Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Goodbye, June!

I cant believe we are almost done with the month of June. My last post was over 2 weeks ago and I said how summer makes time fly. We spent the last two weekends at the cottage and had a great time. We keep busy during the week, too. So much, in fact, that I was just telling Tom we have to start being productive at night rather than just playing! We have a big boy room to finish, a nursery to start, pictures to hang, car shopping to do, etc.

Here's a little picture catch up of the past 2 weeks.

 Gavin is a climber. He loves to climb and sit on the kitchen table.

 Lincoln Park Zoo fun

 Watching the Aquanut show at the cottage. Love those curls!

Fathers Day at the beach

 25 weeks!

Dada's Day!

Police Car Show

Taking a break at the splash pad

Weekend at the cottage with cousins

26 weeks! Trying to even out my tan..

I had my first growth ultrasound this past Monday. Both babies are now breech, which would explain why its so hard to breathe! There are two big noggins pushing up on my lungs. The boys were given an A+ report. Baby A was 2 lb 3 oz and baby B 2 lb 2 oz. They are in the average range for if they were a singleton! I go back in 4 weeks for another growth scan. 

Overall, I feel good. My bach aches and sometimes I just cant get a full breath. Ive done a good job keeping up with the boys. Sometimes, I just need to sit down and am thankful to have a husband like Tom who will take over. Sleep has been pretty good! Most nights I dont even get up to pee. Im still up less than 20 lbs, but I feel enormous. Im a little sensitive about it. I usually love my pregnant belly and feel beautiful. I still do..I think Im just terrified at how big I will be as the weeks continue on. I am so grateful to have a body that is capable of growing big, healthy boys. I remind myself of that often.

Its storming here, again!, and I need to get some housework done while the kiddos play. Happy Wednesday!


"B" said...

Are you any closer to naming your boys? Cannot wait to hear the names! B/W You look great!

Marianne said...

You look amazing! Beautiful bump!

I can't believe how big the boys are...looks like you're having a fun summer!

Brenna Boyd said...

Erin, you look great! The boys are as adorable as ever. I can't believe how much much Gavin looks like you and Trevor looks like Tom!

Carly said...

Your belly is beautiful! Glad you are enjoying the summer!

Rebecca Lobb said...

I love you baby bump! Sounds like a big July round the corner!

mj said...

You look awesome! Good work growing those babies!!