Sunday, September 25, 2011

In My Head

Im happy to report the pain has not come back and I have been feeling great!!

I feel the baby move every day now and I am loving every second. Tom is getting anxious to feel it too, a few more weeks!

I finally booked our hotels for CA, all that is left is buying our park tickets.

I went to a baby boy shower today; I will attend a baby girl (IVF baby!) shower next Sunday.

I love that Tom is so passionate about the Bears. I just wish they didnt let him down so much. ;)

Trevor is the most loving boy I have ever met. He constantly takes a time out from playing to come over and say, I love you, Mama.

There are 2 weeks until our vacation, we are counting down!

I cant believe October begins on Saturday! We are kicking off the month by taking all 6 kids to the pumpkin farm. Its our yearly tradition and I am so excited!

I have no clue what to dress Trevor as for Halloween. This may be the last year he lets me pick.

Ive been procrastinating planning his bday party. I wont do anything until I find out what Toms new shift is. I cant plan a party until I am sure Daddy can attend.

I am still wearing regular clothes. I still dont believe I am so small, especially the second time around.

I have been terrible at taking weekly pictures. I will take one tomorrow..I hope.

Trevors newest phrases are Be-tuz(because), what did you say?, my favorite, dont say that.

He got his flu shot a few days ago and didnt even cry.

I am super excited to give birth again. Nov 10-11th were the hardest hours of my life. Of course, they were the most rewarding.

I sit and fantasize about having this baby set on my chest and not whisked away. I didnt get that last time and darn it, I want it!

I adore my husband and am very lucky to call him mine.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ER Visit

Monday morning, I woke up in some serious pain. I was dreaming and actually thought the pain was part of my dream, until I came around and realized it was very real. It was in my lower abdomen, right about where my precious baby is. I got up to pee and went to lay back down. I tried to asses the pain and I told Tom to wake up. It was only on my right side and so tender if you touched it. I kept waiting for it to go away and it just wouldn't. At one point, I freaked out that something could be wrong with Squishy and burst into tears. I told Tom to get the heartbeat doppler. We found baby's heartbeat right away, so that was a relief. The pain was getting worse and a constant throbbing even when I was completely still.

I called the OB to see if I needed to go to the ER or if I could wait until the OB opened in a few hours. I had the chills in bed and told her I had an upset stomach all weekend. Because of that, she said to go get checked out. We left for the hospital at about 5:40, dropped Trevor by my parents and went to the ER.

Of course, when I got there, the pain was much better. It was only tender if you pushed. We met with the doc, got an IV started, drew some blood and signed me up for an ultrasound. They wanted to put a foley catheter in but I promised I had enough pee for the ultrasound. The tech was so nice and I got to peek at the baby for a bit. She measured the head, femur, stomach and legs and it averaged to 16w6d and I was 16w3d. I have been a bit concerned about being so small and I'm glad to know the baby is measuring big! Baby looked perfectly healthy, so that was a relief. She checked my kidneys and ovaries. She couldn't find my right ovary, so they weren't sure what that was about. I was sent back to talk to the doc.

Doc came in and said everything looked fine. They didn't want to do any other tests that could harm the baby. He said it could be an appendicitis, gall bladder issue, kidney stone, etc? Now I wait to see if it comes back. So far, we are in the clear!

I had a regular OB appointment already scheduled for Monday evening. I kept it and filled her in on my day. She also said just to monitor the pain and call if I have a fever or vomit or anything out of the ordinary.

I really hope that was our last hospital visit before baby comes in 2012!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Names

I cant believe I am typing another baby name post. I remember when I did this with Trevor and I am so thankful to be stressing about choosing another perfect name for a perfect angel. I'm not sure if we will keep the name a secret once decided. We really loved doing that with T and I think we will try.

Our girl name options..

Hadley-the name we had for Trevor before we found out he was a boy! Still Daddy's favorite. It has grown in popularity lately due to a character in a book.
Reese-my current favorite. We talked about naming her Therese, so she can have a more formal name when she is older. I think we like just plain Reese, thought.
I like Irish names like Bridget and Maeve, but Tom isn't a fan.
Harper-I think it sounds super cute with Trevor, but it has become so popular too.

The middle name would likely be Elizabeth. I also like Ireland for a middle name. I would love to surprise my sister and use her name, Jeralyn, as a middle. But its tough to find something that sounds good with it!

Our boy name options..

Benett-Don't like the nickname Ben, so it may not happen.
Lincoln-Would call him Cole.
Madden-We keep bringing this one up, but its so different.

The middle name would probably be Thomas.

Lets see.. my rules when it comes to naming. Tom thinks I am crazy..

1-If we do another T name, all of our kids will have T names. Then we will be like the Duggars and have Tom, Erin and a bunch of T's.
2-I prefer names with 2 syllables, like Trevor. Its a bonus if it has 6 letters.
3-It has to be nickname friendly. We are huge nickname people.
4-The name has to be appropriate for a person at all stages of life..a baby, child, teenager and adult!
5-It can not end in -son, due to our last name. Or just -on, for that matter.

Opinions, please? I wont be offended. We are not in love with anything yet, (except Tom and Hadley), so I wont take it personally. :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

15 Weeks

How far along? 15 Weeks!!
Total weight gain/loss: Still no gain, just like with Trevor
Maternity clothes? Nope
Sleep: I finally have some energy back! I have been sleeping better at night, but often have very odd and detailed dreams.
Best moment this week: I lay in the bed in the morning and rub my belly..I just love that feeling
Movement: Pretty positive I felt the baby on Friday. Although, I haven't noticed it since
Food cravings: Cold drinks, chocolate
Gender: Still thinking boy
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: Having no headaches! They are back in full force. Today, I had one so bad that I was in bed, in pain from 6-9 pm. What a waste of a night!
What I am looking forward to: Our family vacation and shopping for the baby while there!
Weekly Wisdom: I feel small for almost 16 weeks and was getting concerned. I went back and compared the lack of weight gain and small bump to Trevor's pregnancy and its exactly the same.
Milestones: Movement will be regular soon, almost 4 whole months pregnant!

20 days until we find out the gender! Tom and I spent Friday night browsing boy names and all the ones we like are pretty uncommon. I don't really want to be too trendy. We aren't in love with any of the names, so we will keep our minds open. Ill do a baby name post this week! I put a poll up tonight, what are we having!?

Tom and I took Trevor out for a fun day at a local amusement park. It closed down a while back and reopened this year as an Azoosement park..animals and rides! The weather was great and we had a blast. We always make the best of our time as a family of 3. I look forward to next summer when there are 4 Robertson's. :)

I was very hesitant about putting him on this ride. Much to our surprise, he loved it! You couldn't even see his little head when it was up high. It came back down and he was laughing and hitting the sides. It helped that he rode with another little boy. They had tons of fun!

This weekend calls for another day of family fun, deciding on a birthday party plan and finalizing our trip. Thanks for all of the emails, they have been so helpful!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Still Here

I'm still here, still alive and still pregnant. :) 15 weeks tomorrow, I cant believe how fast its going. With Trevor, my pregnancy consumed us. Its all we thought about, talked about, dreamed about. I often joke this baby is getting the shaft because were busy and I almost forget I am carrying another life inside me. Then I pull out my wonderful heartbeat doppler and grin from ear to ear, comparing how much stronger s/he got overnight.

We've been busy A certain little girl asked me and Tom to be her godparents.

I was super surprised and happy to walk into this at their house. They wanted to ask us together, but Tom was at work. So, they texted him a picture of her that said, "Get your suit and tie ready, Godfather!" I am honored to be her godmother, but even more excited that Tom gets to be her godfather. He really wanted it. And we get to do it special. Her baptism is October 23.

We spent a nice Labor Day weekend at the cottage. Friday it was hot and perfect for the beach. Saturday, it dropped 20+ degrees and we stayed that cool the rest of the weekend.

See those pink toes sticking out? Rylan had her first pedi from Auntie Erin.

Ive been trying to plan and book our trip to San Diego next month. Ive gotten great help from other bloggers!! We decided to extend the trip by a day and a half and squeeze in a trip to Disneyland. It seemed silly for us to fly across the country for only 4 full days of fun. The first day or two we will hang with Mickey and the rest of the week we will go to the zoo, SeaWorld, etc. in San Diego. We cant wait! I already started setting aside clothes and things we need to bring. I booked the rental car and now I need to decide on what tix we will get for everything else. Oh, and a hotel would be nice. Ive been watching prices and waiting for a sale. If anyone has any Disneyland/San Diego area tips they want to share, please email me at

Trevor started his swim class this week. We always sign him up for fall/winter to keep him loving the water. I also signed him up for a music class on Monday mornings. We start this Monday and I know he is going to love it!

I mentioned before that we find out the sex on October 3rd and wanted to share after the marathon on the 9th. We decided that Tom will actually wear a shirt that says Its a...for the marathon. Hopefully, this will get some of our family and friends out to support him.

I was really thinking the baby was a girl and now I am sure its a boy. Other than the nausea in the beginning, its been very similar to Trevor's pregnancy. I haven't gained any weight. I don't have a big bump. I get headaches. Only a few weeks until we know!

I am welcoming fall with open arms. I cant wait to take Trevor to the pumpkin farm, apple picking, boo at the zoo, etc. I want to eat soup and drink apple cider and paint my belly like a pumpkin.

Toms shift will change sometime in October and I'm really dreading it. I don't want to go back to working single Mama many days of the week. It was tough last time and this time I will be pregnant too.

No news on the house hunting. We tried to put an offer on a house and it temporarily went off the market for a repair. Its been almost 3 weeks and its still off. If we don't find something by November, we agreed to look for a bigger rental. I do not want to move in the middle of winter and we need more space before baby.

That about sums it up. Happy Friday, everyone!