Monday, September 9, 2013

37+ Weeks!

Thanks to everyone for checking in...didnt mean to leave you hanging. I am still here and very much pregnant. I am scheduled for a c-section next Monday, the 16th. Let me back up to how we got here..

Last week on Thursday, I went to my OB appointment. I made it with the doc I am hoping will deliver me. She delivered Gavin and I really like her. I made my appointments early in the morning so I would get back in time to drop Trevor to school at 11:30. I got to the appt. 10 minutes early, hoping we could do the nurse stuff before the doc even arrived. I had more protein in my urine than ever before, but apparently not too much. My bp was a little high, but not too bad. I was down a pound or two so Im sitting right at 26 right now. Then, I sat in the room..with my pants off..for 55 minutes. I was so frustrated! I understand doctors run late, but considering I was the first patient of the day, it wasnt a nice way to start the appointment. 

She asked how I was feeling and I said something along the lines about being done and ready for them. She went on a tangent about embracing these last weeks of pregnancy and to try to take naps. I felt like she didnt even skim my chart to remind herself that I have 2 other kids. She listened to the babies heartbeats and felt their positions. Based on her belly exam and her dilation exam, she said she would really recommend a c-section. First, Im only dilated to 1, which is what I was back when I was in the hospital for constant contractions. Second, she said baby A is still so high and not engaged at all, which isnt good for induction where we already have to worry about baby B being in a bad position and needing to be turned. He remains transverse with his head on my right side and legs on the left. She basically said she could see me laboring all day and still needing a c-section. Not what I wanted to hear. 

She told me to think about it and go ahead and schedule with the front after my appointment with the maternal/fetal medicine, which I was very, very late to. They took me back quick, checked and confirmed positions and fluid levels. I had my NST and babies got an A+. There was a different nurse there that happens to work in the birth unit sometimes and she was very kind to share c-section advice and even printed out some paperwork for me. 

I left the appointment and called the office. The absolute soonest she would let me do it is 38 weeks. Unfortunately for me, that falls on a Saturday. That puts me at the 16th, 38 weeks, 3 days. One week from today.

Needless to say, Trevor ended up missing school unnecessarily and I was devastated the rest of the day. I was also very upset due to Toms work schedule and not knowing if he would be able to be off for more than a day. Thankfully, that has worked out a bit and his regular days off that week are Monday and Tuesday and it looks like he has enough OT hours to take 1-2 days. I MAY get out of the hospital before he has to go back to work. I have had a lot of time to think, Ive asked a lot of advice, I like to be informed.

However, tomorrow is my last NST and OB appointment. The OB I see is a different doctor and I am hoping the babies changed position..I dilated significantly more..and/or she has a different view on this c-section. Depending on what she says, tomorrow night Ill map out our week with childcare and plans and start accepting my fate. Until then, Im holding out hope for a vaginal birth, less time in the hospital and two healthy, full term baby boys. 

I am not usually one to complain..particularly when it comes to pregnancy. BUT, I am fried. I keep joking that even my hair hurts. I cant sleep more than 2 hours straight, I believe Ive developed some sort of carpal tunnel, as my fingers/hands hurt. I ache from head to toe. I am really afraid at what my poor body will feel and look like after all of this. Today was 95 degrees and tomorrows going to be 97. Icing on the cake. ;)

Cross your fingers for a much better appointment for me tomorrow! Im actually going to a foot spa afterward and still hoping all the walking Ive been doing has helped! I told Tom how most women beg for their twins to stay in as long as possible. And then there is me, begging for them to come out. Ive done my part. Now, come out!


Chelley N said...

Happy to see an update from you! I've been wondering about you! So sorry things aren't going like you expected, but you are soooooo close to holding your two big beautiful healthy boys. You have ROCKED this pregnancy! said...

Speaking as a nurse with an OB concentration, you are a rockstar to have kept those boys in so long!!! They will surely benefit from their time on the inside, though unfortunately it is rough on you :/ Keep your chin up and I am continuing to hope for the best labor/delivery possible for you and the boys! I'm due Sept. 25th with my third baby, and while I'm enjoying my last days/weeks, it *is* uncomfortable, especially with two little ones at home - can't imagine doing all of of what you do AND being pregnant with twins. Kudos to you!
P.S. My birthday is September 16th, and I have always, always loved that date - so if the babies do decide to stay in, they will have a very cool birthdate in my opinion :)

nursetexan said...

Thanks for the update! Rooting for you to get the delivery you want here in Texas!

Kelly said...

Glad to see an update!! I am crossing my fingers for a normal delivery. You would do great either way, but knowing that you can only pick up the weight of your babies, with a c-section, your boys will want their mama's attention. Obviously you can't choose, when the babies are doing their own thing. I wish you the best with a healthy and safe delivery!
This pregnancy flew by and you still look great!!

juliane2004 said...

Just wanted to let you know I've been out of the hospital within 2 nights of my previous c/s, so you can get out before 4 days :)

- ask for pain meds ASAP - don't wait for them to give to you

- walk ASAP

- drink lots of water

mom7 said...

My last baby was a c/s and transverse also. It was not as bad as I imagined actually compared to a vaginal birth. I agree with ^^ Juliane above... use your pain meds, stay ahead of the pain with your meds, take a stool softener with those pain meds, use a pillow to hold onto over your belly when you get up out of a chair (helps when coughing too). Hang in there. You can do this! When the babies come, have the other boys help with getting wipes, diapers, etc. You will be surprised how much help they can be even though they are young still.

Jodi said...

I would try to avoid the section if possible..Its pretty bad for the first few days then still feel pain for a month. Idk though i have heard there is pain with vag delivery. I was only in hospital 2 days also. I hated the hospital i am sure they were glad to get rid of me haha.

Francesca Fine Jewelry said...

My oldest was born right after my ex husband graduated from fire training school. Police and firefighters don't get any time off in the beginning except for their days off. I feel for you.

Amanda said...

Hoping for cooperative babies at your next appointment.

Pregnancy induced carpal tunnel is horrible and with the heat you guys are having you probably have developed it. My first baby was due in late August and here in Texas with the heat, humidity and pregnancy swelling I ended up with carpal tunnel for the last 8 weeks or so of my pregnancy. Tylenol helped some with it. Hang in there, you are almost finished.

Mush George said...

Hopefully your other doctor will be more positive on trying for a vaginal birth. I think they probably would prefer to section you just because it's easier for them.

Babies can stay high until labour starts, and baby B would have more room to go head down once baby A is here.

Keep pushing for vaginal birth if that's what you want hun. You are in charge and as long as babies are doing well, there is no reason to cut them out.

Hope you are okay. Not long now, either way, you will soon be a mama to 4 young boys! You nutter! :o)

Wishing you lots of love and luck and can't wait to see pics of your new bundles.

K said...

Wishing the best for you and your delivery! Still can't believe you made it to soccer today in the heat :)

Joanna said...

I found your blog from a friend of mine's. I had triplets so I definitely feel for you. I wish you much luck in the vaginal birth delivery but a c-section isn't as bad as you may think (I was hoping for my own vaginal delivery but was really advised against it, just too risky). I was walking on my own by the next day & after a week it was much easier getting out of bed (I think that was the worse part). Definitely take the pain meds, they will help you. You'd be surprised how well the body goes back to the way it was before. Yes, I still have some skin I would like to get rid of (I was all baby out front as well, couldn't really tell I was pregnant from the back), but all in all it could have been worse. I wish you & your babies the best of health & a safe delivery.

Vijay Shree said...

Thank you for sharing about your pregnancy. I wish your c-section go well and please just keep us updated.

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