Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chef Mickey's

We slept in Saturday morning and had to rush to get to our late breakfast reservations. 

Before we headed out, we go the call we had been waiting older brother proposed to his girlfriend! They flew into Tampa on Friday night and he proposed on the beach Saturday morning. We all knew it was coming; she did not. It was all very exciting and we couldn't wait to see them that night to extend our congrats.

I haven't done a character meal since I was a child and let me tell you, worth.every.penny! We had the BEST time. It was the perfect opportunity for us, since we only had to pay for 2 adults. Children under 3 can eat off and adults plate and did they ever!

We hyped up the characters to Trevor forever, but I was still worried he would be scared of them. Thankfully, he LOVED them. It was quite the competition of who loved them more. Trevor and Gavin both went nuts when they came around. The meal was orchestrated perfectly. We all had our food and were enjoying our meal and the characters started to come over and take photos and visit. They did not rush you and it couldn't have been more pleasant. Plus, the food was delicious! Gavin may have eaten 3 Mickey waffles...

We left Chef Mickeys in such a great mood. It was a fun way to introduce them to the characters. We went back to Shades of Green and visited with my family by the pool for a bit. We went back to my parents room to try and nap the boys and it didn't happen. Tom loaded our baggage into the car, since we were moving to our final residence of the trip that evening. We would have loved to stay at Shades of Green longer and enjoyed the amenities. We simply took advantage of the location and easy transport to Disney this time around.

That afternoon, Trevor had a reservation at Pirates League. THAT deserves a post of its own...


Mush George said...

Gorgeous pics! x Looks amazing x