Sunday, August 4, 2013

Progress :)

I am 32 weeks pregnant. 4 weeks from my goal and 6 weeks from their final eviction. I was telling Tom the other day that I dont remember what its like to not be pregnant. Perhaps its because I only had 10 months between two pregnancies. I think its because I have had a belly for so much longer this pregnancy and its been so involved with the ultrasounds, appointments, etc. I am starting to look forward to getting into shape and drink a glass of wine. I love being pregnant so much and as tough as a twin pregnancy is, I will continue to cherish this time and hope it wont be my last. It cant possibly be my last..

Anyway, this week was nuts. I knew I had to kick baby prep into high gear before I get any bigger or they decide to come. We stayed home all day Monday and Tuesday, which never happens. Trevor suggested a playdate Monday and the zoo is used to being on the go! It was wonderful being home. I started the switching of the boys bedrooms, washed the bouncers, rock and plays, swing, etc. I washed and organized all of the newborn clothes/blankets/essentials. I deep cleaned the car seats and washed the covers and then Tom re threaded the straps to the lowest setting. Tom built Trevor's bed, I washed all of the bedding and organized the decor in the room. I set up the pack and play/changer in our living room. Every task checked off the list felt amazing!

Wednesday we had to take a break and spend the day at Toms star ceremony. It was very casual..the formal ceremony is at the end of August. It was more official though, as its the day he became an actual CPD officer. I pinned his star on his uniform. He held Gavin and Trevor was at our feet. It was something Ill never forget. I am SO proud of him! 

Unfortunately, Gavin was up a ton the night before and we were trying to figure out what was wrong with him. By the end of the day, we figured out he had hand foot and mouth. Poor guy had a rash on his mouth at first, was so thirsty and had a high fever for two days. He was up crying at night and the blisters moved to his feet and just a few on his hands. It worked out well that we planned to be home all week, other than the ceremony. Its been almost a week now and hes MUCH better!

The weekend came and Tom was off on Saturday. We ran around all day and got a ton done! We picked up the twins snap and go stroller and a few little items from the store. I finished putting together the boys big brother gifts for the hospital. I typed up a care guide for them for while were in the hospital. We picked up Trevors twin mattress and completed his bed. Tom moved the boys dresser downstairs. We picked up a hand me down stroller that will allow me to get around with 3 little boys! I bought the video monitor we needed. Tom hung pictures in the house, which we've been meaning to do forever. Dare I say..we are ALMOST ready for these little men! 

We still need to move Gavin downstairs with Trevor, set up a crib, buy and set up another, pick up a crib mattress and second mamaroo, get a few more items from our list, pack my hospital bag, etc. We will see what we can accomplish this week. 

Toms first shift was tonight and I cant wait to hear about it! He got in a decent district..rather than the most dangerous. I am so thankful for that! Hes on the 3-11 shift for the first month. His rotating days off are perfect and will allow us to go to Day out with Thomas and for him to come to my 34 week ultrasound! He hasnt been able to come to a single appointment and the only ultrasound he came to was at the elective one around 8 weeks. I cant wait for him to see the babies! He will also get a full weekend off right before Labor Day. I am so happy about all of it! He will get little to no time off for the babies, so Im hoping it works out that they come the day before his regular 2 off! We will see...

Itll be an adjustment to go back to doing dinner/bedtime alone and having no company before bed. Soon enough, Ill have all the company I need..haha


Stace said...

Time is flying! I am so jealous of all your productivity! All I wanted to do while pregnant with H was sleep. :)

Melli said...

Wow, have you been busy!!! I totally understand that you feel like you need to get this all done now before it is too late. But what you accomplished in such little time is amazing!
Too bad Tom won't be able to take off when the babies are born. I had the same problem but somehow managed.

Julie @ Living on the Ledge said...

Congratulations on 32 weeks so far! I had my girls at 34 weeks, and they were perfectly healthy, just to ease your mind. We did spend time in the NICU, and as hard as that was, there were some hidden blessings there, too. For example, they got them on an amazing schedule together that we were able to keep them on for months at home. They ate every 4 hours like clockwork, which made things so much easier on us. (I'm now due with a singleton, and this week is when I actually had the girls. I can't imagine that now, but at the time with the twin pregnancy, my body was so ready.)Best wishes!!!

Renee said...

Wow! You got so much done! Makes me think I need to get to work to prepare for our new one. I'm only 28 weeks, but Leland came at 34, so I might not have a lot of time. We'll see.

Amy Faulkner said...

A glass of wine was all I could think about at the end of my pregnancy! I'm so excited for you and your big family of boys!