Sunday, December 2, 2012

December First

Yesterday was a good day. A really good day. 

I got up early to head to the doctor. I called to let them know I was going crazy being so late, so they suggesting getting some blood work done to see what was going on. I was back home before 9 and the fun began.

We started the day with some gifts to kick off the month. Things the boys can enjoy until Christmas..they each got an ornament, 2 books, and jammies. They also got the Little People Santa sleigh to share. 

After they opened gifts, we made a stop to Home Depot for the workshop. This month it was a picture frame. We look forward to the 1st Saturday of the month..the projects never disappoint and you cant beat free.

We left HD and went to the tree farm to chop down our 1st Christmas tree. It was fun searching for the perfect one. After walking for about 15 minutes, we found one we were happy with. Tom sliced his finger with the saw..luckily, it wasnt too deep of a cut. Thats our family, keeping things interesting!!

See all the blood on his finger? Poor Daddy!

We went home, ate a quick lunch and put the boys down for a nap. Tom and I were super productive and got the tree up, put lights on it and decorated the rest of the house. The tree is the perfect size, tall enough and wide, too! When the boys got up, we put the ornaments on the tree.

Then, we went on the Polar Express! Our park district does this event every year and we buy tickets way in advance. We dressed the kids in jammies and went to the PD to hear the story. We walked across the street to the train tracks and hopped on the Metra toward the "North Pole" aka the most west station. While waiting in line, the nurse called me with my blood results. There was no evidence of ovulation, so I got the okay to start birth control that night. FINALLY! December 1st=day 1 toward baby #3. Trevor enjoyed the ride there while Gavin caught a nap.

The North Pole had Santa, milk and cookies and live music.

We rode back home and hung out the rest of the night. Swallowing that tiny pill made me so happy. We are thrilled to be moving forward! I spent some time looking at my past cycles on the blog and FET usually takes about 5 weeks from day 1 of cycle to transfer. Were looking at early January. My nurse said she would call me tomorrow with more specific instructions. I should start lupron on Thursday. SO SO SO happy!!


CC said...


I'm thrilled you're moving towards baby 3! I also love the pictures of your Christmas outings with the boys. So wish we had a Polar Express activity in GA!


mj said...

Yeah for baby number 3!! Once again I love the boys outfits! I will have to go check them out for my nephew. You and yoru hubby are the best parents. I hope we can be as creative and fun with our little girl as she grows up.

teacherJillK said...

That is so exciting! Your family is just precious. I love seeing all of your fun adventures! Baby number 3! Woo Hoo! :)

beth ewing said...

isn't it funny that something like not ovulating can make you happy. i mean that would have torn you (or any of us) apart before but now you've accepted it and are just glad to get started on a new cycle. and we're all glad you can start too. it just struck me how things change once you start fertility treatments. of course i stopped believing i could get pregnant and look what happened. hopefully one day it will happen to you too.

Chelley N said...

So happy for you that you can move forward! Your boys get more adorable every time you post photos of them!

Stace said...

Yes! What a great way to begin December!!! Crossing my fingers for you that this is the start of something else amazing!

Sarah said...

yeah for the journey to #3! And those cheeks on Gavin! AAh, I bet you just smooch those all the time :)