Monday, March 18, 2013

Cupcake Monday-12 Weeks!

How far along? 12 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: Up 2 lbs

Maternity clothes? Sometimes

Sleep: This has taken a turn for the worse! The past few nights, I have slept so horribly! I wake up like 3x a night and just lay there..awake..cant fall back asleep. This leaves me with a headache the entire next day. Its a bad cycle!

Best moment this week: Finishing my fertility meds!

Movement: A few weeks, I hope!

Food cravings: Nothing major this week

Gender: One of each?

Labor Signs: No way

Belly Button in or out? Innie

What I miss: Feeling "normal"..the nausea still comes and goes and Im still so tired!

What I am looking forward to: WEDNESDAY! NT SCAN!!

Milestones: 3 months pregnant!!

We did some major St. Patricks Day celebrating this weekend. Saturday, we went to the local parade, which my niece and nephew danced in. It was an unbearable 30 degrees. Afterward, they performed at the church down the block. We love watching them dance. I look forward to signing Trevor up when he turns 4!

Here we are in our gear, after we warmed up at home. My shirt says Twins, twice the luck!

Sunday, we went to my cousins babies baptism. It was at the church we were married at and our boys were baptized at. I love going back there. Afterward, we went back to their home and had a traditional Irish meal and visited with everyone. I love my big Irish family. Photo above was from yesterday. :)

I will update on Wednesday after the NT scan!


Karen A said...

Glad everything is going well! I have my first ultrasound tomorrow and am really hoping for twins!! :)

Mommy Mandy said...

You look fabulous!

Holly said...

You're looking great! I love the "lucky" shirt!!!

Stich Family said...

You look great Erin! And I'm with you on this Chicago winter that just won't end ...I've had enough!

Lindsay Pavkovich said...

Hurry up Wednesday! I will be stalking you all day until you post :)

Chelley N said...

You're looking great . . . your st. Patty's Day shirt is too funny!

JoyBelle said...

I bet you'll feel them really soon! So exciting!

Carly said...

you're looking really well. Love the St. Patrick's Day outfit choices - brilliant!

I'll also be stalking until you update after your scan on Wednesday!

SG Journey & Memories!!! said...

Love the updates I only have 1 baby & keep on saying I am having another 1 & then twins. Love seeing your updates & your little family. You look Fabulous!

Kelly said...

Love your shirt...too cute! Love your little bump too!

Ashley said...

I just love your shirt with the perfect little bump underneath:)