Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quick Thoughts

Many of you asked where my sling is from. I ordered it from! I recommend it 100%! We used it when Trevor was very tiny(ha, was he ever tiny?) to soothe him. If he was fussy we would set him inside and sway for a few minutes and he would be asleep. Now, he loves to sit inside and look out. Its great to be able to use your hands, it doesnt hurt your back and Tom wears it too! I would much rather have him in a carrier than in the car seat when we are out. Its tough because were in the middle of a Chicago winter, but I cant wait to use our carriers in the Spring. We have a Moby and Ergo, too!


Our fertility doctor appointment is set for March 8th at 11:00 am. Unless we get pregnant on our own before than, we will be setting up a schedule for a FET. For those that have had one..any advice? How is it different from IVF? What medications did you use? Please give me info!

How about a Q & A post..from Tom!? Tom has agreed to sit and respond to any and every question you may have. About..our infertility, my pregnancy, Trevor, Me(gulp), the police hiring process, anything you want! Nothing is off limits..!
I am almost done reading your blogs and fixing my blogroll. I will be sure to finish this weekend. Speaking of this weekend, I am heading over to a family friends home in an hour to watch there three kids, ages 8, 6, and 4, while they go to Mexico for the weekend! I am going to get a real taste of being a mother of 4!

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Son

Trevor Michael-

Today you are ten weeks and 5 days old. It is another extraordinary day in our ordinary life. You, my love, are the extraordinary part. I often sit and think about all we went through to get to you. Today, I sat and thought how much you did to get to us. How did we get so lucky?

One of my favorite times of day is when I prop you on my lap with my knees bent. It gives us the perfect angle to view eachother. We sit and talk, you coo and smile. The whole world around us stops spinning. Phones go unanswered, dogs get ignored, to-do lists dont exist. Its just a mother and her son, falling more and more in love.

Did you hear that, Trevor? A mother and her son. I am still getting used to being called a mother. I have worn many hats in my life so far. Daughter, Sister, Niece, Cousin, Aunt, Wife. Nothing has ever felt more natural than being your Mother. I know it is the reason for my existence.

No one will ever love you like I do.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Mall of America

We had a BLAST last weekend at the Mall of America. We went on the trip with our good friends, Christina and Anthony and their 15 month old daughter Madison. They are such a great couple..we love spending time with them. We vowed to make this a yearly thing..but next year the guys have somewhere warm in mind!

We left bright and early Saturday morning. Trevor ended up falling asleep while going through security and slept almost the entire flight. The flight was short and sweet. We woke him when there was about 20 minutes left, so he could eat. We didn't want him wailing while we were trying to get to our hotel.
Daddys Little Wingman!!

Nursin' on a plane

Were going to borrow that harness when we fly to FL in a few months

There were few people in the airport and we had our baggage ten minutes after we landed. We got outside just in time to catch the shuttle to our hotel. Everything went soo smoothly. We arrived at the hotel and they allowed us to check in early, which was great with two babies. We changed and headed to the Mall of America about an hour later.

I love his face in this one

The mall was really neat. The amusement park was awesome! I would have loved to go on the rides if we didn't have a little one and my tail bone wasn't hurt. (Info on that coming soon!) The mall was enormous. There was every store you could imagine and I was surprised by how many boutique-like shops there were. We ate lunch and covered a bit of the mall before we realized how tired we were from traveling. Before we left, I bought my first item-the Lanie doll from American Girl..for my Laney! All the adults in the fam chipped in $20. Ya know, she HAD to have the doll with her name!

We went back to our rooms and lounged before calling it an early night. I bought Trevor and Maddie matching jammies. They looked adorable!

Trevor slept okay. He has been sleeping through the night since NYE. I swear it was his resolution..He woke up twice each night..would eat for a few minutes and fall back asleep. He loved sleeping in our big king bed. Sunday morning we woke up and talked for a good 30 minutes. How I love our morning conversations. :) I propped him up with pillows, turned on cartoons and shook Tom to let him know I was hopping in the shower and Trev would likely fuss in a few minutes. After a glorious 20 minute shower, I came back to find him in the same spot and Tom sound asleep. I was floored that he sat there content for so long. Ah, my lil TV junkie.

What I found..

We relaxed a bit in the lobby waiting for the shuttle. Madison is still mastering walking and is tons of fun to watch. She usually heads straight for a crowd.

Trevor is his favorite sling

Of course, I LOVE this peanut

Where is his bow?

We covered another huge chunk of the mall, had a light lunch and got tired feet! Tom and I bought new cell phones. We were ready for upgrades and I have been dying for a phone with a better camera. Now that I have a great subject, ya know. We bought Trevor some real cowboy boots, that look just like Mommy's.
We went back to the hotel and went in the pool/hot tub for a bit. Not before another photo shoot..

Christina's family wanted to treat us to dinner, so we went to Outback. It was delicious! Our hotel shuttle took us there for free. They were super accommodating the entire trip.
Monday was my birthday. I woke up and was in a wonderful mood knowing it was my first birthday as a Mother. What more could I ask for? We packed our bags, checked our luggage downstairs and headed to the mall one last time. While there, Tom went off to the "bathroom" and came back with the IPOD I wanted and a sweet card.
Self timed family pic

Kangaroo baby

We went back to the hotel, grabbed our bags and headed to the airport. We had a lot of time to kill and had lunch there. Our flight was delayed for 30 minutes. We were thankful it wasn't more. Trevor was amazing on the flight home. He passed out while we were waiting and then woke up as we were boarding. The flight attendants were talking to us for a bit and then went on the intercom and said something like, "Can Trevor from the mid-section please quiet down?" It was cute and funny. He stayed awake the entire flight and I nursed him upon take off and landing.

The whole trip was just wonderful. This baby was meant to travel. We can not wait for our next vacation. He will be 5 months and even more fun, I'm sure!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two Months

Thank you for the birthday wishes and great comments! I plan on taking time on Saturday to update my blogrolls and get to know my newer readers. So, you have until Saturday to let me know you're there!

Also, thank you for being so supportive about our quest for baby #2. We got our Peanut, now were hoping for a..cashew?!

Trevor turned 2 months on the 11th! We took him for his check up last Friday. He weighs a whopping 14 lb. 12 oz and is 23 3/4 in. long. Thats the 97th percentile for weight and 75th for height. We literally had no questions or concerns for the doctor. She was impressed with his social skills, head control and all other developmental milestones. I never gets old hearing the words perfect, great, fabulous, etc. when it comes to your child. He was so happy during the visit. We felt guilty knowing what was coming. He had one oral vaccine, which he sucked down like a champ. Then, he got one shot in his right thigh and two in his left. He didn't cry until the last one, which the nurse said stung. He got over it quickly..Daddy did a good job distracting him! He had no reaction to the shots. I was a bit nervous doing it the day before we traveled, but the Dr. assured me he would be fine.

Two month pics

Happy at the doctors office

The battle wounds

Later in the evening Friday I heard the sweetest sound since hearing his heartbeat in the womb..HIS GIGGLE!

You know that friends episode where Rachel and Ross get Emma to laugh by singing Baby Got Back? Yep, that was us. I was listening to the Black Eyed Peas CD while packing and Tom was changing Trev. The ImmaBe song came on and Tom was bopping his head around, being super silly. Trevor thought it was very comical and let out his very first laugh. About 5 minutes later he did it again. My heart felt like it was going to explode. He has done it here and there ever since. Uhm, only to the tune of ImmaBe..Great parents we are!
Happy Wednesday!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Didn't Happen

You need to blog before Friday.
You need to blog before Friday.
You need to blog before Friday.
You need to blog before Friday.
You need to blog before Friday.
You need to blog before Friday.
You need to blog before Friday.
You need to blog before Friday.
You need to blog before Friday.

I told myself this over and over again. Somehow, it still didn't happen. :(

I have TONS to update on..2 month appt stats, giggles, an appt set with the fertility doc, Toms health, etc. I don't have time now, as its 11 pm and we have to leave for the airport at 6:30am.

Enjoy this long weekend. I plan on soaking up every last second of being 22. Monday I turn 23. Yikes!

PS-I need to update my blog roll!! Please let me know if you are an old/new reader and a little about yourself. I cant wait to read about my followers on Tuesday! And I look forward to following your stories. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Big Brother

You knew this was coming...

I knew this was coming...

But, even I didn't anticipate just how soon...

We want another baby!

Let me explain. I have always wanted a big family. Tom knew it from day 1. Back when I was trying to get pregnant, I never pleaded for God to give me one child. I asked for one..for the time being. Trevor came and life has been simply amazing ever since.

Originally, we expected to meet with our RE in June and attempt a FET in August. Just a few days after Trevor came into our life, that plan was out the window. We couldn't believe how full our hearts felt and don't see the point in waiting.

If I remember correct, I was sitting in the hospital bed, in excruciating pain, bleeding, wearing an ice diaper and I looked at Tom and said, I'm ready for the next one. He looked at me and told me I was crazy.

Fast forward about 2 two weeks when the three of us were driving in the car and I said to Tom, "So, is it safe to say we will start trying as soon as we can?" He happily said yes.

That brings us to the present.

You see, Trevor is the reason we want another child so soon. He is the precious gift we are thankful for every day. His smiles light up the room. He is the one we want to make a big brother. He is the best thing that ever happened to us. He is the reason were praying God has another miracle in store for us.

So, it's really all his fault..

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Last Christmas

The holidays are WAY in the back of my mind..yet, I have to compile a quick post of it all..
The first weekend in December, we took all FIVE kids to a Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier. Its another tradition we've established, much like the Pumpkin Farm. The fest is super fun and decorated beyond your wildest dreams. They have rides, blow up jumpys, ice skating, food, etc. It was such a joy to have all five of my loves together, (oh wait, Tom makes six..). We also met some of our friends there..the ones were traveling with next weekend!
On a funny note, at one point, I was sitting between two trees against a wall, entertaining Tyler, breastfeeding Trevor and watching the three older kids go down a blow-up slide dozens of times. I can TOTALLY handle this whole mother of five deal. :)

Me, Laney and Trevor. He LOVES his sling!

The group. I love how there were 5 children to our 2
adults and 1 child to their 3 adults.

Trevor is thinking, "Seriously, Tyler? My Mama
just wants one picture!"

We'll take it!

He totally fell asleep holding that toy.

The Wednesday before Christmas, we exchanged gifts and hung out with Toms Dad. He is so stinkin cute with Trevor. He loves buying him cute stuff. He proudly gave us Trev's first pair of Nike Shox as part of his Christmas gift. Christmas Eve with spent at Toms Moms house, as usual. We gave his younger sister Stefi Band Hero the day before, so were spent a few hours playing that. Oh how I love belting out T. Swift. We ended the night at 11pm service. It was one of the things I looked forward to most while pregnant. I held my sweet son in my arms I watched the clock turn midnight as the whole church was lit by candles and singing Silent, that is one of those moments that take your breath away.

ALL the gifts under the tree

Christmas Day I have already touched on. Trevor was spoiled by my family! He got a Moby Wrap(more for Mama), a deluxe Radio Flyer wagon, toys, clothes..He slept through most of the chaos. We lounged the remainder of the day and had a nice dinner that evening. I couldn't have pictured a better day.

Delaney in her new chair

Sissy with her gift. It says Be my Godmother..Or Ill just Cry!
with a pic of Trevor screaming.

Braydon with his GI Joe toy

My BIL Eric and Trevy

Delaneys new sling! She wanted to be JUST like Auntie Erin
so I ordered the kid version from the same company.

This girl could seriously babysit Trevor if we needed.
She is unbelievable!