Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wedding Season

Part of our Memorial Day weekend was spent celebrating the marriage of my cousin, Courtney and her husband, Matt! They were married in the family church where Tom and I were and I was so excited to take Trevor back there. My sister was a bridesmaid and my nephew, Braydon, was the ring bearer! The ceremony was beautiful and Court was gorgeous. Trevor looked pretty handsome in his outfit. :)

We dropped Trevor back home and headed downtown for the reception. It was so much fun! My Moms family is so big, we only see some of the cousins at weddings and funerals. It was nice to catch up and party with everyone. It made me so excited for Sam's wedding in July. Tom and I were talking about seeing Trevor out on the dance floor. We cant wait!

My cute dance partner

Mom, Me, Sissy(& baby girl!)

Speaking of Sams wedding, her family shower was a few weeks ago. Trevor was asked to be there. Seriously, Sam adores Trevor more than anything. He had a great time devouring pasta and a huge cupcake.

I attempted to get a picture with my little angel. In his defense, he was playing chase with Daddy and I came outside and interrupted. He is so fake..

I call this one, Motherhood is glamorous

Whispering bribes into his ear..haha


Our pretty flowergirl

Me & the bride!

I am throwing the friends shower this Sunday. I get my dress fitted next week. Trevors kilt(yes, his KILT!) arrived last week. I nearly died of cuteness overload. July 23rd will be here before we know it!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cincinnati Trip

Its been a few weeks since our weekend getaway to Cincinnati and yet, it feels like its been months since we saw the Hopkins family! The trip was wonderful but much too short. Trevor made us feel like we got our moneys worth, and then some!

We left at about 7pm on Thursday. Tom drove the whole way, even after working all day. Trevor watched a movie, read some books and finally passed out close to 10. I felt guilty for sleeping when I knew Tom was exhausted too. I think I dozen off for about 30 minutes toward the end. We jumped ahead an hour and arrived around 2 am.

Too bright, Mama!

We met the Hopkins fam, Grandma included, at the zoo. It was huge! We kept getting lost and going in circles. Haha It was also very expensive, it cost us $47 for two adults. It included the rides, but we only went on the train and carousel.

We walked around and saw a lot of animals. There was a baby giraffe I was fond of. :) We saw monkeys and alligators and bears. They had beautiful peacocks roaming free. Trevor loved all the animals. When we came across the otters, he kept calling them kittycat. I would correct him, he would say otter once and then go back to calling it a kittycat.

We found a playground that the kids loved. They roamed there for a while. The weather was crazy all day. When the sun was out, we were hot. 10 minutes later we would be freezing and wish we brought Trevor a blanket! At least we didn't get rained on.

We had a nice lunch and then Evan and I caught the 4D Wizard of Oz show. It was very cute! We finally found the carousel after hours of searching(Tom is usually great at navigating) and all the kids hated it.

We rode the train around the zoo. Trevor loves trains but paid all his attention to the baby in front of us.

We stayed alllll day and the kids were amazing.

We headed back to the hotel for a little down time and then drove over to a pizza place for dinner. I loved that Tom and Stephen got along so well. They are very different, yet so similar. They have the same sense of humor and they both love their wives a ton. :)

After dinner, we put all the kids down early and Evan and I did a little shopping.

Trevor slept in the kitchen of our suite, so he couldn't see us.

We woke up Saturday, packed our bags and headed to the water park. This may be one of the best days of Trevor's life so far. He was a maniac! He played so hard, loved splashing and running. He was letting me completely dunk him and then he would try to do it and he would get about half of his head wet. It was adorable.

Trevor started out on the blue slides. Easy peasy. We decided to try him on the orange one. Oh my, he loved it. One of us would let him go and the other would catch him. It went SO fast. He was in line with a bunch of 5 year olds and then this little munchkin. Everyone was asking how old he was and we were equally surprised as to how much he loved it. He would get to the bottom and say/sign more and then run back up! My little daredevil.

We enjoyed the lazy river and checked out the tree house part of the park.

All of the kids were passing out and I decided to see if Trevor would fall asleep. 2 seconds later, out! Tom offered to get the stroller but I was content with a toddler on my chest for an hour.

Poor Charlotte was terrified the whole time. And look at that hot-Mama-of-triplets in a bikini!

After another hour or so of playing, we decided it was time to head home. Not before Trevor and Charlotte could say their goodbyes..

Ever since the trip, Trevor has been obsessed with Charchar. If he sees any girls about her size with a ponytail, he calls them Charchar. He loves looking at her pictures on the fridge. Ahh, young love.

The ride home was great. Trevor tried out his color wonders, watched a new movie and napped a little. We had snacks and I read my book. We got home with plenty of time to start the laundry and rest up before the next day.

The trip was so great and we cant wait to see them again. Trevor and I are booked to head down for the triplets 2nd birthday party in early August. If Tom can get the Sunday off, he will come too. They plan to head North around Trevors birthday. We have some major plans for the future, including a Disney cruise when the kids turn 5.

I am so thankful we took the trip, even with all the other chaos in both of our lives.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Making a Comeback

Well, turns out life goes on even when you feel it wont. Our month has been full of emotions. Doubt, love, fear, joy, hope, defeat..just to name a few. I'm doing okay..keeping busy is really helping. I vow to stop being defined by our infertility nightmare.

Everyone feels sorry for us. Hell, I feel sorry for us. I'm sad that we have gone through so much and have nothing to show for it. Ill tell you know, no matter what happens for us the next few months and even years..we will be fine. We are fine.

I'm going to catch up here this week, before we head to the cottage for the holiday. Ill start with our anniversary dinner. We went to Ditkas Steakhouse. Yes, as in Mike Ditka, former Bears coach. I searched high and low for the perfect place to dine and thought my die-hard Bears stud would enjoy it. It was expensive, but worth every penny. Seriously, one of the best meals Ive ever had. We left Trevor with my parents and he played with the kids for hours and stayed up way past his bedtime. It was a good night for all. :)

..5 years and he still gives me butterflies..

Had to get a few with my Mini. She is looking more like me as she gets older. I am wondering if my new niece will look like me too. :)