Thursday, August 29, 2013

We Made It

Tom had his formal graduation at Navy Pier this past Tuesday. We had the BEST day. The ceremony was beautiful. My parents, brothers and future sister in law came, in addition to Toms dad and his girlfriend. After the ceremony, we ate a delicious lunch at Jimmy Buffets. Gavin was a big fan of the tall high chair. :)

 After lunch, everyone parted their ways and we stayed at Navy Pier. We promised Trevor the entire summer that we would ride the ferris wheel after Daddy graduated. The boys loved it! We let Trevor drive one of the motor boats and then had to get back inside. It was the hottest day OF THE YEAR. The heat index was over 100 degrees. 

Backing up to last weekend..I was having contractions from late morning Saturday and they just wouldnt let up. I knew they were different because I could feel pressure. Finally, I said we should go to L & D and see what was going on. I was contracting like crazy as soon as they hooked me up. I didnt feel like we would be having babies that night and as soon as they said they would have to go to the NICU, I was determined to keep them inside! The babies looked great on the monitor, they checked for amniotic fluid and found I was dilated to 1. I was still having contractions every 5 minutes when they discharged me. They just said to rest and try to stay pregnant a little longer. The contractions continued through Tuesday and have let up a bit since. 

Wednesday, I had my regular appointments. Baby A almost didnt pass the NST, but he got his act together at the last minute. Both babies had good fluid levels and they are in the same exact positions. I went downstairs and saw another OB. He was very much on board for no c-section. He said that in a perfect world, I can deliver baby A and baby B's water bag will still be intact. Then, they can rotate B, break the water and allow him to come down. He felt very confident I could handle that. Im up about 28 lbs, good BP, everything perfect. My belly is measuring 42 weeks!!

With that good report and knowing I am 36 weeks very soon, I am so anxious to have these babies! I have another NST and OB appointment next Thursday. Im hoping I dont make it to those appointments. Today has been the most physically draining day thus far. Its HOT outside. My belly is so heavy. My whole body is sore. Ive started to get stretch marks. The majority of my maternity clothes do not fit. Its time to be done.

We would love some Labor Day weekend babies! Tom is off from now until Sunday at 2pm, so it would be convenient. :) Come on, baby brothers. There are SO many people waiting to meet you!


Diane said...

I just found your blog, and I am glad I did!! How excited you must be anticipating your double arrival. :) I have 4 boys and a girl, so I know what a house full of testosterone is like. :) God Bless you!!!!