Friday, November 9, 2012

Little Fishies

Tuesday, we had the morning off. We really needed it! We lounged in the condo for a while and then went to enjoy the pools our condo complex had to offer. First, we went to the waterpark. It was big and great, but freezing! Since the water is constantly circulated, that water isn't heated. Trevor jumped right in and Tom eased in slowly. I was getting nowhere near that and had to keep Gavin out so he wouldn't freeze. We let Trevor play about 15 minutes before heading to the regular pool.

We met the family down at the pool and everyone had a great time. Tom was throwing kids in the air, Trevor was practicing swimming underwater and Gavin splashed his heart out. I was just trying to get some sun.

My kids love the water so much. Gavin is as much of a water baby as Trevor was. He now puts his face in the water to try and blow bubbles. He ends up just licking the water a bit, but its adorable.

After hours at the pool, we went back to the condo to take a long nap. We wanted Trevor to sleep as long as possible since we were going to the Mickey Not-So-Scary Halloween party that night.

In non-vacation-catch-up news, Trevor turns 3 in two days. Tomorrow, we are having a pirate birthday and then heading to Wisconsin Dells for his actual birthday. He is really excited about his birthday this year, so both days should be fun!


Jessica Schmitz said...

Your family is so beautiful, Erin. I hope that I'm as blessed as you and my first cycle of IVF that I'm about to embark on works. Did you do anything special? Acupuncture, yoga?