Saturday, April 17, 2010

Five Months

Trevors chair pictures were a bit harder this month. He finally noticed there is a giraffe placed next to him for the pics. He went to town nom-ing on his neck.

And a close up for fun. Love those eyes!

Trevor Michael-
It has been five full months since you joined our family. Five wonderful months. Its hard to remember what life was like before you. Lucky for me, Ill never have to go back there.
I love you from the hairs on your head to your ten teeny toes. I love your piercing blue eyes. I love your voice. I love your chubby thighs. I love your soft skin. I love that you like to hold something when you fall asleep. I love the noises you make when you know its time to nurse. I love your perfect lips. I love that the eyelashes on your left eye get stuck in the crease. I love your raspberries. I love when you fall asleep in my arms. I love watching you dance. I love when you sing me songs. I love your giggles and smiles. I love your cute butt. I love your expressive eyebrows. I love your brown hair that continues to grow. I love how ticklish you are. I love to watch you reach new milestones. I love the way you look at your Father. I love the way you look at me. I love the way you make me feel. I love watching you taste new foods. I love seeing the world through your eyes. I love that you like the dogs. I love that you are happy and healthy. I love that when you first wake up, you cant find your voice. I love spending every moment with you. I love every ounce of your being.
Thank you for making our world a better place. Our world is you.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lovin' Spring

I left off saying our Family Florida trip was cancelled. After my Mom was released from the hospital, the trip came up. We knew it was too soon to travel, and started throwing different ideas out there. Go a week later, go in May, go in the fall, etc. You can imagine how hard it is to coordinate 15 peoples schedules at the last minute. The final decision was that everyone would try again in the fall, perhaps October. The only one that had a problem with that was us, as Tom will likely have the job with County by then and wont have any time off. So, we decided it would be best if we stuck with the original plan and went to Disney ourselves. If the family goes in the fall, Trev and I can tag along for a few days. This way, Tom doesn't miss out on all the first for him. Plus, we have the time off, spending money saved and the desire to go!

We wont be doing a lot of the things we wanted, like driving to St. Pete for the day to visit the condo. Yeah, rental cars for people under 25 are pricey! We wanted to go out alone one night for an early anniversary thing. Oh well! It will be wonderful to go just the three of us. We found a villa with a free shuttle that was reasonably priced. We leave Tuesday and return the following Tuesday!

Were so glad we decided this a few days ago because the police department called THIS MORNING to schedule Tom for his polygraph interview. And what do you know, its the day after we return, the 28th! Apparently, that day, he will do the test and then be given a date to return for the psychological exam. We know some academy's start in early June, so were hoping he will be in one of those. We are so close we can taste it! Mmmmmm...

The weather has been wonderful here! Last weekend we took Trevor to the zoo. I imagine we will be there many times this summer.

I went last Friday to buy our stroller. I was very unhappy to find out they were back ordered until May. I rushed home, found one online and it arrived Thursday. I used it today for the first time and am totally in love. I cant wait to stroll it around Toon Town.

Last Sunday Trevor turned 5 months. We went to Rainforest Cafe with our friends and their kids. Trevor really liked the sounds and animals.

This month has been huge for him developmentally. He amazes me every day. He sits up alone for a few seconds at a time, he is such a blabber mouth, he grabs items you put in front of him using both hands, he rolls over like crazy, he is simply perfect in our eyes. I need to do a 5 month post, but have been waiting because he had a big scratch on his nose. Keeping up with those finger nails is tough!

I should hit the hay. I have a lot of packing to do tomorrow!

PS-My blog is in dire need of a makeover. Any suggestions of who can help?

This baby is TOO COOL for the old Peanut blog. He really keeps those sunglasses on, I cant believe it!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Weekend

Last weekend was an eventful one! Friday night, Tom and I took the three kids I babysit for on Fridays up to my family's cottage in Wisconsin. The whole family was going to be there, so I figured, whats three more kids?! Ha, it was utter chaos and so much fun. The kids have known each other since I started watching them six years ago. They each had someone to play with and play they did. They stayed up super late and got up way too early.

Me and Laney being silly with my sling.

LOVE these kids! Brady, Annie, Trevor, Delaney, Charleigh, Tyler, Ben, Mikey

We hoped to go to an Easter egg hunt Saturday morning, but it was pouring outside. We made our own fun inside. In the afternoon, my Mom went to lay down. She hasn't been feeling well for weeks and has gone to the doctor multiple times. She has had tons of tests..and they keep finding everything to be healthy. Well, she came out of her room and almost collapsed. She said her heart was pounding and she felt like she was going to faint. My sister told me to call 911 and we sat her on the couch. She was more concerned in the kids seeing her than about herself. Luckily, the kids were downstairs and didn't know anything was going on. Tom ushered them into the attached garage to watch TV while the paramedics came in. We told them we were hiding Easter eggs..They had no clue the ambulance came or anything.

Anyway, they came and took my mom to a local hospital. The rest of the weekend is a bit of a blur. Ben, Annie, and Charleigh were picked up as planned and then all the focus was on my Mom. They told her she would have to wait until Monday to see a specialist. We all kinda moped around the house, feeling bad for her and unsure of what was to come.

Sunday was Easter. Trevor was enthralled by his basket and toys.

I love this shirt and I love the blue/brown combo.

My Mom had bought all the kids matching Easter outfits for us to go to brunch in and get some great pictures. We still dressed them up to take pictures. What a disaster!! Everyone was happy and looking great on the way down to the beach..

Trev, waiting to be buckled in.

However, once we got there, all hell broke loose. Tyler wouldn't sit for one second, Trevor was not a fan of the wind, it just wasn't happenin'! Here a few hilarious outtakes.

This is my personal fave. Eric was trying to get Tyler's attention with a stick, as you can see on the left. Laney's expression says it all!

I did manage to get a few cute ones of the older kids.

I think were going to JCPenney this weekend for another attempt..
So, we took turns visiting Mom aka Ama to the grand kids, in the hospital. Tom and I went with Trev, Mikey, Brady and Laney and stayed for almost two hours. It was not a great way to spend Easter, but we made the best of it.

Here they are on the way home from the hospital.
Monday morning came and my Mom had her tests done. Get this..everything came back great. They said it was stress and anxiety?! She is NOT happy with this diagnosis. She says she knows there is something more. She went to her regular doc this past week and then to a neurologist. She has to have a MRI on her spine to see if its something there. This whole process has been such a nightmare for everyone; her mostly!
That brings me to the totally dramatic conclusion. Family Florida trip=CANCELLED!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Family Update

Its been a while since I have written a post with substance. Here's a little life update:

I love my thumb sucker. Remind me when he is 2 and were breaking the habit..
Bananas were too sweet for Lil T

Noodles and Co. with Dada
*Trev has now tried bananas, sweet potatoes, prunes and green beans. We were SO excited for him to have bananas. Tom and I love bananas and were sure the "apple" didn't fall far from the tree. Hah, it was so funny feeding him! He never cried or turned them away, but the faces..oh the faces. They were too sweet for him. He got more used to them by the 3rd day. He didn't care much for prunes and is loving all veggies thus far. Peas are on the menu tonight.
*He is still only having one meal a day. Dinner..between his evening feedings. I plan on transitioning in a brunch time meal in a few weeks.
*Trevor nurses 5 times a day. He was on a 3 hour schedule until about 3 weeks ago. Now, he isn't hungry as often and eats about every 4 hours.
*We still haven't had much luck with the bottle. We plan on buckling down this weekend. Ideally, he will have one bottle a day for a bit and then add more when were ready.
*He discovered his feet! Especially when he has no pants on! He is always folding his body in half to get to them. Its super cute.
*He has rolled both ways, but its not a regular occurrence. His tummy time has improved tremendously and his stance makes him look like he actually will get up and go.
*Trevor is such an easygoing baby. He loves..everything! Bouncers, exersaucer, Einstein DVDs, Sophie, Lamaze toys, etc. He is happy all.the.time. I am not exaggerating!
*He is showing signs of teething..drooling, chewing on everything, etc. No tooth buds, yet. We check every day. :o)
My friend, Heather and Trevor. This was from her going away party. She moved to Arizona! We plan on visiting in October!
High school friends :) I'm a year younger and from the rival school.

THESE are mine?!

*I have been really tired and drained lately. Probably about 6 weeks now. I'm talking more tired than when I was getting up 3 times a night! I think I may have deficiency of some sort and need to make a dr. appt. No, I am not pregnant.
*My tailbone is still healing from birth. Its made great progress mainly in the past 2 months. I just hope a second delivery doesn't injure it again.
*I am totally losing my hair. And it sucks! Ive read its worst from 4-6 months post. I'm at halfway there?!
*I'm doing well in my class. Its a lot of work but I have stayed on top of it. I plan on taking one class over the summer and two or more next fall.
*I am really ready to be pregnant again. And nowhere near ready to stop breastfeeding. Ugh.
*Sounds like a lot of complaining above; its not. I am happier than I have ever been. I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be. :)
Mama may have a slight giraffe obsession..

*Toms application with the police dept. has progressed in a big way! He received the a conditional offer of employment letter a bit ago. Its based on the last few tests. He did the second physical last Wednesday and passed. Now, he will have the polygraph, psychological and final interview. We are close and can taste it. We hope to hear about dates for the final tests soooon!
*Tom signed up to run the Chicago marathon! Its 10-10-10! He starts training with a charity group next Wednesday. They are supporting a boy named Sam with muscular dystrophy. This is the second year of the group. Last year I was part of it and did the babysitting for the runners. This year, I will do the same, with Trevor in tow and supporting my hubby. I'm so excited for him!
*Toms special time with Trevor is bath time! He gives him long baths every other day and they both love it. Tom sings, Trev plays..its a beautiful love affair.
Second time in swing; first time was videotaped.

I think that covers the major changes..There's more, I'm sure, but I need to take advantage of my day off with the bambino. Oh, and go buy my Cadillac!

Have a wonderful weekend!