Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ten Days

*I am ten days from my due date and I ache from head to toe. Everything is sore. Every inch of me is stretched and strained. I was woken up three times last night. Once to pee. Twice from contractions. And let me say, I am so thankful to be where I am today. I think of where I was a year ago. We found out on Halloween last year that yet another IUI hadn't worked. I sucked it up and went with my niece and nephews trick or treating. It was painful, seeing all the adorable children enjoying their day. I had no idea when I would be celebrating Halloween with one of my own children. Here I am, one year later. It seems that we wont celebrate Halloween this year, but I already know what our little guy will be next year..

*I am super excited that we will be taking advantage of Southwests huge sale going on right now. It looks like Peanut will experience his first flight when hes roughly 2 months old. I can not wait! I believe quite a few blog readers live in the area we will be seeing. Perhaps well set something up and meet!

*Tomorrow evening I return to the OB. I am REALLY hoping all these contractions have done something. I also hope my blood pressure has lowered. If it hasnt, I may be put on bedrest. I am very anxious to hear how the remainder of this pregnancy will be spent. Regardless, I know I will have a smile on my face.

*Oh, and Toms surgery went well. He ended up getting 3 widsom teeth out. The 4th wasnt irriatating anything and was close to a nerve, so they skipped it. He looked like a ghost when I got home yesterday, but felt much better after getting some fluids and pain killers in his system. He rested all day and I plan on taking care of him again tonight. He plans to return to work tomorrow, as he wants to use his other vacation days when someone decides to make his debut..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Birth Preferences and Bag

Tom and I have compiled our birth plan, which I like to call birth preferences. I am well aware that there is a little boy that will be calling the shots come delivery day. But, I want to have my wishes known in case he decides to cooperate. Please let me know if I am forgetting something..!

Labor Related
1. No episiotomy
2. Avoid induction, if possible
3. No epidural-we have codeword ready if needed..its Hadley ;)
4. Drink clear liquids
5. Use of tub/shower
6. Avoid forceps and vacuum
7. Intermittent monitoring-free to walk around

Baby Related
1. Delay eye ointment and Vitamin K shot until after bonding/first breastfeeding
2. Please allow husband to cut cord
3. Baby in room at all times
4. Hepatitis B to be given by pediatrician

Also, I finally stopped procrastinating packing my bag and was hoping for some feedback. Please let me know what I am forgetting, I'm sure its a lot!

Mama Bag
1. Nursing bras-sleep kind. I plan to get a proper fitting at the hospital before I splurge on real ones
2. Maternity undies that can be tossed after use
3. Swim trunks for Tom
4. Snacks for Tom
5. Toiletry kit
6. Video camera
7. Bra to labor in-if I don't want to wear the gown
8. Socks-the same ones I wore for my IVF procedures :)
9. Coming home clothes
10. Black shirt for pictures, which is what they recommended
11. PJs

Last minute items
1. Pillows
2. Camera
3. Laptop
4. Straightener/Make-up Bag
5. Glasses

Baby Bag
1. Coming home outfit-one in preemie and one in newborn
2. Carseat with blanket
3. Special blanket for pictures
4. Boppy

Thanks in advance for your help!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Movement Scare

Last night, Tommy and I were laying in bed and I stated that I hadn't felt the baby much all day. His movement has slowed down a ton, but I still usually notice it. He is usually a crazy baby when we climb in bed for the night and we were getting nothing out of him. If I pushed on a limb, Id get a very minimal reaction. We started to worry a bit and decided to call the doctor. She said what I knew she would, go get monitored. Off to Labor and Delivery, we went!

We checked in and I was monitored for almost an hour. About 2 seconds after she strapped the monitors on, he was jumping all over the place. Figures. We knew that was what would happen, but better safe than sorry! I was mainly concerned because of my high blood pressure last Friday, which was also high last night. Also, the doctor said the most important thing to pay attention to was a decrease in fetal movement. The nurse was kind and understanding. She said I was having quite a few contractions during monitoring, none of which I felt. She spoke with the doctor and I got the go ahead to be released.

She told me to return when my contractions are 3-5 minutes apart for 2+ hours. Of course, she also said to watch the movement and for any leaking fluid. She said if my water breaks, come in right away. We were off and got home about 1 am. Needless to say, were pretty tired today.

We had a super busy weekend otherwise. I finally feel like were ready for him. Tom has his surgery tomorrow. It would be true "Tom and Erin" fashion for my water to break while hes under..but I don't think that'll happen. My last day of work is Friday. Depending on how my appointment goes Thursday evening, we may go to the cottage for the weekend. We would be about 1 hr. 15 minutes away from the hospital, so the doctor may advise me not to go. If I am still not dilated at all on Thursday, my almost-due booty will be in a car driving to Twin Lakes!

Before I go..a picture or two. :)

37 Weeks

38 Weeks..hours before our L & D trip

Next up-questions about our birth preferences and hospital bag. Ill save that for tomorrow..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Maternity Pics

I am finally able to post the rest of my maternity shoot faves. I can't wait until we can frame and hang some!

I think this one is my fave!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

38 Weeks

I'm sitting here annoyed because Blogger wont let me upload any pics..and I have tons to upload!! Perhaps tomorrow it'll work for me? Reminder to pics, 37 weeks, 38 weeks, Laney's party and extra maternity. Sheesh, that's a lot!

How far along? 38 Weeks
Total weight gain: Up 16.5 be exact
Maternity clothes: Are slowly being given back/packed away
Sleep: Not too shabby this week
Best moment this week: I was surprised with a prenatal massage!
Movement: It did slow down recently
Food cravings: Subway tuna..that will be my first meal post delivery :)
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly button: Full outie!
What I miss: Having energy
What I am looking forward to: Holding our son for the first time
Weekly Wisdom: Try to brush off the comments stating how huge you are..
Milestones: Finished packing hospital bag

I went to the doctor on Friday. I lost a little weight and my blood pressure was high for the first time this pregnancy. The doc wasn't too concerned. She said we would check it again next week and possibly take action from there. She did a cervical check and there was no change. I'm not going to lie, I was super disappointed. I am trying so hard to not be one of those pregnant ladies who cant wait for it to be over. I only want it to be over so I can HAVE him! I ache all over and every little action is a task, but I still love being pregnant. I am just really anxious to meet him and see what all the fuss is about. :)

I go back on Thursday and hopefully will have more exciting news. Move on south, Bambino!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

37 Weeks

Thanks for your sweet comments on my friends story. She said she wrote it for fun, since she finds writing de-stresses her. She never planned on sharing it with me, but felt the need to yesterday. I am humbled and very aware of what a great friend she is!

*Ill add a picture tonight!*
How far along? 37 Weeks
Total weight gain: 18 lbs.
Maternity clothes: I'm looking forward to packing those away..
Sleep: I miss it
Best moment this week: Shower
Movement: Hes still very active..I'm waiting for it to slow down
Food cravings: Chocolate
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly button: Full outie!
What I miss: Not having an achy body
What I am looking forward to: Another appointment Friday, hoping for progress!
Weekly Wisdom: You wouldn't believe how quickly 37 weeks fly by..sheesh!
Milestones: Full term

There are two things I wanted to address. I have been given quite a few awards lately and just wanted to say thanks. I am horrible at posting them and passing them on, but will try to be better about it! Thank you for thinking of me! Please know, I enjoy reading your blogs JUST as much. Speaking of that, if you are newer to my blog and would like to be added to my blog roll, let me know!

Also, I have had a few friend requests on that one website with the word face in it..Tom and I agree that I should keep my blog friends and fbook friends separate. There is a lot of personal information in fbook, and with the baby coming, we decided to keep fbook limited to real life friends and family. I hope this doesn't offend anyone. Additionally, no one in real life reads my blog. I am so raw and honest on it and I think I wouldn't be if I knew who was reading it. This way, I can continue what Ive done the past year, as it works for me! Thanks for understanding!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Unexpected E-mail

Yesterday, my good friend Sam texted me and told me to check my email, that she had sent me something she wrote without ever planning on showing me. Here is what I found..

Miracles do exist.

They do. I never believed it until about five months ago. Previously, I believed good things can happen. Even unlikely things come to pass once in a while. Sometimes sheer will and sometimes prayer and sometimes active pursuance can help usher a desired event to transpire. But in the end, I believed what would be would be. But I have found that miracles do exist: and they are far more profound than a mere occurrence or dumb luck. This is the story of a miracle I personally witnessed.

We were sixteen. In a gross, purple padded field house gymnasium: Physical education class- the advanced version. It was funny, but we still felt honored to be part of the PE Team Leaders program. Today, I cannot explain it. Typically, I looked forward to PE. But not this day. It was the first day, and though I had many friends- none were in this class. There were acquaintances, but many had been paired off already with his or her good friends. I felt like the kid at the dance with no date. Except I couldn’t just lean up against a wall. I had to pick a badminton partner. Couldn’t the teacher just pick for us? I hated this. But then it was over. “Hey, you wanna be partners?” an outgoing, cheery girl asked. “Yeah, sure!” I replied, excited and impressed at her self esteem to just approach a stranger. I was surprised she could approach a girl she’d never talked to before. I certainly didn’t have that courage. Strange. I sound like a coward. But it was high school. What can you expect?

Her name was Erin. She was short, very petite, blonde with blue eyes. She actually tried in gym class. She didn’t act like she didn’t understand how to do something. She was extremely talkative, and yet a great listener. What I liked most about her was our demeanor. We were very alike. We both talked as well as we listened, and we shared common interests and abilities. She also had a terrific memory, something I had always prided myself on. For once, I felt like there was someone who I had to keep up with on an actual human level. I had had friends that challenged me academically and friends that challenged me athletically. But never had I had a friend that challenged me on a personal level. She was a good person. I don’t think people could have met her and not liked her. Some of our most common interests were country music, delicious foods (many of which we liked to devour while we ran our warm up laps in phys ed), and children. Yes, children. We were but children, yet at this point in our lives would have been insulted if anyone tried to point that out.

At the young and innocent age of sixteen, I knew I wanted to be a mother. More than anything. All my friends thought I was crazy, so I often didn’t flaunt this. But it was true. If I could have fast forwarded my life at the age of sixteen to the still unknown age when I would be a mother- I would have in a heartbeat. I adored kids. I had baby names picked out. Ten, to be exact. Erin adored kids, too. She wanted five or six. She had names also. We shared the names and giggled at the thought of being moms together. I liked more traditional baby names, she liked the unique ones. I teased her she would have to babysit my kids for free for me from time to time. She liked the idea. She would give me advice about fertility. This might seem weird, but at the time Erin had worked in a fertility clinic. This, I though, suited her. She got to see pregnant women. But she knew what to do and what not to do. I first learned from her that caffeine intake could affect a woman’s fertility. I had no idea! She also mentioned she’d never go on the pill, because all too often women came in who after being on the pill for ten years suddenly wanted to become pregnant – and could not conceive. The birth control pills were to blame. She vowed to never endanger her fertility. I took notes. I never wanted to face fertility issues. While I was still learning, I had heard they were expensive!

Erin was an aunt at this time. Her nephew’s name was Mikey and he and I shared the same birthday, albeit twelve years apart. She adored Mikey. Everyday, she had a new story about how he was growing and the cute things he would say, do or wear. It was through her interaction with her nephew that I first realized that she was more experienced than me. Whenever I would babysit, I’d always leave the house at the end of the night frustrated: I would be hoping motherhood wasn’t like babysitting. I was exhausted and the kid cried too much. I would tell myself it wouldn’t be like that when it was my baby, and I know deep inside a part of me appreciated the denial. But Erin never faltered. She never wavered in her desire for motherhood. Mikey’s tantrums and dirty diapers did not deter her. She was different. She was destined to be a mom. I never heard her talk passionately about a career, a lifestyle, a hobby. Her enthusiasm showed when she talked about her best friend Jamie, animal crackers, Hummers and most of all: motherhood. She had other interests, no doubt, and she was a popular girl. But nothing ever compared to the look in her eye when she thought about being a mother.

Erin and I continued to be friends for that year in gym class, although we never hung out outside of school. I don’t even think we had each other’s phone numbers. But we did have a mutual respect. It was funny, because as a varsity athlete- I had always considered myself to be talented in the athletic department. I was capable, and even excelled in some areas. But Erin excelled in every area. I envied her a bit, but who could really when she was just so real? She truly was the depiction of a Midwestern, down to Earth, solid girl. The one all men hoped their daughter would be like.

Fast forward to the beginning of college. We were freshmen. The year was 2005. We hung out for the first time outside of high school gym class. Erin invited me to her parents house to catch up. I had never been there. I was a little hesitant, but mostly just interested. I only stayed about an hour. We just talked about school. She had started off at Lewis University, but she withdrew shortly after. She realized community college would be a more economically intelligent choice. She was smart. But luckily, Lewis was not for nothing. She had met a man. And she was different. He was the one. She was sure of it. I felt like a little girl. I will never forget kneeling on the carpet of her basement floor, I’m sure what was a look of pure astonishment was wiped across my face as I grilled her about what seemed to me the most elusive part of life. But, like how do you know? She looked up for a moment, then met my gaze. I just realized one day that theres not another man I’d ever want to kiss. Good answer. Then I wondered, does she not even want to kiss Brad Pitt? Wow. This must be love. So where is he now?, I had inquired. He’s with his best friend Brad. He’ll come by later tonight. A boys night. Oh, that’s nice. I’m happy for you. I meant it. She was different.

Erin invited me to a party she intended to throw in a couple weeks. I rounded up some mutual friends, and playing the designated driver- I went. It was late October. Again, I didn’t stay long. She was drunk. She fell down her stairs. Her boyfriend was there. His name was Tom. He seemed decent, though we didn’t talk. Just a brief introduction. I assume the rest of the night he was just picking her up from her stumbles when she would collapse on the group in a drunken fit of giggles. When I left, I caught Tom’s gaze. His eyes were green and looked strangely, though rightly, proud. I said “take good care of her”. I am, he promised. He was. He is.

Unbeknownst to me, Erin and Tom wed in May 2006. The ceremony was a civil one at the courthouse with few witnesses. She wore a ring and told everyone she was engaged. But they kept their love secret to themselves: they were happily married. On May 18, 2007 they had a wedding. I went. It was the most beautiful wedding I have to this date ever been to. Mostly, the beauty was in the blushing bride. For years, I had known she wanted to be a wife and mother more than anything. She was on her way. She was doing exactly what I hoped to do. By this time, I was a little older and enjoying the black out drunk nights of college. At this time, I knew I personally wasn’t ready for marriage or motherhood. But I always understood that in no way was similar to Erin. Erin was born ready. So I looked on, imagined my wedding would be similar (or hoped it would be, anyway) and I cried with joy. I cry easily. Almost too easily. No, definitely too easily. Regardless, everyone agreed the wedding was beautiful. The young couple was very much in love and it was the definition of intoxicating.

They had bought a home in Indiana. They were moving. I was sad she would be further, but it didn’t make too much of a difference. Now I had a reason to visit Indiana, and to be perfectly honest I didn’t see her all that often anyway. They had built their home. It was anyone’s dream home. Truly, if you picture your dream home now: This was it. And Erin made it a home. She has great taste, excellent decorating skills and still a practical mind. When I visited their home, I never wanted to leave. It was more comforting than my parents house!

I remember that I asked Erin in our talks prior to the wedding when she and Tom planned to start their family. Immediately. I knew it. Everyone knew it. Their children would be beautiful, Erin would be an brilliant and attentive mother and Tom would be the luckiest man on Earth. I couldn’t wait.

But I would have to. Erin and Tom encountered what would turn out to most likely be the most devastating and excruciating experience of their young lives: Infertility.

By July 2007, two months after their wedding but fourteen months after their marriage: They were still not pregnant. I remember Erin told me if she wasn’t pregnant by then, she would start to worry. But I thought this was ludicrous. They would have to be pregnant. This is Erin. If there were to ever be anyone who had trouble getting pregnant, it certainly wouldn’t be her. But it was.

I started to think it was Tom’s fault. I worried for him. What would happen if he were sterile? What kind of sick joke is God playing? He was her dream man.

Tom turned out not to be the problem. In fact, he definitely was not the problem. But Erin was healthy too. So why were they not getting pregnant?

Erin struggled through infertility. She was hopeful and optimistic, but never let her hopes raise too high. She always stayed grounded. That made me sad. She was being strong for herself, her husband, her mom, her sister, all her friends and family- myself included. She was being strong for us. Where Erin got that strength will forever remain a mystery to me. What the hell was going on? I would pray to God and explain my situation. Erin would make a terrific mother. I knew it. Why did he let crack whores and unwed teenagers get pregnant? Give one of those babies to Erin and Tom! They wanted to be parents! And they would make amazing parents! Why? This was the only question I could ask. It literally made me physically sick to wonder what she and Tom must have been going through. I still can’t think about it. I wouldn’t wish infertility on my worst enemy.

She went through shots, pills, gels, lotions and tests like it was her job. She had gained so much knowledge about fertility that I had never even knew existed. She was stressed, and it was starting to show. Her typical, bright self was clouded by a deep sadness. She wanted to make her husband a father. She wanted to be a mother. That’s all she ever wanted. Its what she lived her life for. Everything she did, she did for her unborn child. Would she never become a mother?

I never let myself entertain such a horrendous, disgusting nightmare. She had to be a mother.

In January 2009 Erin began IVF. Never had I thought it would come to this. With every new gel or pill Erin had tried in the past, I was optimistic. It was Erin! Surely, this time it would work. But when she started IVF, I felt sick. It’s a 50% chance, she had told me excitedly. Oh no. That’s terrific, I lied. Only 50%? That’s not enough. I was worried. I needed her to have a 100% guarantee! I can’t see her heartbreak once more. And if I could not see that happen again, what about Tom? Her sister? Her mother? What about Erin? Could she feel her heartbreak again? Their insurance money was running out. They had paid thousands upon thousands. This was it.

It was. February 28th, 2009 Erin came to my apartment. She was three weeks pregnant.

I was expected to keep it a secret. Tom and Erin had planned a surprise announcement. I couldn’t react. I was dying on the inside. No, wait. I wasn’t dying. I was living. I can’t explain the joy I felt. That day, I knew all was right in the world. It baffles me, still, how I could have been so affected by Erin’s pregnancy. I still could not explain it to you. Maybe it’s because for the first time I actually had to recognize that pregnancy truly is a gift. Not a common happening for everyone, but something that is worked for.

Erin is now nearly 9 months pregnant.

I can’t believe it. For the first five months of the pregnancy, by the way, Tom and Erin were under the impression they were having a girl. The ultrasound was not correct. Two later ultrasounds confirmed their sweet angel was actually a boy.

I am about 99% sure that Tom and Erin could not have jumped through more hoops or over any more hurdles in their pregnancy.

Erin and her unborn son are in my prayers every day. I cannot wait to follow their lives. I cannot wait to witness first hand the amazing mother she is, the fun loving yet protective father I know Tom will be. Mostly, though, I am excited to meet this boy. This boy that I feel like I have known for years. It is almost too much to contain the excitement I have for finally meeting this long awaited angel. He will be, as will be any child of Erin’s, cherished. He will undoubtedly be perfection. He will surely be handsome, funny and sharp. He will probably be spoiled. He will hopefully be a White Sox fan. He will definitely be loved.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Life in General

I had an OB appointment on Wednesday, at 36W5D. The Peanut is head down with his back on my left side, butt up by my boobs and feet on my right. What a little acrobat! His heartbeat was great and he is measuring on track. She did the Strep B test and a cervical exam. She said its soft, but closed. She assured me that everything is normal for where I am at in the pregnancy. She answered our labor questions and we left feeling well informed.

I return on Friday and am hoping for some progress. I did ask about when they usually induce, if it comes to that. She said a week past your due date. That means his birthday will be on or before November 14th! I really hope he comes naturally, but as long as he arrives safely, Ill be happy.

I noticed an odd numb feeling on my upper belly the past few days. I think its because the skin is stretched to the max! It feels like when you have novocaine at the dentist. Kinda tingly..very odd.

I have been surprisingly hungry lately. I could snack all day long. I thought at this point I wouldn't be eating much at all, but its the opposite. We've had a rainy fall thus far and I haven't been outside and walking as much. I hope this doesn't result in too much weight gain the next few weeks.

We had our third and final shower yesterday. I didn't take many pictures, but will post the few later. We were given a lot of our big items..glider, pack 'n play, high chair, exersaucer, etc. We have a handful of returns and then plan on buying the remainder of our registry.

I decided that if I am still cookin' this little one on Halloween, we will be going to a haunted house. :)

Tom went to the dentist a few weeks ago and was told he needed to get his wisdom teeth out, and quick! Sure enough, he got an infection a few days later and was in horrible pain for days. We originally planned to have them extracted while I am on maternity leave. That way, I can take care of my two babies! But, since he developed the infection, they moved the date up to October 27th. It stinks he has to take a day off before the baby(unless he comes that early!), but I know we need Tom at his best for when he does arrive.

No update from the Police Dept. They did give out a new set of applications recently, so that's a good sign. Also, Tom found out he wont have to do the oral interview, since his investigator is head of the merit board. I am really, really hoping he has the job in February. That way, I can throw him a giant golden birthday/police officer party! Come on, County, that gives you 3.5 months to hire my hubby!

Have I mentioned how glorious it is not having a house? It is. I call Tom often, just to remind him that we are not homeowners. There is so much less stress in our life right now. Ahh!

I am anxious to start planning our Florida trip. Southwest opened up its booking to May 7th, so we need to pick a week! I cant wait to go on this trip. Its going to be such a different experience than the last two times. I know it wont mean much to the baby, but it will mean the world to his parents. :0)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Full Term

My precious Peanut- Today is a big day for both of us, as you are considered full term. That means you are physically ready to join the world. Let me tell you, Sweetheart, we are very much ready to welcome you!

Feel free to enjoy the next few weeks in Mamas belly. But, know that there will be an eviction notice placed on November 7th. :0)

I wake up each morning, look at the date, and know I am one day closer to holding you in my arms. I have never looked forward to anything more in my life. Well, it may be a tie with the day I married your Daddy.

See you soon. I love you!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bittersweet Ending

Things I will miss about being pregnant-

*Being in constant awe of my body
*Baby hiccups
*The sweet looks you get from strangers
*No worrying about my weight
*Providing for another human 24/7
*Not having a period
*Feeling/seeing movement
*Having the baby with me every second
*Being able to experience the greatest miracle possible

I have had a nearly perfect pregnancy. My body may have not cooperated in getting pregnant, but we made up for it during the pregnancy. I cant believe our 40 week run is almost over. It is bittersweet. One one hand, I can not wait to meet this little boy. On the other, I don't want to return to the infertile world and obsess about when we will get pregnant next time. We know when we will be doing a FET and lets just say, its pretty soon. :)

I still need to catch movement on our video camera and plan on letting the kids paint my belly next weekend. After I complete those two tasks, Mama says Peanut can come anytime..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

36 Weeks

Picture: Me freezing my booty off at the pumpkin farm.
How far along? 36 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Up 15 lbs. from pre-pregnancy
Maternity clothes? The majority of it is too short, so my belly plays peek-a-boo!
Sleep: Needing more of it lately
Best moment this week: Maternity pics
Movement: He seriously moves all day. I set my hand down for two seconds and he moves.
Food cravings: Cider-I think its fall related, not pregnancy related!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: I'm not sure..theres been different "feelings"
Belly Button in or out? Way out..I think its adorable in pictures
What I miss: Wearing normal clothes
What I am looking forward to: REALLY looking forward to my appt. Wed
Weekly Wisdom: Breathing does not get easier, even when baby drops
Milestones: 9 Months pregnant!

Maternity Preview

Our maternity photo shoot FINALLY happened yesterday! It went great! The photographer was amazing and already sent me a few shots to hold me over. I should be able to post the rest by Wednesday.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

One Month

Yesterday marked one month until Peanut is due.!

There is so much to be done between now and his arrival, which could very well be sooner than expected. Mommy's guess is October 28th. Daddy's guess is November 2nd. For the record. :)

Monday we attended a breastfeeding class. Honestly, it was a waste of time. I'm not sure what I was expecting..I just wanted to gain confidence in knowing what to do. I know too many people that planned to breastfeed and gave up because it was too hard. I do not want that to be me! My sister knows everything about breastfeeding, so I know I can lean on her if the need arises.

Tuesday was our last childbirth class. Talk about surreal! We reviewed a lot and did some fun activities. I feel confident and well informed. I'm so glad we took the class. We are going to write our birth plan and Daddy cheat sheet this weekend and then discuss them with the doctor on Wednesday. After I get her feedback, Ill post what we came up with.

I am really anxious for my appointment next Wednesday. There is something major going on in my cervix department, so I'm curious to see what she finds!

I cant believe we've kept his name a secret this long. I am really glad we decided to! Everyone knows around when hes coming..they know he is a boy..we needed to have some excitement thrown in there! I plan on having my laptop handy and will have Tom post as soon as little guy arrives.

..In roughly one month, I will be a real, live, official Mother. Life is beautiful.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

35 Weeks

How far along? 35 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Up 15 lbs. from pre-pregnancy
Maternity clothes? Some are too short now. I refuse to buy a maternity winter jacket, so Ill just freeze the next 5 weeks.
Sleep: Most days its okay. I only get up once to pee.
Best moment this week: Honestly, this week was too stressful to enjoy anything
Movement: His head is usually pounding on my cervix and limbs hang out my right side.
Food cravings: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: Nothin'
Belly Button in or out? Outie
What I miss: Having no back pain.
What I am looking forward to: Last shower, finally doing maternity pics
Weekly Wisdom: It feels pretty great to drive around with a car seat in the car. :)
Milestones: 5 weeks to go! Hes almost fully cooked!
Picture: I have gotten really bad at this..maybe tonight Ill try to look decent.

Oh, one more thing, WE ARE NO LONGER HOME OWNERS! FINALLY! THANKFULLY! HOORAY! I wish I could get drunk tonight and celebrate. ;)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Marathon Update

I realized how minimal my updates have been lately. Life has been hectic! What else is new?

Here is my attempt to catch you up to speed on our life-

*Went to my OB appointment on Thursday. It was wonderful! Dr. said he is in the perfect position for delivery and seems to be the perfect size baby. I love hearing the word perfect when in reference to my son. :) I go back on the 14th, when I will get the strep B test and my first cervical check. Now the fun begins!

*We were supposed to close on our home on the 30th. It was pushed back to tomorrow, Oct 5th. Tom drove down for the last time on Friday and did one final repair, grabbed the rest of the boxes, and gave our realtor the power of attorney papers, keys and garage door opener. We will not be traveling down tomorrow, our realtor will stand in for us. We are confident that as of tomorrow evening, we will no longer be homeowners.
We lost a ridiculous amount of money in the sale. It is painful to even think about it! But, we are thankful to walk away with anything, considering the home market.

*Were not sure if we want to rent or buy next. We don't want to get in the same predicament in a few years, so we may rent until we know where Toms career will be. Either way, we plan on staying with my parents until after the 1st of the year. I don't want to stress about moving(again) while 9 months pregnant in October. November is going to be a blur with a newborn and Id rather enjoy the holiday season and relax. Plus, it ll be nice to have the extra help. Additionally, we will be able to pay off a few bills and try to bulk up our down payment. Not having that mortgage payment for a few months will be very helpful.

*Speaking of Toms career, things are moving along there. He got the call for his private investigator about 3 weeks ago. He was calling to let him know that he will be calling his references and meeting with him soon. We are very much looking forward to that!

*We ended up rescheduling our maternity pictures. Tom woke up with a huge mass on his forehead on Thursday. We think he was bit by something! He took Benadryl and applied creme, but it still looking pretty bad as of Friday night. It ended up raining all day yesterday, so it wasn't a big deal. I believe were all set for this coming Saturday morning.
I just laugh and think this stuff would only happen to us! We were going to take pics while in FL and that night I ended up in the hospital. We try to take pics here and Tommy gets bit by random!

*This weekend is/was our last before things get a little crazier. Yesterday, we installed the car seat and I started taking tags off clothes and washing them. We did the final returns from my last shower and ended up at the Carters store. Tom was like a little kid in a candy store! He was pulling all these outfits out and saying how Peanut needs them. I tried to explain that he had MORE than enough clothes. We ended up getting some adorable Christmas outfits, socks, and one set of sports onesies.

*We have a ton of birthdays to celebrate this week. Toms sister, Stefi, turns 15 on Tuesday. My brother in law, Eric, turns 30! on Wednesday. Toms dads birthday is the 10th. We are going to his house today to watch the Bears game and celebrate the two bdays. I believe my sister is throwing Eric a party Saturday night. There in the midst of moving too, so I don't know if plans have been made.

*This week I have breastfeeding class on Monday, our last birthing class Tuesday, I work late Wednesday and Thursday. Friday night is the Taylor Swift concert. Saturday is the pics and I believe were taking the kids for our annual pumpkin farm trip. It is my fave tradition with them and I cant wait! See..its getting crazy around here!

*Pregnancy wise..yesterday was my big 35/35! 35 weeks down, 35 days to go. I cant believe it! I am getting bigger and seem to be dropping a bit. I still have a ton of trouble breathing. I am exhausted during the day, usually late morning. I get a second wind and am okay the rest of the day. Pregnancy is pretty rough on your body this late..but I am lovin' it.

*I follow a lot of blogs that have given birth recently. I have one real life friend who gave birth on Thursday. Here's the thing..were next. Pretty soon, Ill be writing our birth story. Pretty soon, Ill know what it feels like to hold my child for the first time. Pretty soon, I will watch Tom hold his child, a child that I provided for for 9 months. It makes me giddy thinking about it!

*That about covers it. I'm going to enjoy breakfast with my first love and soak in this Sunday.