Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One or Two?

5 days until my ultrasound and I am DYING to know what is inside me!!

Honestly? I think its twins. With such an early positive and nice, high betas, I know its a great possibility. However, I am trying not to get my hopes up. We have always hoped for twins in the past and never gotten them. When you start with 2 babies, of course, you want to see two sacs on the screen!

As long as there is a the right place..with a heartbeat..we will be over the moon!
Two would just be..icing on the cupcake. ;)


Carly said...

I have a sneaky funny feeling this one will be twins, too. And for the same reasons you explain - such a clear, dark positive that early and the nice high betas.

Can't wait for your ultrasound, I'm dying to know!!

Jill said...

There's something really special about a baby, but twins... that's just so cool. Can't wait to hear what's going on in there!

Buckany said...

Eek! So exciting! I can't even fathom twins but what fun to see how they grow together ;) Come on U/S!

Kalle said...

So exciting! I've not so secretly always wanted twins...though highly unlikely for us. Can't wait to hear.

Congratulations again!

Suzanne said...

I know everyone's beta levels are different but here are mine when I was pregnant with my twins. We did a 3-day transfer.

BFP!!!!!! - March 13 (6dp3dt)
Beta #1 - 348 (12dp3dt or 15 dpo)
Beta #2 - 2,008 (19 dpo)
Beta #3 - 3,925 (21 dpo)
First U/S (4/01/09) - TWINS!

I really hope it's twins for you! They are a blast!!!

juliane2004 said...

I think you've got twins. :) Specifically since you transferred two embryos :)

But, I do want to mention that it's not always the case with high betas to mean twins. Not to be a downer, just a realist.

With my 5th pregnancy (3rd baby, a singleton), I had the following betas:

153 @ 12 DPO
(yours was 173 @ 13DPO)

1242 @ 17 DPO
(yours was 593 @ 16 DPO)

But again, i do think you've got twins :)

juliane2004 said...

6th pregnancy*** not 5th

Breanna said...

I am so excited and happy for you Hun! I've been following you since before you got pregnant with #2 and have been rooting for you ever since! <3

Peaches xx said...

You used to say that you always wanted to have boy, boy, twin girls, another boy? I can't remember exactly... What if it wasn't a nice want, but an actual thing that would happen..?

I think you're right to be cautious, it could just be chance, and anything could go wrong as well.

Good luck
I'll be thinking about you :)

Allyson said...

Lurker here! I'm hoping you have twins as well, since that's what you are wanting! I had an early BFP (9DPO) and high betas (390@ 15DPO, and I believe 1200 something at 19DPO)...and one healthy kiddo! It would be awesome if you got your girl twins though!

Triple Threat said...

I'm a mom of triplets and a singleton and I'm super excited for you regardless!!
I hope you have two cupcakes baking in there, as like you said, you put two in, you naturally want to see two succeed!! So, I look forward to Monday for an update!!
Hope you're feeling well!!

"B" said...

Exciting to find out what you have in there... One is a miracle, two an even greater miracle. I will be watching for the update :)

KC said...

Can't wait to hear. I have been told that high numbers don't indicate twins but it sure did for me. Plus the fact that your were much lower previously so I think there is a great chance. Either way it is so exciting!!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Can't wait to find out!!! Our numbers were off the charts as well, as in triplet stages and DH was stroking out. Turned out there were 2 but Baby B had double bubble trouble. We couldn't be happier with our sweet AR though! I'm going to be doing some major blogstalking!

J said...


Cori said...

Twin girls for sure!!!! Grow babies grow!!!!

Holly said...

Hey Erin! Congrats! And I remember after my IVF and beta results when the nurse said "expect multiples" and I thought EKKK IT'S TWINS...never thinking it could possibly be anymore than that....and then much to my surprise we were the ONE PERCENT chance and got ya never know!!!! :) Can't wait to hear!!!!!

WantWait&Pray said...

My beta's were extremely low and I had twins....
9dp5dt- 107
11dp5dt- 175
17dp5dt- 775

I was actually brought in early becuase my beta's were on the low side that we didn't know if it was ectopic so we were VERY surprised at 5w6d to see that there were 2 sacs. So unfortunately beta's are not a telltale sign of anything other than the HCG going up or down depending on the pregnancy. We're told that over and over, but I can attest to it.
THAT BEING SAID, you seem to have a VERY healthy pregnancy thus far and one or two babies, you're blessed! Congrats to you, I pray this next week until the ultrasound goes fast and that you continue to feel great and that God would keep that little one/or two growing right on track!

Melissa said...

I'm sending you my twin baby girl dust! That would be awesome if it you said icing on the cake.

Mandy Campbell said...

So excited for you! New blog reader thought I would stop by and say hey!