Friday, March 8, 2013

Birthday Party

Gavin's birthday was on Saturday. March 2nd. That happens to be Dr. Seuss' birthday. The day I had Gavin, I knew what his birthday theme would be. Before he even had a full name..

The party was amazing. It came together beautifully and everyone had a great time. My big regret is not taking enough pictures! I usually hand my camera off to Gavins Godmomma, but her daughter was sick at home, so she only stayed a few minutes. I didn't get a chance to ask anyone else to take over!

Another thing Id change would be having the party on his real birthday. I had doubts about having it that day back when I booked it. It just made sense, since it fell on a Saturday. I would have rather spent the whole day snuggling and loving on my baby. Instead, I spent the morning picking up the party items and had to share him with the guests. :) 

The party was from 2-5, so I kept food/drinks simple. I had water, punch and coffee. 
Food was mainly sweets!! Green eggs and ham pretzels, grapes(more green eggs, thats whats missing in the pic below), cat in the hat skewers..which were strawberries and marshmallows, cake pops, cotton candy, chocolate molds of #1 and the Lorax mustache, swedish fish and finally, cake!

Party favors were bags I bought at the $1 section from Target..when Gavin was about 2 months old. They were so perfect. Each bag had a Dr. Seuss coloring page and Dr. Seuss stickers. There was a box of crayons, bubbles and a ring pop. For the babies under 2, I got the Cat in the Hat stuffed animals from Kohls. I ordered gift tags from etsy. It said, "Today was good, today was fun. Thank you, thank you, everyone. -Gavin" I didnt get a close up of it.

I made the canvases using a book, canvases, mod podge and some red paint. I framed a few photos from his bday shoot and displayed them on the tables. I made a little note for everyone to sign his Birthday book.

Gavin was a ham at the party. He was in love with all of the balloons. He was super easy going and let everyone hold him and was happy the entire time. It was perfect!

I had a face painter come and originally, she was going to do all Dr. Seuss themed paint. She is super talented and I ended up telling her to do whatever the kids wanted.

I figured kids would be entertained enough between waiting to be painted and getting some cotton candy. They found ways to entertain themselves, too.

Gavins cake was made to look like a book. It was so rich and we had tons left over!

Above is the pic I am using for his thank you card. I usually do general ones with a photo. I kept with the theme and it says, "Dont cry because its over, smile because it happened." Another Dr. Seuss quote. :)

We waited until we got home to open gifts. Well, Gavin took interest in about 2 and then Trevor took over.

The whole day was a whirlwind. I am glad I get a break from parties for a while!


Bryan and Leslie Clark said...

The decorations look great! Again, you make everything look so easy!

Ashley said...

I love the picture you are using for the Thank You cards! Looked like Gavin had a blast and that's all that matters:)

Chelley N said...

SUCH a cute theme! I have two Feb babies, so I did a joint party this year. It was hard to come up with cute unisex decor. I told my hubs that next year we are doing Dr. Suess because it would be perfect for a boy and girl. I have a feeling I'll be referencing this post next year!!!

Kelly said...

What an awesome party mama!!

Juliann said...

Wow what a cute party. You are very talented..

Molly said...

So stinkin cute! I love the theme!