Monday, November 5, 2012

Pirates League

After our short time at the hotel, we did the walk back to the monorail. On the way, we spotted an alligator! Tom was really hoping we would see one in the water on Shades of Green grounds and he was happy to show Trevor a real, live gator! You can see it on the right of the picture..

Asleep on the monorail, again! They really needed this nap. 

So, we get into Magic Kingdom and head straight back to Pirates League, where they transform ordinary little boys into pirates for the day. I had Trevor watch Pirates of the Caribbean before we left. I wanted him to like pirates, rather than be scared of them. Well, hes fallen in love with pirates and Jack Sparrow.

We arrived about 20 minutes before our 3pm appointment. I let Trevor sleep until 2:50 and then started to wake him so he was ready. We waited outside for over a half hour and they finally called his name. It was great inside. They gave him a pirate name and sat us in the room where we watched other transformations being made and waited his turn. They called us at 3:52. I was pretty irritated at that point. I would have let Trevor sleep a lot longer if I knew they were that backed up. I had to nurse Gavin while Trev was getting his face done. It wasnt ideal, thats for sure.

The before

The process was really cool. Trevor got to choose among six different pirate faces. He first said the skeleton one, but he would have had paint on his eyes/mouth. We steered him away from that and he chose the Jack-type make-up. After his make-up application, he got a bandana, eye patch, earring(I couldnt believe he left that on, he actually liked it!), a sash and a sword. They announced him as a new pirate and sent us into a secret room, where he took a few pictures and was given a special treasure necklace.

As we were checking out, I realized we missed the parade of all the children dressed up. I was disappointed for Trevor. I asked the cashier if I could talk to someone about our extremely long wait. A manager came down and I told him what happened with our big delay and missing the parade. He felt bad and said he was sorry he couldnt make the parade happen again. But, he did refund our money. I felt bad complaining because the workers were great and the experience was awesome, but an hour was just too long.

Anyway, isnt he the cutest pirate youve ever seen?

I wanted to get one good photo to put on his birthday party thank you cards. His party is pirate themed, of course. I used the one above. PERFECT!

Trevor thought he was so cool the rest of the day. He wore every piece all night. We rode Pirates, Jungle Cruise and went in the Tiki Room before heading back to the hotel.

We drove over to our condo complex and finally met up with the rest of my family. We had a 2 bedroom condo and it was gorgeous and perfect for our family. My family had condos in our building and the next one over. Close, but not too close. ;) We hung out with everyone and went to bed pretty early.