Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hollywood Studios Day 1

I am almost done with Florida posts, phew!!

Thursday, we went to Hollywood Studios. I knew we would need a lot of time there and I was glad we got everything we wanted to done at Magic Kingdom beforehand. We arrived and went to see the Ariel show. We had reservations for an early lunch at Hollywood & Vine, so we headed there right after.

Hollywood & Vine was a character meal with the Disney Junior pals and it was awesome! I was so glad we did another character meal toward the end of out trip. The meals are expensive, but the boys were free and we stuffed ourselves and didnt eat much the rest of the day.

We met Jake, June, Oso and Handy Manny. 

Handy Manny LOVED Gavin and stayed at our table at least 10 minutes. 

We met up with my Mom, sister and kids and went to the Muppets and Disney Junior show. Trevor loved both.

We did a little shopping and then went over by Star Tours. My Mom loved this ride, so we decided to go on with the big kids and leave Tom with the 3 babies. Gavin was fussy and ready for a nap. We had a great time on the ride and walked out to find Tom walking back, like this. What happened?!, we asked. Apparently, 30 seconds after we got in line Trevor had to poop. So, Tom strapped Gavin on, linked up the strollers and took all 3 kids into the bathroom. Have I mentioned he is the BEST lately? He really is.

The clouds were changing and we knew a storm was coming. We split with the fam and headed to the stunt show. It has a covered area and about 10 minutes into the show it started pouring. Trevor loved this show. It was fast cars, fire, smoke, McQueen. It was awesome.

It was still pouring after the show, so we went to meet the Toy Story characters, who are inside. Trev was a little unsure of the army guy, but loved Buzz and Woody. 

The park was closing in about 10 minutes, so we hopped in line for Toy Story. The line was only about 30 minutes and its one you dont mind waiting for because the building is so fun. It is Toms favorite ride and would have loved to ride over and over again.

It stopped raining by the time we were walking out. Considering it was the only rain we dealt with the entire trip, we lucked out. We were so happy to have another day at the park, because with the show times and it closing early that day, we needed it!

That night, we packed and started to accept that we had to go home soon. 


Fiona aka DRMama said...

I am loving all of your awesome photos from your Florida trip!! :)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

That looks like a great time and love the pic of Tom with the strollers.

Ashley said...

That is the only park we haven't been looks like you guys had a blast! And I had to laugh at the lady giving a look like, "you are crazy" with your husband and all the strollers. Lol

city said...

thanks for sharing.