Saturday, November 3, 2012

Disney Night #1

..So, we arrived at Shades of Green, a military resort on property. My dad is retired military, so we are able to stay in this unbelievable resort for less than a Holiday Inn where we live. We were tempted to relax and enjoy all SoG has to offer,  but we were too anxious to see that castle and start our fun. We walked from Shades to Polynesian and took the monorail over to Magic Kingdom. The boys took a snooze on the way over..

We went straight to the back of the park to see if the new Fantasyland was open, as it was the few weeks before. I was so happy to see this sign!

The grand opening is December 6th and I was so bummed we missed it by a few weeks. We got to see the new castles and go on the Little Mermaid ride. The only thing we missed out on was Be our Guest restaurant, which we will do next time were down there.

We headed to the LM ride, our first of the trip. We have been on it in California and it was identical. Trevor didnt remember it, so it was fun to see it through his eyes this time around.

Next up was Its a Small World. This was Trevor's favorite in Cali. He loves the song when it comes on our Disney CD's we listen to. This time? It was a hit for both boys.

This photo perfectly captures Trevors face for the first day or so of rides. He was in awe and wouldn't talk to use, just took it all in. 

Trevor begged to go on Peter Pan. It had a bit of a longer line, but we waited and he loved it. Peter Pan has become one of his favorites.

We stopped to eat at Pinocchio's  where you can sit and watch people on Its a Small World. It was delicious food and Trevor loved it.

We rode the teacups with a sleepy Gavin. The park was open until 11pm and after 9, there were no lines for anything.

We checked out the new Storybook Circus. It was nice, but we miss Toon Town! We had a fastpass to Dumbo and didnt utilize the new interactive que. We kept saying how we should head back to the hotel, but Trevor was up and happy and it was so tempting to ride just one more ride..and then one more...and then...

After Dumbo, Trevor went on his first rollercoaster! He was unsure, but we told him over and over that he had to try everything once and if he didnt like it, he wouldnt have to go again. He was really scared on the rollercoaster, but didnt not cry. He is my brave boy.

Finally, we decided to head back to our hotel and call it a night. We did a lot in our first few hours at the park and were really excited for the upcoming week! Trevor picked out his first souvenir, a Peter Pan figuring set.

We arrived back at the hotel after midnight and passed out! We need it, as Saturday was a big day in our trip!