Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Catch-Up

Christmas has come and gone and we had the best time. Im not going to lie, December 26th, Tom and I packed up all of the decorations, untrimmed the tree and were ready to move on. We did a lot of celebrating and were ready to close that door and move on to 2013.

We did so many fun things and I only have a few pictures to prove it. Ive found it to be hard to keep the nice camera handy with two mobile children. I am much better about quick posts and updates on instagram, thanks to my lovely iPhone. I never mesh the two together, but may need to start printing those pics and loading them here..

What did we do? 
Brookfield Zoo lights
Lincoln Park Zoo lights
Navy Pier childrens museum
Movie night at park district-Muppets Christmas carol
Gingerbread houses/Grinch night with friends
Visited the train display at the Morton Arboretum
...I think thats all...

Christmas Eve was a pretty normal day for us. Tom slept all day and the boys and I just hung out. He had to go to work from about 2-6 pm so we met him over at his Dads house for a get together. We exchanged gifts and had dinner and it was really nice. We went home, read Twas the night before Christmas and Santa came.

Tom got home around 8am and we managed to do presents in about 30 minutes. Trevor was really excited, while Gavin enjoyed his new teether toy. :) Trevor got a lot of different gifts..books, movies, Jake and the pirates toys, magnatiles, a Leappad2, etc. Gavin got a lot of board books, big boy toys..ball popper, activity garden, music table, etc. Tom slept the rest of the usual. It turned out okay. Gavin took a big morning nap, so Trevor and I built toys and watched the Disney parade. Then, Trevor took a big nap and Gavin and I played and I soaked in his 1st Christmas.

After Tom got up, we headed to my parents. The best word to describe it is chaos. Beautiful chaos. :) Its gifts for 18 people, 7 spoiled children, a yummy dinner by my brothers fiance and lots of love.

My favorite gifts this year were Country Thunder tix provided by my parents and swimming lessons for the boys provided by Toms dad. Anything that gifts us special time with our family/kids is the best. 

New Years Eve/day was low key, as well. Tom was at work at midnight, so no kissing here. We vowed to make up for it next year. We are 4 days into 2013 and my hopes are sky high. 


Jessica said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful holiday! The boys are adorable in their christmas jammies ;)

Abby Butts said...

You can use a service called ifttt to copy your Instagram pics to a Dropbox account. It makes it so easy to insert Instragram pics into your blog. If you want more info, email me at abby at beyondthedefaults (dot) com.

Kelly said...

I love hearing about all of the fun stuff you do with your family! I need some of your energy!

So glad you guys had a great Christmas. I hope 2013 is wonderful for you :)

Brad & Rachel said...

OMG, the picture of Gavin walking to Santa, I die! So cute!

Kelly said...

Looks like a great holiday! Love the pictures of the boys wrapped up in lights. I finally just took down all our decorations yesterday and I'm pretty sure I found the trigger to Seasonal Affective Disorder! Remind me to never "untrim" the tree on a bleak January day ;)

Stace said...

It was the best Christmas so far by far.

I have the same problem with pictures + mobile kids. I get a lot of photos of the kids eating or lounging before bed. :)

Thinking of you during the next few weeks!