Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gavin is ONE!

finally finished this..10 days late..

Gavin Thomas-Happy 1st Birthday! I swear it was just yesterday you were set in my arms, eyes wide open and whimpering. The year has flown by..far, too quickly. We have enjoyed every minute of watching you grow. You are the most loving baby I have ever met. You love to be held, snuggled, are attached to your pacifier and blankie. Daddy and I simply adore watching you interact with your brother. We love you every minute of every day and can not wait to see who you become. Love-Mama

So I will remember:

~You weigh about 17 lbs. Ill get your real measurements at your 1 year appointment. 

~We are surprised youre still so thin because you are a bottomless pit! You eat 3 full meals and many snacks a day. You cry for food when you see us eating. You arent very picky..youve only turned away a few foods. 

~You started walking at 9.5 months. You got so much attention everywhere we went. People couldnt believe how quick and tiny you were. And still are! Now, you run! And climb! You hike your left leg up and can get where you want.

~You usually take a morning nap, about 2 hours after you wake up. An afternoon nap when Trevor sleeps. You transitioned to dropping your 3rd nap this past month. If your morning nap is too long, youll fight that second one. 

~Nighttime sleep is hit or miss. Youll have a good few weeks of sleeping through the night..and then itll be days and days of waking. You usually sleep 7:30/8 until 6/6:30. You are an early riser, even if we keep you up later at night.

~You say Mama, Dada, hi, yeah, bye, all done, that and something for blankie..sounds like deedah! 

~You understand everything! I can ask if you want to eat, for you to go get your pacifier, for you to give kisses, etc. 

~You sign more, all done, eat, milk, hi and bye.

~Your first 2 teeth came in at 9ish months and you broke your top 4 a few weeks ago..all at once!

~You had your first ER visit 2 weeks ago. You fell and broke your frenulum in your mouth. It was a bloody mess and we were thankful you didnt need stitches.

~You are a healthy little guy. Youve never had major illness. You had a short bought of the flu this winter..a fever here and there..but, no major complaints.

~You wear size 6-12 month and 9 month clothes. Your shoes are size 3.5.

~You recently went up to size 3 diaper.

~You LOVE music! You love to dance and cant help it if music comes on. You do this cute shoulder sway to a few songs, jingle bells is your favorite, still. Otherwise, youll do a happy feet dance or bounce up and down. You love to play with instruments.

~You also love when Mama sits and sings with you and does finger plays. Twinkle, twinkle, Row row row your boat, Itsy bitsy spider, etc.

~That blankie is the love of your life. You want us to grab it out of the crib when we take you out. It comforts you instantly. You see it, run to it and smother your face into it.

~You drink about 4 bottles of milk during the day. I warm it up a bit for you. You drink water and love it. Weve never given you juice. Blame it on your big brother who wont drink water!

~Your favorite foods are kiwi, strawberries, jelly sandwich, mac and cheese, corn, and bananas.

~You are SO friendly. You wave at strangers and say hi and want to socialize with everyone.

~You always sleep on your belly. Sometimes your butt is in the air.

~Trevor is the funniest person alive, in your eyes.

~You are a good mix of Mamas boy and Daddys buddy. You love to be held and cuddled.

~You love the bath and splash, splash, splash!

~You are obsessed with brushing your teeth! You will point to the medicine cabinet and say Ahh, ahh until we brush them.

~You love to climb stairs! If we play in the basement, I have to block them..otherwise, you are running over there every 2 seconds.

~Its so much fun to take you places now that youre a big boy and play. I cant wait to get you outside this Spring!

WE LOVE YOU, GTR! You were worth every minute we waited, every tear we cried, every time our hearts broke a little more..you would do it again & again & again. We look forward to the next year..hearing you talk, having a fun summer and watching you become a big brother. Even then, you will always be MY baby.


Molly said...

Happy Birthday, Gavin! Adorable pictures!

MommyMandy Musings said...

These pictures are adorable...happy birthday to your sweet boy!

Ashley said...

Adorable pictures! Happy Birthday, Gavin!