Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hollywood Studios Day 2

Friday was our final full day. We hung out at the condo, did some laundry and cleaned up. Late morning, we headed back to Hollywood Studios.

The first thing we did was see Beauty and the Beast. We got fastpasses to Tower of Terror and planned to take turns riding with my brother and his girlfriend. Unfortunately  one of the elevators wasnt working, so the fastpass line was long too. We ended up skipping it and heading to eat.

We sat at the little cafe and shared a giant sandwich and giant cupcake. Trevor was in heaven. 

We went on the Great Movie Ride and then got a spot for the parade. It had a ton of Trevors favorite characters. He stood on the stroller and waved the entire time.

We headed to the Indiana Jones show and poor Trevor was asleep within 5 minutes. The show is extremely loud and he snoozed right through it.

After the show, we went to meet some characters. We just let Trevor nap a bit, so we could move on with our day.

We planned to stay until the Fantasmic show, but we still needed to go to Downtown Disney and do our big shopping. We were so tired and wanted to go back to the condo, but I had a list of souvenirs to buy, since I always wait until the end of the trip.

We were leaving the park and walking to the car..I was pouting and talking about how I wish we could live there and we didnt know when we would be back..
We looked up and spotted a beautiful rainbow. How can you not smile at that? 

Downtown Disney was crowded!! We were starving and ate at Earl of Sandwich. I had the most delicious holiday sandwich. I am so sad there isn't one near us because it was amazing! We traded some vinyls, and shopped at World of Disney. We left with magnets for the fridge, bath toys, 2 stuffed animals and a charm for my bracelet. It was a successful shopping trip!

It was another long day and we all slept like babies that night.


Kelly said...

That cupcake looks amazing! Once again, love the pictures!!