Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Small World

Tonight was our fourth birthing class. I cant believe next week is our last. I am SO glad we decided to take the class, even though most people told me it was a waste. Knowledge is power and I am glad to be informed! Ill likely post a birth plan and more info about this after next weeks class. More on that later..

Our instructor mentioned her background in the first class and she stated that she had worked with infertility. Since then, Ive been trying to make an opportunity to talk with her, but not in front of everyone else. Today, we got back early from our bathroom break and I asked her if she knew of any statistics of people getting pregnant after having IF with their first. She said, "Well, it happened to me!" I was totally surprised! Turns out, she had a failed IVF cycle, followed by one resulting in her now 3 year old son. Then, she had another failed IVF cycle, followed by a natural positive resulting in her 1 year old son. I often hear stories of women getting pregnant naturally after using fertility treatments. Its nice to hear another story of success. It also made me look at her in a different light the rest of the class. Oh, infertility. How I loathe and love you..

Continuing with the topic, it turns out our maternity photographer also went through IVF. A few weeks ago, I was still trying to find a photographer and wasn't finding many sites with examples of maternity shoots. I made a little list of ones I wanted to contact and only ended up making the time to send out one email. I wrote that I really had high expectations for these pictures, since we had been waiting so long for this baby. She responded telling me how she totally understood because she had her son through IVF. My goodness, if that wasn't a match made in heaven, I don't know what is! Our pictures are scheduled for this Saturday. I really look forward to meeting her and seeing what she does. I know she will look at my stomach as a miracle, as we do!

Bottom line-infertility is everywhere. I am not ashamed of what we went through. In fact, I enjoy opening peoples eyes. Ill admit, I used to think people who went through treatments ended up in high order multiples and waited too long to have kids. I had no idea how many young, healthy couples need assistance to get pregnant. I still cant believe we went through what we did. But, here we are. And I'm proud of our journey.

Here's a quick 34 week belly shot. Its..huge, I know.

Monday, September 28, 2009

34 Weeks and Baby Blog Swap

How far along? 34 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Holding strong at 13 lbs. from pre-pregnancy
Maternity clothes? Bought some fall ones recently
Sleep: Going okay
Best moment this week: Starting to get organized
Movement: Yep
Food cravings: Meatloaf, ice cream cake
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: None, just shooting pains allllll the time
Belly Button in or out? Outie
What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy
What I am looking forward to: Dr. Appt on Thursday, maternity pics Saturday

Weekly Wisdom: Exhaustion hits at 33 weeks, at least for me!
Milestones: 6 Weeks to go..
Picture: Coming soon

I was part of a Baby blog swap that occured over the past few weeks. Kelly over at Two kids and a minivan arranged it. Thank you, Kelly! I was paired up with Molly from Stilettos and Diapers. She has a sweet boy named Cooper who likes Diego. I had so much fun searching high and low to find Diego gifts for him! In return, she sent our Peanut a package. Let me tell you, it was PERFECT! Honestly, I couldnt be happier with what she chose! She sent an adorable monkey blanket that Coop happened to pick, a Halo sleepsack, a Pacificer keeper, a mat for dining out and a nice notepad for me! I am not exaggerating when I say every item was wonderful! Thank you. Molly!

Friday, September 25, 2009


I am seriously running on empty this week. I have been busy making phone calls, sending emails and gearing up for the sale of our home. We are scheduled to close on the 30th, but its looking like it may be delayed a bit. Tomorrow we are driving to move all of our stuff back to IL and into a storage unit. Spending 6+ hours(round trip) in a car and packing all day are not exciting for someone who's 8 months pregnant.

I worked a total of 56 hours this week, part of the reason I am so tired. Also, I forced myself to do many of the returns from our shower last week. I have gone to six stores thus far and have two to go. Phew!

We are moving forward with our life in so many ways at once. Its overwhelming, exciting, exhausting, wonderful, scary, etc! I know that when the day comes when I am snuggling in bed with my police officer husband and young son, in our new home, it will all be worth it. :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Shower

I had the most amazing shower Saturday. I had an idea in my head of how I wanted it to be, and somehow, it was better than I could have dreamed of. My best friend, Jamie and good friend, Elli threw it for me. It was my girlfriend shower. Of course, my Mom, Aunt Jean, sister and the kids tagged along, too. The weather was perfect. The amount of people was perfect. I was able to talk with everyone and not feel overwhelmed. I had a smile from ear to ear every minute. Other than the few minutes where I gave my speech..more on that later. :)

My friend, Jennie made the centerpieces. When she mentioned it weeks ago, I presumed they would be something like blue..flowers? Nope, I had the coolest centerpieces ever! Who needs a diaper cake when you can have..
... A diaper monster truck...

...A diaper motorcycle...

...A diaper airplane...

...And a diaper baby!?(Without a face, thanks to a curious Golden Retriever!)

I couldn't believe the detail put into each one. Every single item was something useful. Examples- a dishwasher basket, receiving blankets, toys, mattress pad, bottles, bibs, onesies, burp clothes and of course, diapers! It took me about an hour at the end of the night to take it all apart. It was such a special gift.

My friend, Meghan recently graduated from pastry school. She offered to make my cake. When we sat down to discuss what I wanted, I didn't have much..I said if it was blue themed, Id be happy. I called her about a week later and told her I seemed to be sticking with a giraffe theme, if she felt like including that. Well, she made a blue, giraffe cake! With chocolate cake and bananas..mmm!

Opening the gifts was wonderful but exhausting. Good thing I had Braydon and Delaney helping me! Bending over has become pretty difficult. We were given so much! Diapers, wipes, tons of clothes, full size swing, travel swing, diaper bag and changer, etc.

I REALLY wanted those, can you tell?

The perfect opportunity to make my little speech was after I opened the gifts. I grabbed it from my purse. I typed it because I wasn't sure if I would be able to get through it. Sure enough, 2 seconds in, the tears started flowing.

"I know its not the “norm” for one to make a speech at a baby shower, but this pregnancy and this baby are anything but the norm. Plus, we all know I like to talk, so I decided this was necessary.

For those of you who have known me since I was younger, you know I have wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. I love children and always said I was put on this Earth to be a Mom.

When I met Tom over 4 years ago, I quickly realized he would be the perfect husband. I remember looking at him and thinking that I wanted this man to be the father of my children. When we decided we were ready to go from a couple to a family, we figured it would be easy. We all know my family is super fertile (pointed to sister), so why would we be any different?

Boy, were we wrong. Month after month passed, leaving us with the same feeling of defeat and sadness. It was difficult to live each day, carrying this burden around. There were many tear filled nights when we doubted we would ever make it to a baby shower..

Somehow, we made it through, here we are! And I gotta tell you, I wouldn’t go change a thing. Tom and I have never been in a better place as individuals and as a couple. We know we will be better parents and not take a single second for granted.

So, thank you for tagging along on this crazy ride. Thank you for your generosity today. And please, feel free to remind me of the past when I haven’t slept for 4 days. Tom may need a reminder of this too, about when our son is 15..if he’s anything like his Daddy!"

I tried to put in some funny points, so it didn't come off as sad. I was SO glad I said more than just thank you and was able to express my happiness and appreciation to everyone. I don't think there was a dry eye in the yard..

We played some fun games, too. The toilet paper game where they guess how big I am around. Ironically, Delaney was one of the closest. We played the diaper game where they melted candy bars and you had to guess which one it was. That was silly and fun. They had baby food to taste and guess..I believe only 2 were brave enough for that. We also played a guessing game. You had to fill out a guess for baby's name, birth date, weight, and height. The only hint we have given anyone for his name is that one of the initials is T. We wont say if its the first or middle name. No one guessed the correct name. Elli put all the cards in a cute book for me. It'll be fun to compare when he does make his arrival!

Tom came at the end to thank everyone and help load the gifts. We are very fortunate to have many loving people in our life. I couldn't have asked for a better day to honor our little man!

This photo sums up our friendship..

Brady lookin' like a Chippendale

The diaper cake queen, who came straight from work!

My photographer for the day

These are my friends from grade school. I've known them since kindergarten!

The hostesses!

Two showers down, one to go!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

33 Weeks

How far along? 33 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Up 13 lbs. from pre-pregnancy
Maternity clothes? I still can pull off some regular clothes. Most are maternity.
Sleep: Better when I'm actually sleeping. I get up once to pee. Except 2 nights this week when he decided to have a party in my uterus after I went the the bathroom and wouldn't let me fall back asleep for hours. I guess I missed the memo..:)
Best moment this week: Shower
Movement: Hes a wild one. I still need to video tape it!
Food cravings: Sloppy Joe
Gender: Bambino Boy
Labor Signs: Had some contractions Wed, probably due to my yeast infection
Belly Button in or out? Outie
What I miss: Feeling like a cute pregnant woman..now I feel BIG
What I am looking forward to: More birthing classes
Weekly Wisdom: Trust your gut when you know something isn't right.
Milestones: Uhh, 7 weeks to go..HOLY COW!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Thank you all so much for the feedback for my last post! The top runners for umbrella strollers are the Combi and Chicco. I will check them both out during our next trip to BRU!
I read every single circumcision comment and plan on having Tom do so this weekend. Many of you brought up the same points I have. I know it is a personal decision and I want us to be confident in our choice.

Tuesday we met with a doctor from our pediatricians practice. We really liked her! The practice has 6 doctors total; 3 men and 3 women. There is a good age range among the doctors. Its been open for over 20 years. They come see the baby each day we are in the hospital and then ask us to bring him in 2 days after we return home. The office has evening and Saturday hours. I liked the answers to all of our questions. We left there feeling really good about our choice. That is one major check of the list!

Also on Tuesday, we had our second birthing class and it was wonderful. We talked for about an hour and did some breathing techniques. Then, we toured the baby floor! The birthing rooms are great and very spacious. One suite has a birthing tub, that you are welcome to use if its available. You remain in your labor suite until about an hour post delivery and then are moved as a family to a Mother/Baby suite. These rooms are a bit smaller. We passed the nursery and got to oogle at some precious Peanuts.

I have been saying I don't want to get to specific about how I want things to go, because I know we have no control over it. But, if things by chance "go my way" here is what I have figured out based on the first two classes:
1. I do not want to be induced.
2. I would like to be able to walk around and use the tub(with Tom) while laboring.
3. I do not want an epidural.
4. I do not want an episiotomy. Id rather risk tearing.
5. I want the baby to be put on my chest and be able to nurse him as soon as possible.
6. I want all necessary assessments, baths, etc. to be performed in the room with us.
7. I want the baby in our room at all times. If he must leave, Daddy will go with.

I was planning on having just Tommy in the room with me. My mom and sister are very thrown off by this. I just feel like we should experience this alone after all we've been through. However, I think I'm open to them being there in the early stages of labor and as long as its just us when it comes to pushing, Ill be happy. I want Tom to be able to take breaks if he needs to, so that he is there 100% when I really need him. Also, after that sweet boy makes his appearance, I want it to be us, as a family of 3, until we are in the Mother/Baby suite. I know everyone will be anxious to get a glimpse at him, but that is an hour that we will never get back and I plan on relishing in it.

I went home from the class in the best mood. I cant wait to go through this experience with my best friend. And to think..we will be holding our baby at the end of it. I still cant believe it.

I had a routine OB appointment set up for today. The past few days I started noticing some changes and self-diagnosed myself having a yeast infection. I called the nurse and told her my symptoms and she suggested I come in yesterday, just to be safe. I ended up seeing a midwife, which was fine. I am measuring at 32, which is right on. His heartbeat was low again, he is the cliche boy! I had an exam and within 5 minutes, she told my I indeed do have a yeast infection. I got a prescription and cancelled my appointment for today. I also asked her about flu shots. She said to get one soon because they will have the H1N1 injection at the office in mid-October. The two need to be about a month apart, so I need to get the regular flu shot within the next week. I go back in 2 weeks for my 34 week appointment. I go weekly starting at 36 weeks.

I have my second shower on Saturday. It is being thrown by two girlfriends and should be a blast. I am planning on making a little speech..I hope I can get through it. If only I could find something to wear..!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two Questions

#1-Tom and I are trying to decide whether we should circumcise our little man. I would love to hear what you think. I told Tom it was ultimately his decision, but he is feeling pretty indecisive.

#2-I am having a hard time deciding on what lightweight stroller to register for. We have our luxurious Graco travel system already. I want something that is convenient and lightweight for simple trips. My main concern is spending too much. I really want to be purchasing a double stroller in the near future and don't want to spend a ton and have it get little use. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

32 Weeks

September 12, 2008, I wrote my first ever blog entry. I sit here today, one year and 205 posts later, and smile. This blog kept me sane throughout my infertility treatments. It has been a place for me to get advice, ask questions, find hope, receive prayers, and vent..any time I wanted to. Thank you SO much for following our journey. Whether youve read since day 1 or found my blog yesterday, thank you! I look forward to continuing to blog as a Mother.

As I said before, we had our first birthing class last Tuesday. It is through the hospital we are delivering at. It runs from 7-9:30 pm for 5 consecutive Tuesday evenings. We really enjoyed the class. We talked about hopes and fears for the birth. She went over little things like where to park and hospital policies. The time flew by and were looking forward to go back this week. Being at the class is definetly making the pregnancy more "real." When we got home, Tom was saying how excited he was for the birth. I looked at him like he was crazy and said..why? He said because he knows I am going to do awesome and will handle it well. What a compliment! My goal is to leave the class feeling informed and excited to give birth to our son. I know it will be a long and exhausting process. I welcome it with open arms. :)


How far along? 32 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Up 1 lb., so 13 total
Maternity clothes? I noticed the shirts are getting too short
Sleep: Not too shabby this week!
Best moment this week: Realizing there will be a real live baby at the end of this..and he will be OURS!
Movement: SO much movement. I dont want it to slow down
Food cravings: Nothing
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button in or out? Outie
What I miss: Having a full wardrobe
What I am looking forward to: Shower next weekend
Weekly Wisdom: Birth is a natural experience..your body was made for it.
Milestones: 8th month!

Friday, September 11, 2009


There is so much to say, I'm going to try not to ramble. :)

*House situation- About two weeks ago, we received another offer on our home. We recently dropped the price a bit and had been having quite a few showings. The offer was terribly low, as all the others had been. We countered the offer and for the first time, got something in return, rather than the family walking away. We countered back and forth throughout the week, for a total of TEN times. The couple was simply trying to get every single penny possible out of us. It was very frustrating and we were sure it was going to fall through at any moment. Much to our surprise, they accepted our counter last Friday night. We are excited but remain very cautious. Considering the battle it took to make a deal with these people, we anticipate it falling through somewhere. The inspection is scheduled for Monday evening and we don't foresee many issues, as the house is brand new. The next step would be the appraisal and then closing on September 30th, if all goes well. The timing of this couldn't be better and we are hoping to no longer be home owners as of October 1st. It would be exactly what we need right now.

We went to the house last Sunday-Monday to start packing. We had planned to do so for weeks, long before an offer was even on the table. I figured it would be our luck to sell the house in late October..when I wont be in the kind of shape to help with anything. We wanted to get ahead and its ironic that we had a contract the day before! I basically packed the kitchen while we watched Sons of Anarchy, which is a great show, by the way! We got a lot done and enjoyed the peace and quite. Oh, I also exchanged some of "Hadley's" clothes we had there. So many stores are great about looking up the purchase on your debit card, if you don't have the receipt. I took back some outfits to Target, ended up with a $40 credit and decided to buy the changing table for Lion. I also brought home about 8 outfits that needed to be returned to Kohl's on my Moms card. We went late Sunday and exchanged everything pink for TONS of cute boy stuff. I have one blanket to exchange and then we are officially converted to BOY!

*Rehearsal/Wedding-After a busy week of beauty appointments and extra work, Friday finally arrived and we had the rehearsal. No one could believe we finally made it to wedding weekend! We made it short and sweet at the church. Everyone was so sweet, constantly asking me if I was okay on my feet and if I needed anything. Following the church, we went to a yummy Mexican restaurant. Tom and I did a Mexican theme for our rehearsal also, since we honeymoon-ed in Cancun! Michelle had these cute little cakes made for us. I never got a chance to eat mine, although, Brady was a fan. She also gave us a cute little package with essentials for Saturday..our necklace, gum, a tiny mirror. Everyone was so tired at the end of the night and couldn't wait to get home and get into bed!

Tyler must have spotted the guacamole!!

My sweet Braydon and Me

Our adorable cakes

Mama and Daddy

The wedding was...great, exhausting, beautiful, amazing, tiring, etc! My friend, Ally, came to my sisters to do our hair and makeup. She started Jeralyn's hair at 7:30 am! We had to leave the house by 10:30, to go to where everyone else was. Ally did a great job! I am fortunate to have a friend with her kind of skills. ;)
We drove to another bridesmaids house and helped everyone finish getting ready. We took some pictures and marveled at the absolutely perfect day we had! It was 75 degrees and sunny with a nice breeze. Ahh!! The photographer was awesome! She ooh-ed and ahh-ed at me when I walked in and said how she loves taking bump pictures. Just my luck! She also called me Mama all day when we were being instructed on what to do. I was one happy camper!
Anyway, we took the limo to the church and had a few minutes to relax before the ceremony. The ceremony was great and the perfect length. My fave part of a wedding is to look at a groom as the bride walks in. Jaime did not disappoint, he was a mix of stunned, happy and emotional. It was wonderful!
Following the ceremony, I had to assist Jeralyn with her dress so she could pump. Oh, the joys of a breastfeeding mother I have to look forward to. We had a bit of time before the reception, and everyone was starving. So, we did what any smart human would do and WENT TO MCDONALDS! Haha All 19 of us in our formal attire. We drove around in the limo for a bit. Everyone was drinking like crazy and having a great time. I sat and sipped my water, not feeling a pang of jealousy. What I have is much better than that..
We arrived at the reception location and took group pictures. After the photographer finished the bride and groom, she did some of just me and my bump. She said she would do more when Tommy arrived and kept her promise. I cant wait to see those pics!! And if I love them like I think I will, we will have her do our newborn portraits.
By this time its about 5 pm, the reception is starting and I was having my first ever Braxton Hicks contractions. I had been up and on my feet since 7 am! I was simply exhausted and wasn't sure how Id make it through the reception. I sat down with the family for about 40 minutes and drank tons of water. They went away and I made a point to take breaks throughout the night.
When they announced us, everyone did cute dances. I shimmied my belly as my groomsman boxed it. It was cute and hilarious!
After a delicious dinner, we simply danced the night away. You better believe my booty was on that dance floor with my husband. I LOVE to dance and danced through the pain in my calfs and being short of breath. It was so worth it. Tom and I had an amazing night..weddings make you realize how lucky you are to already be married.
I am so happy I was a part of another couples "history!"
Here are the very few pictures I took:
A beautiful flower girl

Me and my Mini

A breathtaking bride

Laney taking pictures in the limo..me
applying chapstick
I noticed how beautiful the sky looked during the reception and
dragged a friend outside to take a few pics for us!

My two boys

First dance, I LOVE the back of her dress

Michelle and Me


Next topics? Birthing class and Blogoversary. BUT, I am tired of writing and you're tired of reading. Tomorrow..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

31 Weeks

How far along? 31 Weeks
Weight gain/loss: Total of 12 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Bought a new outfit
Sleep: Varies
Best moment this week: Wedding
Movement: Yep!
Food cravings: None and appetite is majorly shrinking
Gender: We have confirmation that he HAS A PENIS
Labor Signs: First ever Braxton Hicks during the reception
Belly Button in or out? Out
What I miss: Toasting with champagne..not water
What I am looking forward to: Too much to name
Weekly Wisdom: Everything has a way of working itself out..
Milestones: 9 Weeks to go, Yay, single digits! And first BH contractions

I apologize for being such a blog slacker. I haven't had more than 10 minutes to sit at the computer in over a week. So much needs to be talked about. The wedding, a contract on our house, big baby purchases, our first birthing class. I hope to catch up on my life and yours before the weekend. :)

And please keep my blogger friend, Erin, in your prayers. Her blog is private and I don't want to go into details, but she delivered her sweet boy, Kyah, last week and is still in the hospital due to complications. Thank you!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Can't..

I can't believe..its only Thursday.
I can't believe..I am 30 weeks, 5 days pregnant.
I can't believe..the love I have for this little boy.
I can't believe..its September.
I can't believe..our birthing class starts next week.
I can't believe..I have to give birth.
I can't believe..I get to be the pregnant bridesmaid.
I can't believe..my husband picked me.
I can't believe..I am going to be a mother.
I can't believe..how cute baby hiccups are.
I can't believe..the level of exhaustion I feel.
I can't believe..there are 65 days until Peanut is due.
I can't believe..how irritable my stomach has been.
I can't believe..I picked up so much extra work.
I can't believe..we still need to sell our house.
I can't believe..I am making Tom a Daddy.
I can't believe..THIS IS MY LIFE.