. He just loves music, dancing and singing.

9-I think we have chosen Godparents for baby boy. I wanted to wait until he was born and then Ill call the church and set something up for the month of April.

10-Toms schedule will be changing sometime in March and we are crossing our fingers that its a good shift! We have been spoiled with the 7-3pm and Fri & Sat off. Overnights wouldn't be too bad. He cant give up and give the baby his boob. We would just love to have one weekend day together. As usual, we wait and see.

I will be sure to update Wednesday after my appointment! Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Natural Inducers?

I had my doctor appointment last night and all is well with baby boy! I did my weight, urine, bp, heartbeat check, measurement, group B test and cervix check. Im still at 1, but softening more. I was very surprised considering all I have done in the past few weeks! Before he left, I did ask about if theyll make me go to my due date based on how big Trevor was. He said as long as theres something going on with my cervix, they would offer me an induction date once I hit 39 weeks. If you remember, 39 weeks exactly is on Friday, the 24th. Its the date I have had in my mind and in my heart this entire pregnancy. It would be so perfect to go in that day, Toms birthday, have Trevor taken care of, have the whole weekend for visitors, etc. Of course, Id love for him to come on his own before then!! Plus, that date may not be an option with the docs. Regardless, I left the doctors office so happy! I will for sure have a February baby! And he will be in my arms in 20 days or less!

Now, my goal is to get this cervix to cooperate. Anyone had good success with natural inducers? I plan to do the harmless at least every other day, pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, etc. I will walk as much as possible and try to move him down. Please share if you have had an experience, good or bad, with any of these! Or, if you have any other suggestions! Thanks in advance.

I go back to the doctor next Wednesday morning. Heres to hoping I can make a difference in the next 5 days!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All Moved!

Hello? Anyone out there?

That was a LONG blog break. We cut off Internet at our old condo Monday of last week. We moved over the weekend and there is no installation date set for the new house yet. I need to make that call today.

We moved everything on Friday, in less than 8 hours. I was astonished! We had a lot of help and were so grateful. I have not sat down for more than a few minutes since Friday. The house looked like a tornado ran through it on Friday evening and I have been piecing each room together. My main priority is getting ready for the baby, in case he comes soon. I washed all of the 0-3 month clothes, got the swing and rock and play set up, got the bottles out, etc. I want to paint the boys room in the next few days and finish that first. We still need a new desk and a kitchen table. I need organization bins for the basement. I plan to pack my hospital bag this weekend.

I go to the doctor tonight and am feeling very anxious about it. I am hoping for some progress. I want a February baby!!

Here I am at 36 weeks, 4 days. Trevor woke up from his nap and was lovin' on baby brother.