Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NT Scan

I had my NT scan today and Im happy to report it went well! I was usual. I couldn't fall asleep last night because I was anxious for the appointment. The morning went by quickly and before I knew it, I was driving to the hospital. I filled out my paperwork, got my finger pricked and waited for the scan.

My heart always stops as that wand reaches my belly and I wait to see two heartbeats. The babies are big now, so I was greeted with two bouncing babies, stacked on top of each other. That worked for me.

The tech was very sweet and talked me through it. Both babies measured 12w4d, which is what I am today! She showed me the brain, stomach, heart, arms, legs, etc. They looked just perfect. She measured the fluid on the back of the neck for the NT scan and will get those results in a week. Baby B is the little troublemaker and was harder to get good measurements  After a while, she had me stand up and jump around a bit to get them to move a different way.

I love ultrasounds and this one has always been my favorite. This time around, its even more amazing to see two little miracles in there. I cant help but smile as shes scanning baby B and I see baby A's legs kicking about. Here are their profile pics. Aren't they the sweetest!?

The perinatologist came in and chatted with me for part of the scan. He went over the possible risks of twins and said its great that Ive already carried two pregnancies to term. I will return to the maternal/fetal medicine office for cervical checks at 16, 18, 20 and 22 weeks. At 20 weeks they will do a "marathon" ultrasound and check every nook and cranny of the babies. After 22 weeks, I will have my cervix checked at my OB office. I will return to the specialist more often toward the end..for growth ultrasounds and eventually non-stress tests. Its all a little overwhelming, but I feel good about carrying them to term.

I head to my regular OB appointment in an hour!!


Karen A said...

Aw such sweet profile pics! I'm glad everything is looking good! :)

JoyBelle said...

They're so cute!!!

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WantWait&Pray said...

Wait, did you find out genders?

Melissa said...

You will be totally fine. I looked foward to all of the extra ultrasounds and bio physicals they did with my twins.

Ashley said...

So glad everything is looking good still!!!

Marianne said...