Thursday, November 15, 2012

Delaneys Birthday

Wednesday morning was my niece, Delaney's, 7th birthday! We planned the trip around her birthday and were so excited to be at the happiest place on Earth!

We had a slow start to the morning, after our late night at the Halloween party. We ended up leaving the condo first and took Laney and Tyler with us. We wanted to get Laney ears, a balloon and a hair wrap. As soon as we arrived, we went to see Mickey.

We stopped on the side of the castle to watch a show and by the time it ended, everyone else arrived. 

Tom and I knew this day was about Delaney and what she wanted to do. We were glad we already had a lot of time at Magic Kingdom, because we repeated a bunch of rides. First, we went on pirates.

Then, we stopped for some ice cream and Trevor passed out. It was really hot that day and the boys ended up half naked and in the shade. Laney got her hair wrap and we played in the gift shop, buying more pirate vinylmations.

We went to watch Country Bears and then on Haunted Mansion. The day went by SO quickly. Trying to keep 15 people happy is tough work! 

We went on Its a Small World and then grabbed dinner. Tom went on Splash Mountain with my brothers and we all went on Buzz again. 

We walked over to Main Street and got a spot for the parade. Again, it was great.

We got back to the condo late and everyone was ready for bed. At this point in the trip, we were exhausted. We wished we could have taken Thursday off to just enjoy the condo and rest, but we knew we had to go to Hollywood Studios if we wanted to catch all of the shows. When you go to Disney every 2 years and spend $600 to walk in the door...we wanted to do it all!