Monday, March 11, 2013

Cupcake Monday-11 Weeks

How far along? 11 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: Even! I'm really surprised at this!

Maternity clothes? Bottoms, most days

Sleep: Not too bad

Best moment this week: Getting some cute clothes at the resale

Movement: Waiting for it!

Food cravings: Chocolate milk, which is something I craved a ton with Trevor

Gender: I'm just not sure! However, I realized on Saturday just how much I want a daughter. It may be because we have a perfect girls name that I am so excited about. 

Labor Signs: No way

Belly Button in or out? Innie

What I miss: Energy

What I am looking forward to: Feeling normal again, finding out sexes!

Milestones: Babies look like real babies now. Cant wait to see on the NT scan.

I got my doppler in the mail this week, thanks Jessica!, and used it right away. I wasn't sure Id be able to know if they were two separate heartbeats but one way on my very left side and one on the very right side. They are tough to find, but its still very early to use a doppler. 

Saturday morning, I went to two resales with my Mom and sister. The twin sale was a total bust. We went across the way and another resale was awesome. We ended up getting a bunch of girl stuff..sleepers mostly. If I end up without my girl, I will pass it on to my girlfriend who just found out shes having a girl. It was so much fun sorting through all the pink and bright colors. 

We also made a decision about our gender reveal, as long as our photographer is available. I think were going to do the pinterest idea of putting balloons in a box and finding out that way. Ill have the tech call/text our photographer and she can get the balloons and we will drive straight to her after the ultrasound. We wont want to wait any longer than that! I am a bit apprehensive about going at 15 weeks, but I really want to know before I head down to see Evan. The place we plan to go to has done over 2,000 ultrasounds and has only been wrong once. 

This weekend was a bit rough. Gavin was under the weather most of last week, but seemed better on Friday, so I skipped taking him to the doc. Saturday, he was just miserable and we decided to go to urgent care. Sure enough, he has a double ear infection. His first ever. I felt SO bad for him. He was beyond whiney and wanted to be held constantly. He barely has an appetite, which is not like him. He didn't seem any better yesterday. I'm hoping the meds will have kicked in by today. I had to cancel his well visit from last week because he had a fever. I'm anxious about taking him and seeing he hasn't gained much weight. The doc mentioned doing some testing when he turned 1 to see if theres a reason why he is so tiny. I'm going to call today and make it for later this week.

It rained all weekend and we are tired of being stuck inside!! Its supposed to warm up a bit this week and we cant wait to go to the zoo!!


Kriss said...

You know my story. I had my first gender scan at 18 weeks. The company I used had a great track record for gender results but our girl is a boy. 15 weeks is so early. Hoping your results don't change. It was so hard to take back all the girl things and the etsy things I ordered I will have to resell. :((

Bryan and Leslie Clark said...

I keep thinking about names. I'm trying to think of more names with a V in the middle. The only one I can think of is Ava. Wouldn't it be fun to have an A name and a B name for baby A and baby B?!?!

Ps. Little Monkey Bizness is $2 off if you wear green this week! We're going tomorrow!

beth ewing said...

Remember you thought Gavin was a girl for awhile. Hehe! We had one at 16 weeks and it was right.

Aaryn said...

I can't wait to see! It makes me want to find out, but I REALLY want to be surprised at delivery this time. Plus, even if I did find out at anatomy scan, we TRY to keep it a secret...I don't know, so torn, but I definitely can't wait to see what you end up with eeeeeeek!!!!!

jenn said...

I found out at 14 weeks with my 7year old son and My bff who has 3 yr old twin boys found out at 14 weeks too! We have an amazing place that does them here, the gal spent close to an hour making sure she was correct!