Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

....from our shark and his shark bait. ;)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winner and LOVE!

Its time for a giveaway winner!! I plugged the entries into and the winner is Jessica at Heart on Homestead. Email me at and Ill pass the info along. Congrats!

I ordered our Christmas cards tonight. SO happy to be on top of it!

Im still recovering/unpacking/trying to get back into a routine, including Toms new work schedule. Looking forward to tomorrows Halloween festivities.

I was sorting thru pics and almost forgot about this one. Makes my heart skip a beat. They are both MINE! I cant wait to line up more babies on Main Street..

Monday, October 29, 2012

Were BACK!


..and we are wiped.

10 day vacation + living at Disneyworld for 7 days + hot weather + 2 young children=exhaustion!

It was, without a doubt, one of the best weeks of our lives!

Many, many Disney posts coming. I dont want to forget a detail..Here is a jist of what our days were like..

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shutterfly {Giveaway}

We had our Christmas photos taken today. FINALLY! This was the third attempt. Two weeks ago, it was less than 50 degrees and I couldnt chance getting the kids sick. Last weekend, it rained. We had a chance to meet for an hour this afternoon and the weather was perfect. Gavin was pretty serious and obsessed with eating leaves. Trevor did well, after being bribed with a McFlurry. :) I hope we got some good pics..I cant wait to see!

As soon as I see our photos, I will choose 1-2 for our Christmas Cards. I have used Shutterfly for the past 5 years and I always love the results. I get compliments on our cards each and every year. I hope to get them mailed by December 1st. That way, people get to display them for as long as possible. 

Its safe to say I am in love with Shutterfly. I pay for the annual print plan and print hundreds of photos every few months. I love making the hard cover photo books after vacations. My Moms favorite gift is her yearly calendar we hang at the cottage. I could go on and on..

Shutterfly always has great deals, whether its a sale on a certain product, free shipping or email codes with free products. Check out there current offers here.

Shutterfly is offering one of my readers $50 your total order. This does not include shipping and can not be combined with other promotions.

To enter-leave a comment with your name and email address.

Giveaway ends October 29, 2012. I will announce a winner on October 30th.

Good luck!!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine. Thank you Shutterfly!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Appointment? Check!

I had my appointment today. I had my blood drawn for a thyroid check. It came back normal. Then, I had my hsg done. It took way longer than expected. She had to start over and re-position the catheter three times. Finally, it was in the right spot and my uterus looked good. :) She was looking at my ovaries and commented on how young they looked. They both had a ton of follicles. Still holding out hope we could get a vacation surprise..

The nurse is going to submit approval to our insurance company. We have consent forms in our email inboxes. A representative from the drug company will contact me with medication delivery info.

So, I wait for my next period and then decide if we will be cycling that month. It will really depend on when my period comes. I had long cycles after I had Trevor, so if it takes forever to come, I imagine we will move forward.

I cant believe we are here. I really cant.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

One & One

ONE week until we leave for Florida. We have been planning this trip all year and talking about it for months. Somehow, were almost there! We fly into Tampa with just our little family of 4 and will be staying overnight on St. Pete Beach. We have big plans of vising the condo where Toms grandparents used to live, meeting up with friends and their baby and putting our boys toes in the sand. Itll be a nice, relaxing way to start the trip. On Friday, we will go back to the airport to pick up my parents, since we are sharing a rental car. My sisters family is flying down with them and we will drive our two vans to Disneyworld!! My brothers will both be arriving on Saturday.

We have so much fun planned! We have reservations at Chef Mickeys for breakfast. Trevor will be turned into a pirate at Pirates League. We will attend Mickeys Not-So-Scary Halloween party. Gavin will get his first set of ears. We will start the boys vinylmation and pin collections.

I have lists all over the place. Places we must eat(thanks, Katie!!), souvenirs to purchase, photos to take, hours and parade times. We don't want to miss a thing.

ONE month until Trevor turns 3. I wanted to have a lot of his birthday plans taken care of before our trip and did a pretty good job! His gifts from us are purchased and wrapped. His invitations to his party will be mailed today. He is having a pirate party the day before his real birthday. Its at 11am on a Saturday, so I am hoping we will be cleaned up and packed up by late afternoon. We will head to the cottage overnight and go to Wisconsin Dells first thing in the morning on his birthday. We will spend Sunday and Monday at a waterpark hotel, celebrating the boy who made us parents. And trying to deal with the reality that we have a 3 year old..sigh..

Monday, October 8, 2012

Marathon & Moving Forward

Thank you all so much for the support in my last post. Much to my surprise, I ended up getting my period on Saturday. It is the first since Memorial Day. I called the doctor to schedule my two tests and was very disappointed when I didn't get a call back. I wasnt sure if the blood needed to be drawn on day 3, which is today. 

Yesterday was the Chicago Marathon and Tom ran it for the 3rd time. It got cold here, really cold. The forecast said low 50's and its always colder downtown. I got everything ready Saturday night and our alarms went off at 5:30am. We all felt like Gavin and did not want to get up. 

We used my brothers key card and parked at his building downtown. It was indoors and warm and a total lifesaver! Tom was off to the start and we hung around the car for a bit.

We bundled up and walked about 2 blocks to the 3 mile mark. We saw the first runners zoom by and waited patiently for Daddy. He was in corral L and it took a while. I wore Gavin all morning and he caught a little nap. Trevor people watched from the stroller.

After we saw Daddy, we made a potty break and headed back to the car. Speaking of potty breaks, day 1 of my period was normal. Yesterday, was insane. I had to keep finding bathrooms and waiting in line because I was bleeding so heavily. 

Anyway, I fed Gavin breakfast in the stroller and then we camped out in our trunk for a bit. I put a blanket and some toys down. Trev ate a snack and watched Rio. It worked perfectly!

A while later, we bundled up again and went right in front of the building to the 12ish mile marker. We brought Tom a banana and bar. His knees were already giving him trouble, so he let me know he would be slowing down soon.

I had thought about hopping on the eL and seeing him around mile 23. It was too cold and would have been a lot of work with the boys. A lot of places just arent stroller friendly. Instead, we did a little sight seeing. We went to the bean and walked through Millennium park after having lunch at Subway.

At this point, I was wiped. Gavin fell asleep in the Ergo and Trevor fell asleep in the stroller. I sat in the 40 degree weather for about 2 hours, waiting for Tom to finish. It was brutal. My phone was losing battery quickly since I was getting so many texts and I had the camera open most of the day. It ended up dying before Tom finished and I had to borrow a strangers phone to call and find him. We walked back to the car and were so happy to be on the way home.

He finished at 5:31. He was just glad to finish. He is hanging up his marathon hat for a while. He says he is like the Bulls..a 3-peat will take a few years off. :) His knees just cant handle it.

I love that my boys have such an amazing Daddy to look up to!!

So, today, I called the clinic first thing in the morning. I am all set to have my TSH blood draw and my HSG done next Monday!! Then, I am free to move forward as soon as I'm done nursing and get another period. I am SO excited. I just need to keep Gavin nursing until we get back from Florida and then if the kid wants to stop, I will stop forcing him. I am hoping to cycle in December. EEK!

I did find it funny that I got my period about 2 weeks before Florida/Toms super long vacation. If we have ever had a chance to get pregnant on our own, this is it. So, we will try like hell. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Baby Fever

...I have it. And its about 103.

Ive gone from being okay waiting until Gavin was about a year to start the FET process wanting to start ASAP! It could be that Gavin is growing up so quickly..crawling, feeding himself, etc. It may be the happiness Ive felt as two girlfriends recently got pregnant with assistance. One via FET and one through a surrogate(which is so cool to be a "part" of the process!). It may be the little ache in my heart in wishing that we could get pregnant on our own. Because  I assure you, after 16 days together while Tom is off work, there would be a bun in the oven.

Ive made a plan. Kinda, sorta, maybe Ill go through with it..

Gavin barely nurses and that is all thats holding me back. I am thinking I will continue feeding him through October and use all of November to pump and build more of a frozen stash. I am considering that on Dec 2nd, I will nurse him for the last time. He will be 9 months old. Then, I can use my frozen stash to get him to a year. I may need to supplement with one bottle of formula/day. I'm trying to convince myself that would be okay.

I'm sad because I said that I would nurse Gavin as long as he wanted to, even if that was past a year. He doesn't like to drink and I cant help that. At least with bottles all day, I will be able to monitor his intake better. If he gets breastmilk until age 1, thats all that should matter. I'm still struggling with the decision.

I would love to do the FET in December or January. Im curious to see how this all works out..

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Gavin turned seven months yesterday. I havent done a big update on him since four months. There have been  so many changes since then. Heres a catch-up..

Gavin started crawling just before six months. Now, he crawls super fast and pulls himself up on everything. His strength amazes me. He will pull up on the couches, your pant leg, a toy on the ground, the chairs, anything.

He loves Baby Einstein movies and usually watches one a day.

He is small. Really small. I took him two weeks ago to his 6 month checkup and he was 14 lb, 10oz-8%ile, and 261/8 inches-45%ile. He dropped down a bit on the weight chart. 

Heres the thing..he doesnt like to drink. He never cries to nurse. I am the one sitting down to remind him to eat. When he does nurse, he almost always refuses my right side and will never nurse more than 10 minutes.  Weve been giving him a bottle before bed for the past 3ish weeks and were lucky if he downs 3-4 oz. He will drink an ounce and look at us like, "I did it!"...and the next ounces we struggle to get him to eat. Weve tried different bottles. Weve tried formula. The kid doesnt like to drink. The doctor said he should be getting 22-24 oz of milk a day and I felt so bad because there is no way he is getting anywhere near that. Its not for lack of effort. Any suggestions in this department are welcome!

On the other hand, he loves to eat. We bumped him up to three meals a day to try and fatten him up. He has oatmeal with breastmilk and a fruit in the morning, yogurt or a veggie at lunch with some Baby Mum aka surfboards, and a meal jar or veggie for dinner. He just figure out how to feed himself, always with his left hand!, and prefers that above all. He has loved all real food weve offered. Bananas, avocado, pasta, peas, etc.

Carriage ride downtown. This boy has used many modes of transportation.

He spends most of his time playing on the floor, since he is so mobile. However, he loves the jumperoo and will still enjoy the exersaucer. The swing is just about done. 

Gavin is a total goof. He makes this silly laugh when he wants to make you smile..and him and Trevor playing are a hoot. Trevor will run in circles and Gavin will crawl as fast as he can and laugh so hard.

Their love for eachother is so beautiful to watch. Gavin lights up around Trevor. 

Gavin loves to be worn in the Baby K'tan or Ergo. He likes to be held in general. He could sit on my right hip all day and be content.

He babbles all day. Mostly Mama, Dada.

We moved him up to size 2 diapers. He fits great in 3-6 month and some 6 month clothes.

Oh yes, and he had his first Oreo. That mark is rugburn from when he was starting to crawl.

Half birthday presents!

He sat in the big boy high chair for the first time and LOVED it. He was in awe at the Choo-Choo restaurant.

We started what we call bedtime bootcamp about 2.5 weeks ago. I was sick of the bedtime shenanigans and having no downtime before bed. Now that summer is gone and were home almost every evening, it was time to get into a routine. We do 6pm dinner, 6:30 bath, 7pm books/bottle for Gavin and 7:30 in bed. It has been wonderful. Every once in a wild, Trevor will still come out a few times. When he does, he isnt able to watch a show in the morning. Gavin never cries when he goes to bed. Sometimes it takes him a bit to fall asleep because he is too busy standing up and laughing at Trevor. His sleep hasnt improved because of this. He was still getting up a bunch at night. HOWEVER, the last 2 nights, he slept until 4ish, ate for 10 minutes and went back to bed until 7am!! I am crossing my fingers we are turning a corner here!!

He goes back down for his morning nap easily around 9am. Sometimes, he fights the second nap a bit. He gets a third, short nap in later in the day..before dinner usually.

No teeth yet! Which I am a-okay with!

Gavin loves the water, just like big brother. One day, I put him in the bath without the infant seat and let him crawl. He did awesome and that is now how we bathe him. He explores the bath, plays with toys, stands up on the side, never slips and falls..he is so stable. Were hoping to do swim lessons in the next few months.

Disney on Ice..he went nuts. LOVED it, smiled and talked the whole time.

Ran Mama's first 5K with her! 

Those eyes still get me. They are so blue and so perfect. 

His hair still growing in..slowly.

Gavin always sleeps in his crib-naps and nighttime. He has 2 blankies he likes and always sleeps on his belly.

He is a total pacifier baby. He uses the Mam brand.

Gavin is happy 99% of the day. He really is a joy to be around. Everyone is crazy about him. The kids I babysit, his cousins, his parents. He is loved every second of every day.

We are really looking forward to his 1st big vacation-where all of the bedtime progress weve made will be thrown out the window! And, of course, his first holiday season.