Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

I have SO much to update on!! The meds arriving, the crazy embryo transfer day, our weekend..
Plus, this week is going to be nuts. Tomorrow I start Zumba with Jill, Tuesday were wedding dress shopping for Sam, and Thursday I am going to a girls night/purse party. Trevor's 1st bday party is on Sunday and there is still a lot to be done! Ill try to catch up soon. Until then..I hope everyone had a..

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lil Stinker

Sunday, after sleeping in, we took Trevor to the trick-or-treating at the town next to us. This time, wore a different costume. This was handed down from Tyler last year..

Isn't it the cutest?! He makes one adorable skunk! We stopped at the book store first and bought 2 birthday books. Trevor played with the train and puppets while I picked them out. There were a few puppets he was afraid of. But, he liked the Fraggle Rock ones.

We walked from store to store and got candy. I actually was able to show him how to drop the candy into the bucket. One store had fresh choco covered pretzels, so he had to taste that right away.
The rest of the kids arrived just as we were heading out. There a pretty cute bunch.
We went straight over to Madisons birthday party. We had yummy food, played with toys and watched the Bears lose. She was afraid of the candles and asked her cousin to blow them out for her!

We enjoyed testing everything out for Trevors party. He loved the balloons and wasnt scared of the singing. We let him have a little cake to see what would do..I can only imagine the scene for his party..!

He is resting his head because he was so tired. Poor baby, gets paraded around on the weekends.

While the cake was being cut, Tom set Trevor down on the floor and he walked over to me. Walked! It was only 2 steps but it was so cute! I was super excited and scooped him up and made a big deal. He got very bashful and was laying his head on my shoulder. I am anxious to see those 2 steps turn into full out walking!

Monday, October 25, 2010

FET Plannin'

We had an appointment to sign the consent forms at our RE for our upcoming FET cycle. It was quick and painless. The only major decision was to choose if we wanted to thaw the second straw of embryos if one of the first two don't make it. We checked yes and are willing to transfer 3 embryos in needed. We know this means we could end up with triplets, but I really don't see us walking away from this cycle with more than 2 babies on board.. Otherwise, all the information was old news.

The nurse gave me my birth control pills to start when I start my next period. She also gave me some prenatal vitamin samples to figure out which one I like best. I did bring up my concerns for using progesterone in my cycle. The new RE uses Crinone-a vaginal suppository. I used PIO-the horrifying intramuscular injections-with my IVF cycle. I explained that I didn't want to "rock the boat" and do anything different this cycle. I mean, last time I ended up with Trevor. If this cycle does not work, Ill always wonder if that was the reason. She said they would be happy to add PIO into my flow sheet. She said he would likely have me do PIO in the morning and still use Crinone in the evening. I am happy with that plan. My cycle was approved by the insurance and they called my meds into the pharmacy. They should be arriving tomorrow!!

The last step before I start my period is transferring our embryos. We have a consent form we need to get notarized, since Tom will not be present when I pick them up. I need to go to the new clinic, pick up the tank(which they charge $250 for) and drive to the other clinic. They will move the embryos into the tank(which they charge a $150 transfer fee) and I will drive them back to the new clinic. The new clinic wants me to pay the $600 storage fee up front. If the embryos are there less than a month, I would be charged nothing. I explained to the woman that were looking at them being there 6 weeks..would I be charged the $600? She said no, that she would talk to her supervisor about a fee. I'm really frustrated by this because 1-this move is not our choice..damn insurance costing us a ton of extra money! 2-we paid for the year at the old clinic up until Feb. So we will be paying at two places for embryos that will be used in 6 weeks!! The only way we will get refunded is if we end up thawing both straws and have none left. I guess we will see what the outcome is..

That's a quick $1000 spent. :(

My pickup/drop-off appointment is at 9am on Friday. Then, I will be twiddling my thumbs until my period arrives. Ahh, I'm so anxious/excited!!

PS-My girlfriend asked me to be in her wedding. I pointed out that I will likely be 8 months pregnant. She said she only asked me because the bigger I am the skinnier she looks. Love that girl!! And Trevor will be attending the wedding in a baby kilt, to match the groom.I already found some online. :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Five Years Old

My gorgeous niece, Delaney Grace, turned 5 today! I cant believe she is that old. I love her as much as I will love my daughters and I am so glad we have such a special bond. Yesterday was her big celebration. Before the party, we went on a special date, just the two of us. I took her to Sweet and Sassy, a local girls spa/salon. There, she got a "party up-do", which was surprisingly only $14. She also got to pick this neat bracelet with interchangeable magnetic designs.

Then, the fashionista and I went over to Old Navy and picked out a few outfits. Delaney is very stylish and likes everything to match. She likes everything that's big right now..glitter, tutu skirts, peace signs, etc. We had lots of fun picking it all out!
I went back to drop her off and gave her the last gift-a Shutterfly photo book. She loves pictures and I knew she would appreciate something like that. The book transitions from pics of her and me from her whole life..then to her and me/my belly(there were a lot of those!), and then to her and Trevor. It turned out exactly as I pictured and she loved it!!
I ran home to pick up Tom and Trev and went back to her house for a Halloween themed bash! This year, we were instructed to have the kids wear Halloween clothes, but not a costume. Trev sported his skeleton sweatsuit. :)
We had yummy food, a pinata, tons of dessert and watched her open gifts.

At the party, EVERYONE was asking if we were ready for another baby. I had to keep my lips tight and not scream out about how we signed papers just for that earlier in the day! I would like this to be somewhat of a surprise. Although, I simply answered, "Yes, were more than ready!", or "Workin' on it!" <~~Does that give people a visual of us working on it? If only they knew what work we must do to get pregnant..
Anyway, after the party, we went to the Haunted Hay Ride. Every year, my sis corresponds her party with the towns ride and its so much fun! We waited in line for almost an hour, but the weather was great and everyone had a great time. Trevor was such a trooper being kept up past his bedtime. He actually fell asleep in the car on the way over and stayed asleep in the Ergo for about 45 minutes. Then, he was up and ready to party!

He was up wayyyy past his bedtime and slept until 9:30 this morning. That was nice for all 3 of us.
I really cant believe my little girl is 5. 5 is old. Grown up. Pretty much a teenager. This is one of my favorite sayings and I put it on the front of her book: "Only an Aunt can give hugs
like a Mother, can keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend."
I almost forgot, Trevor took his first steps today while at another birthday party. It was so cute and I cant get over how proud I felt!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Farm

Its Friday afternoon nap time which means I can wrap up writing about last weekend..before we start this fun weekend of birthday celebrations!!

Sunday, we fed all 5 kids a big breakfast, packed our bags and headed to the Pumpkin farm. This is one of our annual traditions with the kids and I love, love, love it! Last year, I had a pumpkin belly and we kept talking about how much fun it would be to have our guy with us this year. It was as great as we imagined!

We headed straight for the petting zoo, as always. I love the animals they have there and they appear very well taken care of. We bought carrots to feed them and had a blast.

We walked over to get on the hay ride and something terrible happened-my camera DIED! I couldn't believe it. I had 2 bars when I checked it the night before and somehow the battery was dead. I was so upset with myself. There was no way we paid $60 to walk in the farm and were leaving with no pictures. Luckily, I talked my sister into driving her camera to me. I promised her a pack of diapers in exchange. ;) Unfortunately, her camera is on its last leg. The pictures are nowhere near what I wanted, but I'm grateful we have memories of the day documented!
While we waited for her to bring the camera, we watched the pig races(so cute!), went in the fun house 16+ times, braved the haunted house and checked out the baby animals. There was a llama that was 8 days old! I love babies..any kind!
We sat down for lunch and Trevor took a nap. My sis dropped the camera and we were finally about to stop milling around and go on the hay ride!
The hay ride is about 10 minutes and drops you by the pumpkins. That is where I desperately needed the camera.

My 5 little pumpkins, I pray there are 2 or more in this photo next year!

We headed out shortly after the hay ride. Not before we grabbed a few caramel apples. We dropped all the kids at their homes and relaxed the rest of the evening.

This week flew and I'm ready for another fun weekend. Tomorrow, we have our appt. to sign our consent forms for the FET and Delaney's birthday bash. Sunday we plan to be in a costume parade and then go to Madison's 2nd birthday party.

Speaking of birthdays, Trevor's party planning has become my second, wait..third?, job! I'm have so much fun with both parties. Last night, I sat on the floor and made Trevs bday banner while catching up on my DVR. I need to order the food and check out cake places. Were calling November Trev-a-palooza. We have SO much going on for that little boy, its going to be quite a celebration!

As if that wasn't enough, one of my best friends got engaged a week ago!! They have already set the date and booked the church-July 23rd! We may go look at dresses on Thursday! I'm super excited to help her plan everything!
Have a good weekend, everyone!!