Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Life Changes

Tom graduates from the academy in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! These past 14 weeks flew by faster than I anticipated. I'm excited this day is coming, as I am ridiculously proud of my husband. I cant imagine I will get through his graduation without tears. The ceremony is at 2pm and I think we will be going our for a celebratory dinner afterward.

Reality is starting to set in for what our life will be like after graduation. He will finish out the regular week at the academy. Then, we think(I say think because I feel like we never are fully informed) that he will be doing on-the-job training for 2 weeks. That would mean he will be off for Christmas and New Years. Toms not sure if he could be called to pick up overtime during that 2 week period. It will be great if he can be around for Christmas Eve night, Christmas, NYE/day. I'm hoping, just not counting on it.

Then, the drastic change will occur. Tom will be assigned his shift. We are guessing it'll be the 3-11pm shift, since they have mentioned that is where they are short staffed. His days off will almost definitely be during the week..Mon & Tues, Wed & Thurs..? This means, we wont see each other at all 2-3 days a week. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, we should have until about 2pm together, unless I pick up work on Fridays. The two weeknight evenings he is off, we will take full advantage of, I'm sure.

Its just going to be really hard for me to give up my family weekends I love so much. I cherish our time together. I love waking up, being lazy, fixing breakfast, running our errands, going to birthday parties, etc. From now on, Ill always have to RSVP for just me and Trev. I would say this is only temporary, but were talking like 7 years before he has any kind of seniority.

I understand you have to start at the bottom. Tom is my other half and I just don't feel right without him. I am going to have to keep busy so I'm not lonely and bored. Thank God for Trevor.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I love vacationing and think its something you should do often! You only live once, so why not visit as many fun and beautiful places as possible?! That being said, vacations will be hard for us to take in the next few years. Tom gets the standard 2 weeks vacation/sick days with his job. But, he wants to get out of the jail asap and therefore, does not want to take any unnecessary days the 1st year. Our 5 year anniversary trip in May we have talked about since day 1? Not happenin'! At least not in May. Were looking to go away next October, as a late anniversary trip/Trevor's 2nd bday trip. That will depend on if we buy a house this summer and how many babies we bring into the world in 2011!!

Anyway, as soon as Tommy started the academy, I told him I wanted to go to Wisconsin Dells right before he graduates! Our family weekends will soon be gone and I wanted to have one last special celebration. We went to the Dells last year in December, with our 6 week old little dude. We really enjoyed the family time, even if Trevor slept a lot. :) I hope to make this trip an annual thing. Here is Trevor last year, checking out the water park..
I shopped around for weeks, trying to find the best deal. I was super excited when I called last week and got a king suite for $82/night at one of the best water park hotels! We are heading up on Friday, as soon as we get off work. I cant wait to see my little water loving maniac enjoying the water park!

Shortly after I returned from visiting with the triplets in September, I started to plan a trip to visit them at their home! Trevor and I will be flying down January 14-17th. My birthday is the 18th, so its a present from Tom. Evan and Stephen generously offered to let us hop in their car and stay at their house, making it an inexpensive trip for us! I cant wait to see what Evan cooks up for us during the 72 hours were there. ;) AND I cant wait for Trevor and Charlotte to pick up where they left off..

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

Every year Tom and I send out a Christmas card. Its a great way to send cheer to friends and family each holiday season. 2 years ago, I was this close to not sending one. I was down in the dumps and still not pregnant. I figured no one would miss seeing just the two of us on the front of a card. I decided last minute to send one with a photo of our Vegas trip and it turned out beautiful. I'm glad I stuck with tradition, because last year, we sent a card that acted as Trevor's birth announcement, too.

I really wanted to get a great picture of the 3 of us during Trevor's 1 yr photo shoot a few weeks back. I was distraught when Trevor was fussy at the end and we couldn't get any! My photographer sent us a few proofs and as soon as I saw one of the pictures, I knew what I would do! I went on Shutterfly and in about 2 minutes, found it. THE card. Wait until you see it!
Click here to browse some gorgeous Christmas cards yourself-http://http//www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-cards

We have always used Shutterfly for our photo needs. I have ordered at least a thousand individual photos as well as enlargements and edited photos. Every Christmas, I order my mom a calendar full of pictures of the 5 grandchildren. Its hung at our cottage and everyone who visits LOVES browsing the pictures. They now make desk calendars, which are great for a family member who sits in an office all day. http://http//www.shutterfly.com/calendars/desk-calendars

Another great idea Shutterfly has-birthday invites! I have not yet used one, but I always send out thank yous with a picture from the event. Thus far, I sent one for Trevor's baptism and 1st birthday. Its so much easier to write a general thank you and send a cute photo. Plus, I imagine its hung on the fridge for a while, rather than thrown in the trash. Here are some ideas-

I am awaiting the CD with our pictures on it, so I can order our Christmas cards. I'm hoping it arrives Monday! Until then, I need to go to Shutterfly to print Trevor's birthday pictures..all 400+ of them!

Friday, November 26, 2010

First Haircut

Tom and I went back and forth for weeks about whether we should cut Trevor's hair. The original plan was to cut it the day after his birthday. However, we had to reschedule his 1 yr pictures and I wanted him to still look like a baby in those pictures! We ended up taking him for additional photos at Pic People and when we saw them we both agreed-he needed a little trim!

The next day, we took a trip to the mall and went to the children's salon. I wanted to go there so they could give him the certificate and I could save the locks of his hair. He did awesome! He sat in the car and played with the steering wheel and other toys. He stayed pretty still and only cried at the end when she got out the side burn trimmer.

Here is the Before:


..and After!

We LOVE it!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Handsome boy before his haircut..

Monday, November 22, 2010

1 Year Check-Up

I took Trevor to his 1 year well visit on Friday. I am really missing our old doctor. :( She was so thorough and took a lot of time asking and answering questions. This new doctor was in the room for less than 10 minutes. She quickly went over the chart, checked him out and was gone. She is pregnant and due in Jan, so I guess it'll be a good time to try a different doctor in the practice. The only thing she did say was to try to get him off the bottle in the next month. Honestly, I don't see that happening. I'm not in any huge rush. My goal is to have him off the pacifier/bottle by the 15 month appointment. One thing at a time..

Trevor is growing perfectly. He was 22lb 6 oz., which was the 42nd percentile. He was 31 inches, which is the 82nd percentile. I still cant get over how skinny he is now! He was 99th for the first 8 months of his life.

Trevor made a few calls while we waited for the nurse to come in with the shots.

The shots were TERRIBLE! He never really noticed them as an infant and barely cried at his 9 month appointment. This time? He was hysterical from the first prick and he had to have 4 in his thighs! He took so long to recover, he was whimpering for nearly 30 minutes. Talk about breaking my heart. Of course, this was the one appointment I made during the day and didn't have Tom around to help. Never again, I tell you!
We went home and had raspberries and spaghetti for lunch. He ate it at first and then realized how fun it was to throw. It was in his hair, on the wall, on the floor and on the dogs back! This kid is such a maniac.

I kept a close eye on him the rest of the day. Shots make me nervous. He had a low temp before bed and the next morning. I was warned about a rash and other reactions, but we skipped those. Trevor was in great spirits and you never would have guessed we were both traumatized earlier that day. :0)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bear Down Bash

We had Trevor's second, 1st birthday bash last weekend. It was the exact opposite of his Mickey party. Just friends, Trevor was the only child, the menu and decorations were simple. It was a nice, relaxing afternoon. This is the invite I found-which I loved. It was perfect!

I did minimal decorations. There was no need to go overboard when everyone was roughly 24. We had about 16 of our closest friends, without children, come over for the game. We mingled, watched the Bears kick butt, ate chili mac, gossiped, were entertained by Trevor. It was so much fun!

During half time, we did presents. Trevor got so many great gifts...a ride on giraffe, Little People car wash, books, gift cards, puzzles, everything a 1 yr old wold love! He is a professional present opener now.

I didn't get a big cake for this party. I was so DONE with cake. So, I ordered a cookie cake from Mrs. Fields and it was delicious! Everyone devoured it. I may have had 4 pieces. :)

I went ahead and made one batch of cupcakes and used half for Trevor's cake. He had the same reaction..stare at candles, then wreck the cake! Daddy helped with the frosting this time.

Trevor had a quick bath and changed into outfit #2. Good thing he has roughly 6 Bears outfits.

It was such a fun day. That is the kind of party I wouldn't mind throwing every year. A week later, were finally done exchanging gifts and finding new homes for the presents. I cant wait until we move into a bigger place and can have a play room!

Tom is heading to the Bears game this coming Sunday. I got him the tickets for running the marathon back in October. I hope the weather cooperates; were supposed to have a drastic drop in temperature later this week!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FET Day 7

Trevor's birthday chaos has been a nice distraction from our FET cycle..kinda. I still think about it 24/7 and want to fast forward to January 1st. BUT, that would mean I would skip the holidays with my boys and I don't want to do that. ;)

I started BC on Trevor's bday and today was my 7th pill. It has made me break out worse than I ever have in my entire life! I have also been sleeping terrible. For instance, Tom had to get up at 4:30 to do a run for officers killed and I could not fall back asleep after he left. Ugh! If I had to be on it longer, Id ask for a different brand. I cant complain too much about free meds though!

Tonight was my second Lupron injection. I even took the 5 minutes to watch the instructional video yesterday and it came back very quickly. I was so excited to finally be moving forward, I almost forgot that its painful. Lupron is easy..the progesterone will be harder..and labor even worse. Ill do it all to make Trevor a big brother.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birth Day

These first few pictures are from the day before his birthday. What can I say? He had a few outfits to wear to I started on the day I was in labor with him.

Trevor's real birthday was last Thursday, on Veterans Day. Fortunately, Tom had the day off and was able to be a part of the celebration. Trevor woke up while I was getting ready for work. We snuggled as a family and sang Happy Birthday. Once Trevor had his bottle, he headed straight to his fave new toy-The Police Coupe from Evan and the triplets. This is his good morning picture..
I went to work without him and felt so incomplete! Trevor got to play with Daddy all morning and take a nap in his own crib. I had Tommy take a picture of him at his birth minute-8:18am. Apparently they were busy playing on the bed.

Our normal Thursday morning includes story time at the library. I wanted Tom to see how cute Trevor is there, so they met me and the kids there. Then, we left and headed to the train restaurant for lunch! This restaurant has a special significance for me and Trev. Last year, on Nov 18th, we went there for Tyler's 1st birthday. Trevor was one week old. It was the first time we had a big outing, the first time I wore my old jeans, the first time I put on make up and felt like I could go in public! We hope to continue the tradition and take our future children there.

Trevor was a big fan! He enjoyed chicken nuggets and fruit. He watched the trains go by and got very excited. He had a cupcake brought to him on a train. It was a great time.
I left and finished my work day. Tom and Trevor went home. Trevor fell asleep in the car. He still looks like a baby in this pic.

Our whole night at home was low key and perfect! We simply played for hours. We had mac and cheese for dinner-Trevor's favorite. We sang again. And again. We hugged and kissed and soaked in every bit of the night. I read him his birthday books and we tucked him in.

Tom and I relaxed and I drank some wine to celebrate making it through our first year. Plus, I didn't want an open bottle staring at me every time I opened the fridge. ;)

I took my first birth control that evening, too! I still cant get over the fact that Day 1 was Trevor's birthday. I think that's Gods way of saying..Okay, you focused on just Trevor for a year..now you may have another. :)