Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Details

116 comments? Seriously? You guys are amazing. Every single comment was read and absorbed. Thank you so much for all of your support. Really..thank you.

Rewind with me to earlier this week...

Monday and Tuesday I felt really down. I kept trying to convince myself that this didn't work. I was thinking I wouldn't be as disappointed if I expected a negative. Something great happened Wednesday. I don't know what it was, but this amazing sense of calm came over me and I was in a great mood all day. Tom was doing more homework that evening, so I ran to the store to pick up some tests. I had this extreme urge to test. I didn't want to wait until the morning. I didn't even want to wait until I got home. I was this close to testing in the Target bathroom. I rushed home and showed Tom the digital box, telling him I would wait until Friday. He told me not to test until then. My sneaky butt had the First Response ones hidden in my purse and took a little trip to the bathroom. I peed and tried hard not to look at the results. I lasted probably a minute and then saw that second line. I couldn't believe it! I rushed to Tom and said, "I cheated, but its good." He turned around and my shaky hands gave him the test. I kept saying, "There are two lines, right? There are two lines!" He happily agreed. We kissed and hugged and stood in shock. I wanted to see the word Pregnant, so I went back to the bathroom and used the Clearblue. Tick, tock, tick, tock..Pregnant. Holy cow, is this really happening?

Two pink lines..FINALLY!

Proud Daddy!

I can not believe I didn't cry for hours. I was and still am running on pure adrenaline. We are in absolute shock. I can't thank all of you enough for your prayers over the past few months. I know they helped guide our journey to parenthood.

I called my nurse Thursday to see if I could get my blood work appointment moved to Friday. She congratulated me on the positive test and said sure. I couldn't wait to get the really proof I was expecting.

Tom went with me in the morning. For the first time, I was happy to be sitting in that office. We were in and out in ten minutes and got the call a few hours later. I am indeed pregnant! My level was 86 at 8 days post. I will go in Monday and Wednesday to make sure the numbers are rising correctly. Then, we will talk ultrasounds.

I have tons and tons of more to update on. I have been super busy the past few days. Tom went to show our house to a few families and will be gone until tomorrow. I'll be sure to find some time tonight or tomorrow morning to get this blog up to date.

Peanut(s)-You did it! We are SO proud of you. Now, Mama will do her part and take the best care of you. You are loved by so many already. You are an absolute miracle and we will never forget that.
-Mama and Daddy

February 25, 2009 will forever be etched in our hearts.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No More Waiting

Two years of waiting...

Endless amount of tears shed...

Tons of doctor visits...

Thousands of dollar spent...

Sleepless nights...

Countless injections...

Hurt, hope and despair...

Prayer after prayer...

All leading up to this:

Symptoms Galore

Before I forget for the millionth time, we had 4 make it to freeze. :)

I have this fear that if I name all of my possible pregnancy-related symptoms, I will somehow jinx it. I know whats done is done and I am either pregnant or not. So, here it goes.

Friday-Felt something going on around 11 am. About 5 minutes later, felt another "something." Exhausted by afternoon, wanted to nap. The evening brought sharp lower back pain for about 3 hours.
Saturday-Tired again. Probably didnt help we were at a waterpark with 3 kids.
Sunday-Tired, some cramping. Went shopping with Braydon. While in line at Hallmark, started to feel very dizzy. This lasted for about 2 hours.
Monday-Tired, dizzy feeling again at night.
Tuesday-Minimal cramping. Do I need to mention I was tired?
Wednesday-Super tired! I ran to Target and Michaels and afterward was overwhelmed with exhaustion.

They sound promising, right? Somewhere in there my boobs grew about a cup size. I bought my first ever tankini before we went to the waterpark Saturday. I wanted to cover up my patches and tape filled belly. Thank goodness I did. Any bikini I own would have simply acted as a nipple guard. They are that big. They are also very sore.
Moodswings have also been in full effect. Poor Tommy.

There ya have it. I am either pregnant or...someone is playing a large, mean joke on me.

We had a low-key celebration for Tom yesterday. He was swamped with homework. We had tacos and cake. My parents got him the sunglasses he wanted. I bought him two shirts and told him my other gift is in my uterus. I have some cute pics Ill be sure to upload later. We are going downtown to the Jason Michael Carroll concert on Friday night and out to dinner with friends on Sunday. Let the big 23rd bday blast continue..

I have become close to a bloggin' friend by the name of Evan at IVF Princess. We emailed/texted every day through our cycles. She is 9 days ahead of me and got her BFP last week! I am so happy for her and the hubs. We have a three part plan in motion right now. Step 1-Get Evan prego. Step 2-Get Erin prego. Step 3-Meet at Disney next January to introduce the babies. We have one step complete. Cant wait to get to the others!! Please send her your congrats!!

We decided against the Mall of America trip. Somehow, every weekend in March filled up before I could blink. We want to go away for our anniversary in May, so we will roadtrip then. We are thinking Nashville. We are also going to plan a trip when we do find out were expecting. I want to go somewhere like the Dominican Republic or on a cruise. We have been through hell and back and we deserve one last vacation as the two of us.

I have noticed a lot more readers/commenters the past few weeks. Thank you SO much for your constant kindness and encouragement. Please let me know, or remind me, that you are new to our blog, so I can update my blog rolls. Trust me, I enjoy following your stories as much as you do mine.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crazy Girl

I am 5 days post 5 day transfer today. Our little embryos are 10 days old! I am a crazy person. This is worse than anything I have gone through the past 2 years. I made my beta appointment for Monday at 7 am. That is SO far away.

I have tons of "symptoms", but I feel like that is no guarantee. I am still taking progesterone injections, estrace patches and baby asprin. Maybe its the drugs. Maybe its a peanut.

I wish I knew..

Heres a verse from a song I cant stop listening to-

"Cowgirls don't cry
Ride, baby, ride
Lessons in life are going to show you in time
Soon enough your gonna know why
It's gonna hurt every now and then
If you fall get back on again
Cowgirls don't cry"

Peanut(s)-Today, is Daddys birthday. You are supposed to be my gift to him. Better late than never, right? We hope you are comfortable in there. I found out that your due date would be on November 7th. I like that date. :) We love you.
-Mommy and Daddy

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Three Days Post

Here is sit, 3 days post 5 day transfer. I am feeling...anxious and terrified. I am still confident it worked, but the confidence is now sharing space with pure fear. I need to see two lines soon. I cant bear to get another negative. We have waited a long time for this. I have sacrificed my body. We have put our life on hold. We are ready to move on as a family.

Peanut(s)-I hope you are feeling warm and cozy in there. I cant wait until you are old enough and tell you all about our journey to hold you in our arms. Most parents wait nine months for a child, but Daddy and I have waited years. We love you more every second.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Triple Three

February 19, 2008

We are 3 days from our 3rd anniversary.

Consequently, we are married 33 months today.

I know I mentioned before, Toms fave number is 3.

That seems like an awful lot of 3's to me.
I am already anxious to see what is in store for us! Perhaps we will be one in 50.

PS-Tom had a 20 minute conversation with our peanuts today, while in my uterus. It was SO sweet. Then, he told me how sexy it was that I am carrying his children. He is showing this happiness I have never seen before. In return, I feel happier than I have been in the past 2 years. What an amazing feeling. :)

Mission Completion

Transfer went great today! Tom and I headed downtown and thanks to traffic and a necessary stop to McDonald's, were about 15 minutes late. We were in the waiting room for an hour! My bladder felt like I could explode at any second..not very comfortable. Finally, the nurse came out and took us to our room. I got changed and waited for the ultrasound tech to come in. I really wanted to run to the bathroom, but they said to wait for her to see how full my bladder was. She said I was an overachiever, that my bladder was extremely full. She also joked that I wouldnt be fun to go on roadtrips with! She said my uterus looked perfect and my ovaries are 1.5-2 times the size of my uterus. Those things can stretch! I ran off that table and was allowed to pee into a cup three times. I felt so much better.

Tom, ready to get this started

Cheeeeeesy smile!

Happy as can be

The doctor came in and gave us info about our embryos. He said my age surely had a factor in how great the eggs were. We had the talk of how many. I stressed that this is our only shot at this. He said it was a no brainer that we should put two in, as long as we are fine with twins! He said there is a 1 in 50 chance that one embryo will split to two and we would end up with triplets. We signed the final papers and were ready to get those babies inside me.

The actual transfer was a breeze. The doc set everything up and got the catheter in place. The ultrasound tech said I got the "Best Lining of the Day" award. It was really neat watching it all on the ultrasound machine. Then, the embryologist brought our little ones in. We watched the screen for a white flash, which was them releasing. It was such a defining moment in our life. We even got a picture! I couldn't get our scanner to work, so I took a picture instead.

The white blob in the center to the left is the two embryos!

We were jumping with joy-not literally, of course-afterward. We have such a great chance at this working. Its hard to not get ahead of ourselves. I was able to get up right away and use the bathroom. We drove home and have been relaxing ever since. Now, we wait.

Peanuts-Please make yourselves at home. I promise to keep you warm for the next 9 months. We are absolutely in love with you and cant wait to bring you into our family. -Mama

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Transfer Set

Transfer is SET for tomorrow, Thursday, at 10 am. I am so ready.

With my mind constantly running the past few days, I have been able to figure out two things I find pretty cool.
~They consider the first day of "pregnancy" 2 weeks before retrieval day. That puts Tom and I on January 31st. That is the day we got engaged!
~As of transfer day, we will be married exactly 33 months!

I feel like everything is lining up as Gods way of telling me, "This is IT!"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sitting and Waiting

Thank you all so much for your sweet words and amazing support! What would I do without you? Go crazy..I am guessing!

Speaking of going crazy, I had not prepared myself for how difficult these few days before transfer would be. I feel like a protective mother that can't sleep or keep her mind off her kids. I cant wait to get two back inside me on Thursday. Then, I can protect them and keep them safe.

Along with the worry, came extreme happiness. I am simply ecstatic with the turnout of our first IVF, thus far. It seems we have some real fighters. I am totally confident you will be reading a post including a picture of a stick with two lines.

I have tried not to get my hopes up, but hell: I AM GOING TO BE A MOMMY!

PS-I want/neeeeeeed this!

Monday, February 16, 2009

All the Details

Saturday, we woke up shortly after 6 and left at 6:45. We arrived at the clinic at 7:30 am, right on time. We were only in the waiting room about 10 minutes and then were taken back to my personal room. I was told to get into my gown, wearing only socks. I had cute Valentines Day socks that were so comfy! While I did that, Tom gave his sample. While he was gone, a wave of sadness came over me. It was like reality hit-Wow, this is what I have to do to make a baby. I shook those thoughts quickly and was just plain nervous. My stomach felt queasy. I filled out some paperwork, talked with the nurse and just waited. Tom came back and we watched a Friends episode on our DVD player. That really helped with the nerves! Much to my surprise, MY doctor, came in to greet me. He gave the the rundown and thanked me for the brownies I brought to the office Thursday. Tom joked that he will do a better job since I made yummy brownies. I felt lucky he was the one doing the retrieval. The anesthesiologist introduced himself. We waited a bit more. Then it was time..

I got up to use the bathroom. I went back, kissed my hubby and was taken into the procedure room. I climbed onto the bed. The embryologist came in, asked my first and last name and birth date. The anesthesiologist put the IV in. He took my blood pressure and put the pulse reader on my finger. The nurse got a warm blanket for my legs. Then put them in the very high stir-ups. I remember blinking hard 2 times and then I was out.

The whole process took about 20 minutes. I woke up while being moved onto my bed. I told Tommy the first thing I wanted to hear was how many they got. Sure enough, I heard his sweet voice say, "Babe, they got 12 eggs." I started to cry. I was in pain and so happy and overwhelmed. He took off my glasses and wiped my eyes. I came to pretty quickly. The nurse asked if I had pain. I told her yes and she gave me some Tylonel. Tom was great the whole time, so comforting. The nurse asked if I wanted crackers or water. I said no thanks. She mentioned I would have to eat and drink and use the bathroom before I could leave. I ate 2 graham crackers and downed 2 glasses of water. A bit later, I got up to use the bathroom. She took out my IV, and told me I could get dressed. I couldn't wait to get home and sleep in my own bed!

I dozed a lot in the car. Once home, I slept for about 4 hours. I took Tylonel continuously throughout the day. I gave Tom a gift. I called is his 'I'm going to make you a daddy gift'. It had some books and a cute onesie. We went out to get Chipotle for dinner, when I was finally hungry. We lounged a bit more and I was feeling pretty good. We decided to go to Build-A-Bear and make our peanut its first stuffed animal. Guess what we made? AN ELEPHANT! How perfect! It was really fun and special for us. We went home and pretty much went to bed.

Tom and his gift

Yesterday was plain torture. I got up, showered and went to get a pedicure. The whole time, I kept checking my phone. I got home and still no call. I was more anxious than I have ever been in my whole life. I had this fear that they would call and say little to none fertilized. FINALLY, the nurse called at 3 pm and told me all 12 fertilized and were growing. I couldn't believe it. I was in shock for quite a while. We were actually loading up the car with my sisters kids. We took them by Toms moms house for a bit and then went downtown to the Auto Show. We met two couples there, one who brought their 2 yr old. The kids had tons of fun. I loved walking around with Tyler in the baby Bjorn. Of course, I couldn't stop thinking about my lil' embryos. I am in love already!

Silly kiddos at the Auto Show

Me and baby Tyler in a Jeep

Tom, Brady, Laney

Sexy hubby, sexy car

Braydon with the Lego car

Already multi-tasking like a Daddy!

It is amazing to know that a little bit of Tom and a little bit of me are joined together. Ahhh..I still don't believe it. I am more relaxed waiting for the call today. Of course, it can't come soon enough. They will tell me how many are growing and set a transfer day/time. We are shooting for a 5 day transfer, which would be Thursday.

February 15th-We have 12 babies! Isn't the elephant the cutest?

I continued my antibiotic, began baby asprin and began PIO injections. Wow, that stuff is thick! I am relieved the hard part is over. We did it!

I wanted to write this post for all of my blog friends that will be starting the IVF process in the next few months. There are a lot of you! I know I wanted to know every single detail when I began the process, so I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions. And, thank you to those of you who shared their experience with me. Off the top of my head, Gretchen, Stacie, Noelle and Tiffany. <3 align="center">

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fertilization Report

Today, we are the proud parents of 12 embryos. That's right, ALL 12 fertilized! I can't wait to hear how many make it to tomorrow.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Retrieval Day

Happy Valentines Day!

We retrieved........12 eggs!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Retrieval Set

Retrieval is SET for Saturday, February 14th at 9:20 am!

I can't believe it. We are so close. I am walking on cloud nine.

This long, straining, emotionally taxing production is almost over.

And it will end with a positive result. :)

Northern Illinois

Febrauary 14, 2008

Tom and I spent our Valentines Day weekend in Denver/Fort Collins, Colorado. We flew out on the first flight on the 14th. We took a taxi to our hotel called Cherry Creek. We checked in and much to our surprise, were asked if the mountain view room would be suitable. Tom and I decided to take a nap so we would have enough energy to go out that night. We climbed into our luxurious king bed and drifted off in a peaceful sleep.

I woke many hours later and figured I would let Tom get a little more sleep. I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. The channel was set to CNN. I quickly saw what the bottom of the screen said. Shooting at Northern Illinois University.

We live about 30-40 minutes from NIU. It is the closest state school to my high school. Therefore, I know a ton of people who attend college there. Particularly, 3 of my very close friends were going to class that day. I immediately panicked, grabbed my phone and called them. I tried to call my friend, Mia. Her phone went straight to voicemail. I spoke with one and luckily she had talked to her boyfriend, which is the second person. I tried calling Mia over and over. I couldn't get a hold of her and decided to call her Moms house phone. Thankfully, her Grandma was there and reassured me that Mia had called home and was safe. I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. That short time I couldnt reach my friend was one of the scariest times in my life. Mia was actually headed to a class in the hall where the shooting took place. She witnessed kids running away as she walked toward it.

I was glued to the TV for the next few hours. Details of the shooting could not come soon enough. My heart broke for the lives lost. Anger developed for the guy who did this. I knew of previous shootings, Columbine and Virginia Tech in particular. This felt different. It hit so close to home, literally.
Saturday will mark the one year anniversary of the NIU shootings. I hope the past year has brought peace to the families and friends of the five young lives lost. May they always be remembered.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three Days

I have been going to the doctors every day since Sunday. Needless to say, I am looking forward to having time away from that office! Here are the reports from the past few days.

Monday-Estrogen level=965
Follicle count=17.5 15 15 14.5 12.5 11.5 11.5 11 10

Tuesday-Estrogen level=1,181
Follicle count=18.5 18 15.5 15.5 14.5 13.5 13, 12

Wednesday-Estrogen level=1,766
Follicle count=21.5 19 17 16 16 16 15 14 14 13.5

Nurse K said she is 99% sure retrieval will be on Saturday. Yipee! I will be able to tell my kiddos they were "made" on Valentines special. I will go in tomorrow morning for one last check. She said we want to get those 14 and 13's a bit bigger. If I wake up to hear we retrieved 10 follicles, I would be so happy!

To all of you that have been in my shoes...some feedback please? Do these numbers look promising? Am I doing okay? I could use some reassurance. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Day in the Life

6:00 am-Alarm sounds. Hit snooze.

6:08-Alarm sounds. Slowly move to asses how sore I feel.

6:10-Dress for day. Pack Gatorade.

6:30-Leave for doctors.

7:00-Blood work and ultrasound.

7:45-Arrive at work.

9:00-Take kids to Brynne's music class.

9:02-Try not to stare at the three pregnant bellies.

9:03-Try to ignore their conversation of due dates and names.

9:04-9:45-Picture me in in the class with my own child in a year or two.

12pm-Force myself to eat lunch. Medications have left me with no appetite.

1-2:00-Browse blogs. Get inspiration. Fight the urge to check out

2:30-Get call from nurse. Everything is progressing great. Feel a sigh of relief.

4:00-Pack kids up and go to park. See a set of twins. Wonder if they were conceived naturally.

6:00-Arrive home. Realize how tired I am.

7:30-Hop in the shower.

7:45-Stare in the mirror at my bruised body.

8:00-Dry hair with clothes on. Feel guilty about the extra weight infertility has given me.

9:00-Get three injections from Tom. Two in the stomach, one in the butt.

9:10-Injections done. Ouch.

9:30-Climb into bed. Watch Nip/Tuck.

10:15-Drift to sleep, knowing the hole in my heart will soon be filled.

And I will repeat the majority of it tomorrow...I will update with all the little details of estrogen levels and follicle numbers. We are DAYS away from retrieval!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Brady's Birthday

This weekend went by too fast! Its hard to believe its already Sunday evening. I am exhausted again, but we did have a pretty big day. Tom and I went downtown for our appointment at 7am. I have 11 measurable follicles, 16 total. The largest is measuring at 15. The plan is to continue the same medications tonight and go in tomorrow morning for a re-check. The nurse said ER is looking like Friday or Saturday. There are two downsides to it being Friday. Ferns memorial service is planned for 11am that day. I will be very sad if I have to miss it. Also, its Friday the 13th. I am not a very superstitious person, but don't know how I feel about that date. I guess it would be cute if it is done Saturday. What a romantic way to spend Valentines Day..I will take whatever day my body decides is necessary.

We only made it through about 20 minutes of our CSI marathon before we went back to bed. Those few extra hours of sleep were much needed! This afternoon was Braydon's big birthday bash. I am very sore and wasn't able to jump around as I would have liked. Instead I took the role of photographer. Braydon LOVED his bike. He opened all his gifts from his friends and then opened the helmet my parents bought him. Everyone kinda said..Wow, Brady, what will you use that with? And wha-la, in comes Auntie Erin with a beautiful new bike. He was ecstatic.

Brady and Tyler in matching shirts

Playing basketball

Kiddos in the obstacle course

Tom and Charleigh sliding down

Three pretty girlies

Mikey striking a pose

Brady jumping through the tunnel

Ama and baby Tyler

Me and the sweaty B-day boy

Mikey ready to slide

All the littles

Tom resting

I can not believe he is 5!

Present time

His reaction to the bike

One happy guy

I think he likes it :)

Happy Birthday, Braydon Allen

Tom Brady and Me
The three siblings

I cant take credit for this one-
Photo taken by Delaney

Daddy, Brady, Mommy

Tomorrow is his real birthday. The evening will consist of more cake and gifts. I am hoping the rest of the week goes by quickly. I am ready for retrieval!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tired but Lucky

Boy, am I tired! These injections are really starting to do a number on me. The Repronex injection was anything but easy, it was horrible! It hurt the entire time and I woke up feeling like I was hit by a bus on one side of my body. I poked myself 5 times tonight before finding a spot to push it in. I can only imagine how sore I am going to be tomorrow. Getting up at 6 am on a Sunday wont help the situation.

I woke up feeling better than last night. I knew something that would put me in a great mood-my beautiful niece and nephews! There was a ice sculpting fest we decided to check out. Ironically enough, it was 60 degrees here today. Most of the ice sculptures were puddles. I felt bad for the men who traveled from all over USA to show off their skills. We had a blast though. There was face painting, balloon animals, cookies, etc. It was my first big outing with baby Tyler. He was an angel and slept the whole time. We also made a stop to the book store and they helped me pick books for our collection. Being with these kids makes me happier than anything in the world. Okay, they are tied with Tom for first place!

Handsome baby Tyler

Braydon, trying to block the bright sun

Sweet Delaney, having no such luck

I am so in love with that little face

Enjoying cookies and milk

The kids in front of some melted sculptures

Delaney and Brady with their balloon animals

More books for our Peanut

We are planning on coming home from our appointment and laying in bed for a CSI:Miami marathon. Can't wait..

Friday, February 6, 2009

Follicle Check Friday

I don't feel very good and am about to lay down, but wanted to update about today. My appointment went really well. We are all set to perform ICSI. Assisted hatching will be performed if the embryologist thinks it is necessary. I have 16 follicles, the largest measuring at 13. I will lower my follistim dosage to 150 IU, continue with 10 units of Lupron, and add in 75 units of Repronex. 3 being the big needles..shudder. My estrogen level was 232, which I think is good. I don't have anything to compare with. I have another appointment on Sunday. Unfortunately, my regular office is closed on the weekends, so we have to venture downtown for a 7 am appointment. Retrieval will likely be late next week, depending on how I progress.

A special shout out to my friend Evan at IVF Princess. She had her retrieval yesterday and they got 19 follicles! And she avoided OHSS. I am so happy for her and can't wait to hear the fertilization report. Yay, Evan!

I'm off to watch Ellen. I realllllly hope I am not getting sick.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This and That

I feel like my mind has been all over the place, so I know this post will be no different.

~I am finally sleeping through the night again! It must have been the birth control. Not to self, never take YAZ ever again..

~I am an IVF-injection-takin', Gatorade-guzzlin'-fool! All injections have gone well. The area is sore for a bit after, due to all the drugs pumped in. I haven't had any bad effects yet. I have been drinking blue gatorade all day since Monday. I am not sick of it, yet. Ask me again in a week!

~The 101 year old woman I spoke of previously, passed away a few hours ago. My parents are on their way to meet with a funeral director. I have considered her my surrogate grandmother the past few years, after my grandparents all went to heaven. I know they will welcome her with open arms. I also know she will put in a good word with the Big Guy.

~I am going to the regular gyno tonight to update my pap. My last one was Feb 7th of 2008, so I knew to make the appt. to be up to date for IVF.

~My nephew, Braydon is turning five on Monday. Tom and I bought him a bike. :) His birthday party is at Pump It Up on Sunday. If you have no idea what that is, wait until you see pictures.

~Everyone has been sick around me and I am doing my best to not get infected. I can not afford to be sick and jeapordize this IVF cycle!

~After many convincing comments and finding out it is only an extra $550, we are doing ICSI. I am confident with our decision. Tom is going with me in the morning to re-sign papers.

~I am super anxious to find out what is growing in there! I want high numbers, but not TOO high.

~Tom and I are big Rescue Me fans. We love the show and are excited it is returning in March. I was browsing Ticketmaster and found out Denis Leary is coming to the Chicago theatre in April. I was planning on surprising Tom and getting tickets for his bday. That was until my dad accidentally spilled the beans! No surprise, but we are going!

~Speaking of TV shows, I am pumped for the Greys/Private Practice show tonight.

~I am freaking out at the possibility of being pregnant in a few short weeks. Oh my goodness..

IVF, death, TV shows..cant get much more random.

I'll update with follicle info tomorrow afternoon.