Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hurry Up and Wait

I have a million and four thoughts running through my head. SO much catching up to do. I am tired, stressed and exhausted. Good luck to all reading this post. :)

1) Christmas was amazing. Hands down, best Christmas we have had. Time with Tommy was limited, as his job doesn't have holiday time. But, we loved sharing the joy with both kids and did so many fun activities and celebrations.

2) Today is FET day 33. I went to the doctor on Monday and my lining was 7.5, which is right on track. I had a little fluid, which has never happened before. Im a little worried, but they didnt seem concerned. I return on Saturday and if all is well, they will set me up for transfer next Thursday, January 10th. I'm hoping to go the the appointment, have a lining around 10 and get the go ahead. Tom is going to check tonight to see if he can get the night before off. Appointments are usually pretty early and he doesnt want me going alone. The nerves have officially kicked in. I want this to work SO bad. We are counting on it working.

3) Tom took a big step forward in the hiring process for his dream department. It would mean big, HUGE, changes for us. We are literally sitting by the phone, waiting on a good news call. Apparently, that is all we ever do. We have been stressed and terrified at the results since last week..anxious is an understatement. There is talk about the hiring date being the 14th, which is ideal. When he got the call, I said that in a perfect world, we would do the FET the 10th, he can start the 14th and we find out Im pregnant on the 18th. Potentially the biggest week of our life. Its so hard to have the two biggest parts of your future out of your control.

Hurry up..and wait. Story of our life. Hurry up..make big plans, have dreams. Then wait..wait for someone else to tell you its time for them to come true. Sigh!

4) Gavin turned 10 months today. TEN! Double digits. His birthday party planning is in full swing. This has been the biggest month of his life, developmentally. He now loves the bottle and drinks 18+ oz. a day, he sleeps through the night!, he added HI to his vocabulary. He has developed a love for music and dancing as well as a bit of a temper. Most importantly, he walks! He went from taking about 4 steps to all out walking the past few weeks. Its so cute and fun to watch.

5) Trevor is doing well and oblivious to all of the stress in our lives. He spends his days playing with his new toys, going on fun outings and growing his relationship with his brother. Every single day, he asks when we are going back to Disneyworld. Now that Tom works overnight, Trevor knows he can come into our bed and keep me company. Sometimes he climbs in during the middle of the nights, other times its early in the morning. He is such a snugglebug. He slides his body into the same nook of my body he loved as an infant. If I get uncomfortable and turn over, he climbs over me, quietly, and snuggles back in the same spot. Melt my heart.

Ill try to update with pics and will hopefully share good news soon!! On both topics!!


marymac1103 said...

God is in control. Don't go ahead of HIm.

asrubin10 said...

Hoping for good news!

Bryan and Leslie Clark said...

I can't wait to hear the good news!