Thursday, March 7, 2013

Week Three

We are on week 3 of Tom living separate and I am drained. Physically, I am still tired all the time and its no fun having to do everything yourself. Tom is such a hands on Dad and I'm used to splitting the responsibilities. I do think it has a lot to do with being pregnant. This week, Gavin has been awake a ton at night, causing broken sleep and headaches the next day. I do a good job of getting the house cleaned up and boys in bed by 8. That's is when I sit on the couch and am sad hes not here! Ive had friends come by here and there, which is nice! Trevor has swim on Wednesdays and Gavin has music on Thursdays. That keeps us busy.

Trevor and Gavin have been doing okay with Daddy gone. Trevor talks about him often and says he misses him. Gavin lights up when he sees Tom, so I know he misses him, too! 

We've looked at a few rentals and none were great. The choices are minimal, likely because they've hired many new officers recently. There is still talk of me and the boys going to stay at our cottage for a few months and moving sometime this summer. Were on a time constraint because Ill want plenty of time to set up our new home for all six of us!

The timing of all of this is just crazy! This next year will be stressful and difficult, but it will all pay off!

In other news, the munchkins and I are heading down to Atlanta next month! Southwest had a fabulous sale that I couldnt pass us. Were flying down on a Tuesday and staying with Evan and family. She suggested heading to Disney for a quick trip..and I couldnt say no! I feel bad for all of the change Trevor is dealing with right now and I want the time to be all about him! He is Disney obsessed and this should help keep us happy until we go down next October for my brothers wedding. Itll be a nice getaway and we cant wait!


McWilliams Family Blog said...

Wow you own a cottage too?

Holly said...

Hang in there, girl! You are a great Mom and you can do it!

Bryan and Leslie Clark said...

We're going to Monkey Joes tomorrow at 10:30 with another friend if you want to join us. It's off of 59. It'll give you something to do! It has to be so hard for Tom to be gone. I don't know how you do it all. And Disney in October? Super Momma with her 2 kids and twins who are WEEKS old!

Aaryn said...

How long will you be on your own? I can't husband is a resident and on-call every 5th day, and those nights are terrible-not only for me, but my kids miss their daddy :(

Hopefully your exhaustion will pass quickly!

Jodi said...

disney is sooo super crowded we just went at the end of feb...and hot don't push yourself too much with those babies on board disney is so much walking and standing around ug. Having just been negative crowds energize some folks just not us. We really enjoyed the pool at the disney resort as much as the parks. You are doing such a great job with your updates on your blog added to everything else.