Friday, November 16, 2012

Questions Answered!

1) Ideally, how many children do you want?
Yes how many children do you think you guys ultimately want?
How many kids do you and Tom hope to have (taking in your fertility issues)? 
This question was asked the most. :) I have ALWAYS wanted a big family. Even when we found out we were infertile, I never asked for just one baby, as some do. I wanted start. I want 5 kids. Tom wants 4. We said that if we were to get twins this next round, 4 would be it. We dont want to play with fire and risk having 6. 
Ya know how when youre younger, you map out your ideal family in your head? I always wanted 5 kids, 2 years apart. Additionally, my "perfect family" consisted of boy, boy, twin girls and a baby boy. We are 2/5ths of the way there.

2) What other names would you consider for future kids? (I love baby names!) 
This is a tough one! If we have a boy next, I feel like we need to continue with the V trend. TreVor and GaVin both have it. The only name I kinda like is DaVis. I feel like I could get away from the V if we have a girl next. Ironically, my favorite girl name right now is MaeVe. 
Names a big deal and boy names are so hard. Tom still likes Hadley for a girl. A lot of the names I like are super popular right now and I am not willing to do that.

3) How is the current living situation working? Didn't you guys just move to a new home?
We moved into a rental home last February. It has been great! We love the fenced yard, basement playroom, location, etc. Its only 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It works for now, but I dream of a bigger house in the next few years. 
4) Without going into too many personal financial details, how are you guys able to afford to do so many fun things with your kids? Does your husband just make a lot of money, or do you coupon or what is your secret? I am a stay at home mom of twin 19 month olds, and my husband makes a decent living, but there isn't enough for nice vacations and stuff!
Lets see.., Tom makes decent money and works extra jobs(1 in the winter, 3 in the summer) for extra income. I work too, babysitting in our home. I do coupon weekly and we shop at Sams Club for most of our items. We dont buy our kids clothes(very often), they are all handed down from my sister. 
We have passes to the zoo, arboretum and childrens museums. I purchase groupons often for a lot of the fun outings we have. When we go out, we usually pack our lunches. All the little things add up quickly..
As far as our big vacation, we saved for over a year! Disney was our one big vacation of 2012. Every holiday, we asked for Disney gift cards..and boy, did they add up! There were some in the boys Easter baskets, Mothers and Fathers day gifts, etc. We stayed on military property which is way discounted. We shared a car with my parents. We packed snacks and brought in bottled water. Again, little things can make something like Disney affordable!
I love taking vacations and think they are very important. The memories you make during those days are irreplaceable and worth every cent!
5) Yay! I have the same stroller you do (because I copied off of you) and I am wondering if you take it on your trips and fly with it. I am worried about gate checking it when we fly because the seats have to be taken off. Also, I'm worried that it might get stolen at amusement parks since it's such an expensive stroller. Do you just rent one there?
We love our stroller too, but did NOT take it on vacation. We actually borrowed a friends city mini double, which is the stroller you can rent at Disney. Our stroller comes apart in too many pieces and would have been a pain collapsing many times a day. I would highly recommend checking your stroller when you check your bags at the airport. They put it in a giant bag, protecting it from most damage. You dont have to collapse it to go through security. Tom and I checked everything except our carry ons and I wore Gavin in the ergo. It was perfect!
6) Also, how do you stay so positive about your travels? You always seem to have so much fun. When I took ONE kid to Disney, it was way too much, so overwhelming (he didn't nap and threw major tantrums) and we swore we wouldn't go back again until our kids were older. You got back from your trip and said it was the best week ever. Maybe I need some Xanax. :)
 You do so many things (vacations, cabin, festivals, parades, train visit), how do you manage this with breastfeeding, naps, tantrums, etc?
These two go together, I think. Our kids have been on the go from day 1. Gavin was at a birthday party 48 hours after he was born. We decided a long time ago that having kids would not slow us down. We are young and fun and want our kids to be a part of it! 
I have no problem breastfeeding in public, with my cover. I don't think twice. My kids both take naps in the stroller or in the ergo. No problems there. There were a few frustrating times at Disney, where Trevor was not cooperating and needed to be disciplined. You better believe we put him in a time out on the wall. We simply parent on the go, as we would at home. Long days, like the Thomas day out we had the mentality of having a great time until Trev couldn't take it any more. I remind myself that the kids are young and sometimes, they call the shots. For the most part, we enjoy everything we do!
I didnt have to deal with this too much, considering all of my friends were worried about where to go drink Friday night, when I was wondering why I wasnt pregnant yet. I reminded myself that I didnt want to be a different person because of my infertility. I didnt want to miss out on a friends kids birthday party because of it. I didnt want infertility to define me. I sucked it up and went. I put on a smile for the occasion or visit and to be honest, sulked about it later. Tom and I tried to put a positive spin on it and would talk about how that would be us soon and we couldnt wait to raise our kids with them. Guess what? We are doing just that!

10) Also, how long from the time you started trying until you found out you had infertility? 
We started trying and January 2007 and I knew something was off by July. I expressed my concern at the gyno Feb 2008 and started seeing my RE in May.

11) Once you had a diagnosis, how long until baby #1?? 
I started seeing my RE in May 2008 and was pregnant in February 2009.

12) What is your "diagnosis"? I do not ovulate due to PCOS that I never knew I had until we went in 9 months into trying...
We have unexplained infertility. We have had every test performed again and again and they have not found anything wrong with Tom or me. We just cant make babies on our own.


Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing all the information! You have a great family and are very blessed. I hope my husband and i are blessed with babies too, i feel we would do the same and save and ask for gift cards to keep vacationing because it is important and the priceless memories you get from the smiles on their faces!

Bryan and Leslie Clark said...

Thanks for taking the time for that! It was fun to read it all.

Ashley said...

Thanks for posting this! I always like hearing other thoughts on topics.

Allie said...

Thanks for posting!!!