Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Thoughts that went through my head yesterday..

Finally! Twins!
I hope theyre both okay.
4 Kids under 4!
3 kids under 18 months!
3 kids in diapers!
3 cribs!
I will be huge.
I will be biggest in the summer.
We need a different car.
How will we arrange rooms?
I hope I can breastfeed them.
I cant wait to shop for matching outfits!
I dont want a c-section.
Tom needs this job more than ever before.
I love them so much.
Would they arrive in August or September?
Please let them be okay.
I cant wait to hear two heartbeats.
Would we be done having kids?
Imagine walking into the RE with 4 kids at home and asking for more!
We can find out the sexes in April.
This is a dream come true.

Also? Thank you all SO much for your support. I cant get over the amount of texts, personal emails, comments, etc..expressing your happiness for us. I love the stories shared, hearing about how you feel like you know me, the advice given, its all so wonderful. I appreciate each and every one of you for cheering on our family. I wish I could hug you, but a simple thank you will have to do.


Triple Threat said...

Awesome!! So excited for you and even with triplets and a singleton all 3 and under, you've totally given me baby fever worse now ;)
Much happiness to you and many hugs!!

Ashlee said...

So excited for you! I don't comment very often but I've been cheering for you since before Trevor! Thinking about you and hoping that everything goes exactly as you hope with the babies and Tom's job!

Christina said...

I thought about the 4 under 4 yesterday after I saw your post. It'll be fun when they're older to have siblings so close together in age though :)

Kay and Krystal said...

So I know this is random but I have read your blog for a while and I can't remember how I even found it in the first place. Anyways I'm so darn excited for you. I figured I would comment just to let you know how happy I am for your sweet family. It's funny when you found out your were pregnant with gavin I also was around a month pregnant and it's the same this time. I'm around 9 weeks right now, with 1!

Stace said...

It WILL be crazy. And exhausting.

But it will be amazing. (And diaper filled!) When our girls were born, we needed a bigger car too and put it off and off and off. We actually picked up our new van the day I was discharged from the hospital!

And as for being done having kids... it makes me laugh because I'm already thinking the same one with this one! Meaning... I'm thinking that I really don't want to be done yet. :)

I cannot wait for your to hear the heartbeats. And then for an amazing and perfect pregnancy. But with your 4 under 4. And my 4 under 4, they'll all be 12 before can ever actually arrange a meet-up!

Suzy said...

Such a heartwarming post. You deserve this awesome news! It is comforting to know that some "young" people still wish for many children. I have 5, the last of which just finished college. Your energy and attention to detail amazes me!

mom7 said...

You will do just fine. We had 7 (one about every 2 years) and what is one or two more diapers to change right?? :)

Praying for good news on hubby's job change and for you to be able to enjoy every moment! Twins, so amazing and it will be so fun.

Thanks for sharing your family with us.

JoyBelle said...

Ahhh it's a roller coaster, isn't it?! So many thoughts and so many things to work through and figure out (but oh so fun, too!). Don't rule out vaginal birth just yet; lots of mommies have twins without cesarean. No matter what you will all do terrific. You seem to have a great support system and medical team. BLESSINGS!!!

JB said...

I have been following awhile never commented, But congrats on TWINS and growing your family! Two girls would be great.

MINDYE said...

So very happy for your family. Praying and hoping for a very healthy sounding heart beat (x2)and for your husband's job.

Michelle Hurst said...

Hi! I don't comment much, but do enjoy reading your blog. Your blog today and all of your questions made me want to pass along another blog I follow to you. Megan had twins a little over a year ago and she gives tons of advice in her blog, so it may be helpful. It is www.inthiswonderfullife.com

Jill said...

It's going to be so awesome! So awesome!

Ashley said...

I have been thinking of you EVERY day!! From the early positive, I just knew you had to be pregnant with twins! This is going to be a crazy couple years but I know you wouldn't change it for the world! Best Birthday present!! Praying for those little babies to grow strong.

Relinda Brown said...
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Tracy said...

Ooh myy goodnesss!!! I can't believe I am just reading this now!! SO excited for you guys!!! Wow, I am so happy for your cute family!! How amazing!

Jen said...

I totally understand having lots of thoughts running through your mind! If I can ease your mind about one thing, it is that you absolutely CAN breastfeed twins. Especially since you had success with your singletons.

Try and take care of yourself. The first twelve weeks or so of the pregnancy are no joke! My advice for the nasuea is protein, as much as you can get!