Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post a Day-Q & A

I want to challenge myself and do a post a day in November. I figure this is the easiest month, since I need to talk about our vacation, a little boy turns 3 and the holidays are a-comin'!!

I haven't done a question and answer post in a long time. So, ask away! I have always been an open book and will answer just about anything! The possibilities are endless. Marriage, our children, future plans, infertility, Disney, etc..

What do you want to know!?

Post questions here and I will get the answers up next week.

Tomorrow, Ill be back with Days 1 & 2 of vacation...traveling South and St. Pete Beach!


Hannah said...

First of all, your children are just precious!

Ideally, how many children do you want?

Jordyn Nadler said...

Can I just say your family is beautiful and your story is inspiring? I love "Q&A" posts because I feel like it helps clear up some questions and the blog author can answer as little or as much as they want!

1) How many kids do you and Tom hope to have (taking in your fertility issues)?

2) What other names would you consider for future kids? (I love baby names!)

3) How is the current living situation working? Didn't you guys just move to a new home?

Missy said...

Without going into too many personal financial details, how are you guys able to afford to do so many fun things with your kids? Does your husband just make a lot of money, or do you coupon or what is your secret? I am a stay at home mom of twin 19 month olds, and my husband makes a decent living, but there isn't enough for nice vacations and stuff!

Bryan and Leslie Clark said...

Yay! I have the same stroller you do (because I copied off of you) and I am wondering if you take it on your trips and fly with it. I am worried about gate checking it when we fly because the seats have to be taken off. Also, I'm worried that it might get stolen at amusement parks since it's such an expensive stroller. Do you just rent one there?

Also, how do you stay so positive about your travels? You always seem to have so much fun. When I took ONE kid to Disney, it was way too much, so overwhelming (he didn't nap and threw major tantrums) and we swore we wouldn't go back again until our kids were older. You got back from your trip and said it was the best week ever. Maybe I need some Xanax. :)

Loving and Living said...

I love reading your posts about your precious family!

You do so many things (vacations, cabin, festivals, parades, train visit), how do you manage this with breastfeeding, naps, tantrums, etc?

Just Believing said...

Yes how many children do you think you guys ultimatley want?

How much more onfertility coverage do you guys have for insurance ! Admittedly slightly jealous of your awesome insurance!

nursekimbrough said...

The money thing is my question, too!

Allie said...

Aside from infertility being a struggle on its own, I started struggling in my friendships. All of our friends have children except us. I hate when it seems like that's all they have to talk about. I know one day it'll be all I want to talk about too, I just wish they were slightly more sensitive since they have conversations my husband and I can't participate in ((and not for lack of trying)).

How did you deal with friends and their babies? ((I hope this doesn't sound bad, I love all the children in my life. I just want one too.))

Also, how long from the time you started trying until you found out you had infertility?

Once you had a diagnosis, how long until baby #1??

What is your "diagnosis"? I do not ovulate due to PCOS that I never knew I had until we went in 9 months into trying...