Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Things I dont want to forget about Christmas 2012...

1) Trevors love of Christmas music. He has learned so many lyrics and can sing a ton of songs. He loves Frosty, Drummer boy and Jingle Bells.

2) Gavins favorite song is Jingle Bells. As soon as is comes on or you start singing it, he sways his shoulders back and forth and claps.

3) Our tree. This is the first year we have a full size tree and its real! It is beautiful and perfect. Everyone thats come over cant believe its not fake. The boys have been great about leaving it alone. We didnt have to gate it off.

4) Trevors excitement about our family ornament. We had one made at the mall..its a little black bear family with 2 kids on a sled. They wrote our names on it and Trevor loves it. He has shown it to everyone and must have asked 50 times who is who on the ornament.

5) The boys love Santa! I think Disney was a good intro to people in suits. :) Gavin never cried while on his lap. Trevor loved him too. Although, he was a little shy about talking to him and saying what he wants for Christmas. His answer was "car things".

6) Last night, we started a new tradition and drove to see an outdoor light display. We put the boys in jammies, I sat in the back with them and we sang along to Christmas carols(even Daddy!). The lights were fun to see.

7) We tried to teach Gavin to say Ho-ho-ho. His vocabulary is limited to Mama, Dada, Mwah, and it didnt happen. However, he bounces his body up and down a bit as you would if you said Ho-ho-ho.

8) Trevor has really enjoyed our elf, Chippy. We didnt do anything crazy with him this year. He simply moved around our house each night. Trevor loved finding him in the morning. He is very informed and will tell you Chippy has magic and can fly and you can NOT touch him.

9) Trevors favorite movie is Polar Express. His favorite books to read have been the two Olivia Christmas ones we have.

10) This has been the most magical Christmas yet and it isnt even over! Seeing the magic of Chriytmas through a 3 year olds eyes is something special. Being able to experience a 1st Christmas again is the cherry on top.

We checked everything off our holiday to do list except the Lincoln Park zoo lights, which we plan to see next week. We loved every minute of celebrating the season. I cant wait to see the boys tomorrow morning when they see the gifts under the tree.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


Chelley N said...

Such a great idea to list the things that are easily forgotten, but that make Christmas so special! I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday!

rakhiwriter79 said...

great idea. thank you so much for sharing.