Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Happenings

Were only 10 days into December and we have been taking full advantage of the most wonderful time of the year. We kicked things off on November 29th at Bass Pro shop. We love visiting Santa there every year and this was the best yet. Going on a Thursday, so early in the season was a great idea. A little pat on the back for myself. :) We went around 5pm and there was no line for Santa. We met with our friends and their 4 boys. We were able to get a picture of our kids, their kids and then one all together. They give you a free photo they take and allow you to take as many with your camera as you want. We walked away with 3 free pics. My boys love Santa and they came out so cute! Not to mention, he is an authentic Santa and takes time to talk to the kids.

The boys played with the trains and climbed on the 4-wheelers. Then, we rode the free carousel. That was new this year!

After our visit, we walked across to the mall to watch the light show. At the promenade, they play three songs and flash the lights along with it. There are lights along the top of stores as well as a huge tree. It was very entertaining. The kids ran around and loved it. It was a warm night, so that was great.

After the show, we drove over to one of our favorite restaurant, Red Robin. We are quite the scene with 6 boys, 5 of which are under 5. They are all well behaved and we had a great time.

Our absolute favorite activity in December is the Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier. It is the most magical place in Chicago. It is decorated beautifully and the atmosphere is so much fun. Its free to walk around and if you want to enjoy the activities, you purchase a wristband. Tom and Trev got wristbands. We were a little disappointed because they changed some of the height requirements since last year and Trevor wasn't able to do as much. He enjoyed the jump houses, train ride, carousel, ball pit, etc. We packed a lunch and ate there, pushing past nap time. Gavin crawled around and people watched and passed out just before we left. It was a great day and we are glad to have scratched it off our holiday to-do list. 

See how tired Gavin is in the above picture? THAT is how I feel these past few days. I don't know if its the meds or the dreary weather, but I am wiped by about 5pm. Gavin has been sleeping well, so I should be better off than Ive been in oh, 9 months. I have that newly pregnant exhaustion and I'm not even pregnant yet.  


Triple Threat said...

Adorable! I love this time of year too and there are so many fun things to do too =) Did I notice Trevor wearing shoes that looked like police cars? Cute! Anyway, as always, your boys are adorable! Hope you're feeling well!!

Bryan and Leslie Clark said...

We're headed to Winter Wonderfest this weekend and I'm so excited! That's sad about the height requirements. Jackson did almost everything last year so he'll be sad when he can't this year.

Marianne said...

Your boys are simply the most adorable kids ever!

Justin and Marcie said...

I love that picture of him sleeping on you. Adorable! I miss when they sleep on you :(