Saturday, January 12, 2013


The 2 days since my transfer have been quite eventful. Yesterday, we had a normal day around the house and Tom took me on my birthday date a week early. I have been dying to go to RPM in the city since it opened. Tom made reservations weeks ago and I was so excited! We left the boys with our friends and had a fabulous night. The restaurant was cool and the food was phenomenal. We got done early and picked up the boys. Gavin had been fine since Wednesday night and all of a sudden he threw up all over the car. I hopped in the back seat as fast as I could. We felt so bad for him. We pretty much put the boys to bed and crashed ourselves.

2am rolls around and I woke up sick. I was instantly terrified for the babies. I threw up a few times and had a pounding headache. Tom felt sick too but never vomited. The entire day was spent in shifts, caring for the boys and napping. I finally felt better late afternoon when my headache was gone. Trevor ended up throwing up his dinner. I'm really hoping we all feel better tomorrow!!

I'm really hoping the cupcakes are fighters and can hold on tight in a less than ideal environment. I could really use a uterus cam right now...


Cady said...

I would love to go to RPM! We were thinking about going when we go to Chicago (hopefully) this summer, but I don't know that we could take Lucy. Oh well.

Mommy Mandy said...

Hope you all feel better soon! Hang in there cupcakes!