Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Twelve random thought as on 12-12-12:

1) Only 3 birth control pills left! I had my weeks off in my head and was thinking Id get the lupron bleed around Christmas. I should get it a few days after stopping bc on Saturday. Woo hoo for moving forward!
2) I took the boys to Navy Pier today. They had $12 parking so we took advantage and went to the Childrens museum. It was a blast.
3)Trevor has turned a corner recently. I had been joking for months about wanting to look back and say we made it through that terrible stage. Here I am; we made it! He is back to my sweet, loving, well behaved boy and I love it!
4)Gavin is sleeping! Finally! It feels amazing to hear him at 6 or 7 am, rather than 2 or 3.
5)Speaking of sleeping, Tom has been working the overnight shift since we got back from Florida. Im not a fan of sleeping alone, but its been okay. Weve adjusted our life to the schedule and its working.
6)No news on the police job front.
7)Tom has been working out at work and eating better. Its about time I got on the bandwagon, so I started the 30 day shred today. Ive been unhappy with my body since Gavin and when you add in winter and the holidays, I cant let it get any more out of control. Hopefully I can stick with it!
8)Still no snow in Chicago. I love the snow, as long as its on the weekend when we dont have to be anywhere. :) Im hoping it comes soon because I know Trevor will go nuts.
9)Both boys gifts are done and wrapped. Tom is done, too. I need to get a few friends and family members done, maybe this weekend.
10)A little over a month until my birthday. I do not like getting older.
11)Yesterday, I was told 5 times how small Gavin is. I KNOW, people. We were at Monkey Bizness and he was crawling around and pulling up and walking holding my hands. Every Mom asked how old he was and had the comment about how tiny he is. I believe its because they think hes older since he is so steady. He was 15 lb. 12 oz. at 9 months..less than 3rd %ile.
12)I wish I could see into the the day were in an ultrasound room..seeing a heartbeat or two. :)


Melissa said...

My one twin is between 11-12 pounds at 5 months old. She is less than 3% as well. Once when I had the twins together in the double stroller someone asked me if one baby was older than the other. That's how different they are in size.

Good luck with your IVF cycle! We're done with IVF, so blessed that it worked each time for us and that we got a 2 for 1 our last cycle-ha!

Hope you see a positive pregnancy test soon!

Brandi Buehrer said...

Just like the comment from Melissa. I have twins b/g from and IVF cycle and they were born at 34 weeks. My son was 5 lbs and my daughter was 2 lbs. They are now 10 1/2 months old and my son weighs 25 lbs and my daughter is 14 lbs. When I have the kids together in the stroller, I hear how much older is he? Are they twins? He is so much bigger. Good Luck with everything and I wish you the best.

Brittany said...

Your story touches my heart! I'm praying for you!

Unknown said...

I have b/g twins, and my boy is 38 lbs and my girl in 23 lbs at 15 months. I also have a 3 year old. When I say I have twins people automatically assume that my 3 year old son and my 15 month old are the twins. At birth (38.2 weeks) they weighed 7.14, and 7.01, and were both 20 inches, now my boy has 4 inches in height and 15 pounds on his baby sister. I am praying for you guys!

Jodi said...

I may as well add my b/g twin info. My son is 3 inches shorter and 5 lbs lighter then my daughter yep people have no problem telling me in front of him how short he is or that they couldn't tell tehy were twins cause he is so small