Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Sunday, we were off to Epcot! We knew this was our one and only day there, so we were off and running pretty early.

First stop? Nemo! Nemo was one of the first movies Trevor every watched and its still one of his favorites. We went on the ride and then sat for Talk with Crush. We all loved both.

Next, we went to Living with the Land and ate in the food court. We hopped over to Figments ride and loved that. Trevor made some music with his hands; Daddy used Gavin.

We decided to head toward the countries and see some characters. We met Tigger and Pooh. Boys loved 'em!

We waited to see Belle and Trevor was so bashful around her! He just stared and wouldnt talk to her or take a picture without me.

We were really, happily, hot that day, so we stopped to grab some ice cream while we waited for Snow White.

Trevor LOVED Snow White. She may be his current favorite princess right now.

Love this one, telling her he is almost 3..

Madly in love with this picture..

We decided to head out and return in the evening to go on Soarin' and see Illuminations. We took a ride through Spaceship Earth before we left. The pictures they took and little skit at the end was so cute.

We got to our condo and after about 30 minutes, decided we were too tired to go back. I was bummed, but too tired to care. Instead, we ordered Olive Garden, gave Gavin spaghetti for the first time and took a bath in the huge tub.

It was nice to have a little time to do lounge. The boys went to bed in lion jammies, we were headed to Animal Kingdom in the morning!


teacherJillK said...

I am loving your trip report! We are DVC members and can't get enough Disney. It is wonderful to see your sweet family having so much fun! :)

Stace said...

I haven't commented yet, but these posts and pictures are just making me SO ridiculously jealous. I need to get to Disney with my babes. But I love, love, love the posts and love reading them every day. :) As always, the boys are adorable.

Kelly said...

I love your pictures! I am SO jealous! I love the boys matching pj's in the last picture!! CUTE!!

Bloggerina said...

Has it been worth it for you to go to Disney with your kids at the ages they are? Im talking in terms of being able to get on a lot of rides and being tall enough,etc. Thanks for the info :)

Katie said...

Love the pictures & loving your recaps! :)