Monday, December 3, 2012

Gavin-9 Months

Gavin turned 9 months old yesterday. NINE months! We are 3/4 of the way through his first year and I can not believe it. Nine months in, nine months out. It amazes me when you compare the two. I booked the room for his first birthday party and now the planning will begin!

Gavin is still our peanut. He weighs less than 16 lbs. He goes for his check up on Wednesday, so Ill know exactly. He has gotten taller lately. He is skinny and fits in 3-6 month clothes, but now they are too short for him.

He really fits well in 6 months and 9 month clothes. He wears shoes more often now and his socks never stay on his feet! He is in size 2 diapers and will be for a while.

Gavins nicknames are Gavy-goo, Gooners, G-Unit, Tiny, and anything else we come up with that day. :)

His eyes. Oh, his eyes. They make my heart melt every minute. He gets complimented on them constantly.

He got a tooth! Just before 9 months, same as big brother. Its the bottom left and the right will be there soon. And we knew he was teething. With Trevor, I would notice a tooth and realize thats why he was a bit fussy. Gavin was not a happy camper and let us know it hurt. He also gets messy diapers, so that adds to him being uncomfortable.

Gavin is extremely healthy and hasnt had more than a runny nose. Even when other illness has come into our home, he dodged it. Must have gotten my immune system. :)

His first word was Mama, followed by Dada. 

Gavin is so stable and will walk soon. He can stand on his own for a bit, but then he throws himself forward and falls down. But, if you walk while holding his hands, he can walk perfectly for hours.

Gavin is the most loving baby ever. He is a Mamas boy, but he is crazy about his Daddy. When Tom walks in the house in the morning, Gavin makes this cute noise and crawls to him as fast as he can. He adores Trevor, too. He loves to be held, to snuggle and rub his head on you. He is a people person.

I always joke that he is our little puppy dog. Why? 1) He cleans up under the table after we eat. 2) He sits at your feet and whines until you give him attention. 3) He is very forgiving. If Trevor is in a timeout because he hurt Gavin, G is there right away..laying on him and giggling. Case and point!

Gavin is very ticklish. His inner thighs and feet are the most!

Gavin loves the bath and splashes the whole time. He recently started putting his mouth in to blow bubbles aka lick the water.

He still takes 3 naps a day. One around 9 am and the second is based on how long the first nap is. He will sleep 30-40 minutes before dinner and then goes to bed around 7:30/8.

His nighttime sleep is still unpredictable. There have been a few nights where he slept through! Sometimes, he wakes and I feed him and hes back out minutes later.

Gavin has been much better taking the bottle. He uses the Tomee Tipee bottle and I got he faster flow nipple and that helped! I am thankful for this because he will be on bottles 100% in a day or two.

The boy LOVES food. He eats 3 meals a day and could quite possibly eat in between. He mostly eats real food..there are only a few jars he really cares for. He does have a yobaby yogurt for lunch nearly every day. He loves all food..he hasnt turned anything away. If you are try to eat something in front of him, he is yelling from the high chair or crying for it at your feet. His favorite food thus far has been alfredo pasta. He was screaming for more, we couldnt cool and cut it fast enough!

He is still pretty bald. His hair is growing..slowly and more in the back.

He loves music and dances along. I taught him to rock back and forth when I sing Row row row your boat, so cute! 

Gavin waves, shakes his head yes and no, and raises his arms up for so big!

His newest and greatest trick is giving kisses. He says Mmmwwwaaaaaahhhh so lout and enthusiastic. Its adorable!

He is happy. So, so happy. He is an easy going baby that is up for any adventure. Its more fun to go kid places now that he can join in on the fun.

I cant forget about his dimple. Right there, left cheek. Its scrumptious!

I look at Gavin and wonder how one tiny little man can bring so much to our family. We were happy before him, but this is a whole new level. He has added more to our family than I ever thought possible.