Saturday, December 22, 2012

FET Day 22

Well, I ended up going to the doctor for blood and ultrasound today. Everything looked great and Im instructed to lower my lupron dosage to 5 units and add an estrace at night. I up to two estrace a day starting Thursday and take the leap to 6 a day starting next Monday. I dont have to go back to the office until that Monday, New Years Eve.

I asked the nurse about the date of the actual FET and found out it will for sure be the 10th, since Dr. M will be out of town on the 3rd. My office always does a beta 8 days post. That puts it at Friday, January 18th.

My birthday.

I am not sure how I feel about that. I hope its a good sign. Im really happy to know the date and to have instructions for the next 9 days. It still amazes me how laid back a frozen cycle is.

19 days until FET.

27 days until Beta.

3 days until Christmas. :)


Cady said...

My beta with Lucy was on my birthday. I knew it would make my birthday either the worst day or best day ever from then on. But, I tried to think of it as the latter, and it was! :)