Friday, November 2, 2012

Florida Trip-First 24 hours!

Wednesday, October 17th, was the night before we left for Florida. Tom had been off work for a few days and we got a lot done around the house. As soon as I was off work that evening, we had to rush to the hospital to meet a friends new baby boy and stop at the bank. Then, we got home and it was chaos of cleaning and packing and early bedtimes. We pulled our last link from our Disney chain..very exciting!

Thursday, we woke up at 5:30 am, hoping to leave at 6am. We grabbed a few last minute items, dressed the boys and my parents picked us up to take us to the airport. We had a lot of luggage. A LOT! 4 suitcases, which housed things like diapers, wipes, the pump, a high chair, etc..2 carseats, a double stroller and the pack and play. Thank goodness for SWA and their no baggage fees. :)

We made it from the car to the check in counter and everything from there was a breeze. The woman helping us check in was so kind and patient. The security line was quick and easy. We waited at our gate for a bit, people commented on the boys like crazy. 

The flight was great!! We had one row to ourselves. Gavin nursed twice, napped and was happy when he was awake. Trevor watched a movie, ate snacks and was so well behaved. Obviously, my kids were meant to travel.

We arrived in Tampa around noon. We couldn't pick up our car until 1pm, so we took our time getting from the airport to the car rental station. What time did we arrive? 12:58pm. We paid for our car and were on the road to St. Petersburg!

Both boys slept in the car. The ride there was short and beautiful. We stopped for a drive-thru lunch and checked into our hotel, located on St. Pete Beach! We ate and couldn't get out on the beach fast enough!

We walked to the back of our hotel and there it was, St. Pete Beach! Tom and I had been a few times and we were so excited to be there with our sons. Trevor RAN for the water. He went under, came back to us and said, "Hey, this water tastes funny!" Tom and I laughed hysterically. I'm not sure I have ever seen Trevor so happy. He was running in and out of the water, going under, jumping over waves, playing in the was amazing to watch. Gavin loved it, too. He had fun in the sand, although if there were shells big enough, he tried to put them in his mouth. The water was 78 degrees, so he was able to go in and he loved it too. He kept licking his lips to taste the salt. 

Look at that drool!

Love my boys..

Gavin the daredevil!

We wish we had all the supplies you need for a fun beach trip..sand toys, big towels, chairs, and umbrella, etc. Next time, we will spend at least 3 days at the beach and really get to relax. We took advantage of the time and supplies we did have! 

 After the beach, we went to the pool at our hotel and Trevor swam like crazy. He was jumping in off the side and swimming up and a few feet forward to Tom. Pretty soon, he will swim better than I do!

That night, we met with a friend at the Pier in St. Petersburg. We ate a delicious dinner at Cha Cha Coconuts, on the top of the Pier. We were so exhausted when we went back to our room. We turned the lights off for Gavin to fall asleep and all 4 of us passed out. 

On Friday, we went back to the pool and beach for a few hours. The weather was 85 degrees and simply perfect. We did not want to leave!

Someone asked if she could take our photo and I laugh at this. Trevor got hurt when Tom picked him up and this is what she took. This is real life. ;)

I love the line-up of hotels along the beach. Each has cabanas you can rent, water activities for kids and pools right on the beach.

Early afternoon, we packed up our room and were headed back to Tampa airport to meet my family. On the way, we stopped at the condo where Toms grandparents used to live. Its a very sentimental place for Tom. I always say it is his happy place. He spent a lot of his childhood there, swimming for days, walking in the sand and looking for shells. We HAD to take our boys there and put their toes in that sand.

Let us in!

We met my family at the car rental place, and dispersed family members between our two cars. We stopped for lunch and were off to Shades of Green, on Disney property. We were ready to see the MOUSE!


Justin and Marcie said...

My sister lives in St. Pete and I've been to that beach before. Gorgeous! LOVE the pic of Trevor with his arm around cute!!! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Jessica said...

Those beach pictures are GREAT!! You all are so adorable

Kelly said...

Love all the pictures! Gorgeous! Love the ones of Gavin in the sand and the 2012 toes picture!!

Chelley N said...

This is a little random, but did you use a gate check bag for your Citi-Mini double? We have the same stroller and will be flying to Orlando in Feb for a Disney vacay. I'm debating on whether or not it's worth it to buy to gate check bag to protect the stroller. Insight?

KC said...

Thanks for sharing. I love the picture of the two boys taken from behind sitting on the beach, what an incredible moment to capture.

beth ewing said...

is someone in your family in the military or how were you able to stay at Shades of Green? and you must have booked early...that place stays booked like a year in advance. we've tried twice to get in and can't.

Fiona aka DRMama said...

This looks just amazing!! I love all of the photos and how happy everyone looks to be there. What a blast! :)

Katie said...

Love all the pictures, gorgeous!! :)