Thursday, November 8, 2012

Animal Kingdom

Monday, my entire family headed to Animal Kingdom. Although, we got no pictures together!  6 children and a lot of different agendas made for some hectic days. 

Gavin slept in this morning. I think I finally woke him around 9. He took full advantage of our king bed. 

Our room had low windows and it was Gavins favorite place. He would stand there and watch the trees and birds for long spurts of time. It was too cute.

Yes, Animal Kingdom. Again, we had one day and a big agenda. We went straight back to the safari, after getting a few family photos.

The safari was great. We saw a ton of animals, many close to the vechicle. Its a rocky ride and Gavin managed to pass out halfway through.

Tom went off with some of my siblings to ride Everest, so the boys and I went to go see some characters. Trevor was scared of Baloo and King Louie. Gavin was a big fan!

Next, we sat for the Lion King shows. Tom found us just in time. Gavin loved it and jumped for the first 10 minutes.

We met up with the rest of the family to see A Bugs Life show. A lot of the shows/rides at Disney can be scary for young kids and Trevor was so, so brave. He never cried and was upset. He would simply state afterward that he was scared. It was cute and we were proud.

We left the two babies and Delaney with my parents and the rest of us went on the Rapids ride. Trevors first water ride and a big one! Again, he was unsure, but did awesome. We all got pretty wet. 

We had a character drawn of Trevor when he was an infant. I knew I wanted to get one of Gavin while there, so we can hang them together. Gavin was a ham and it turned out pretty cute.

Trevor passed out in the stroller while we had it drawn and slept through our lunch at the dino restaurant. We walked back to catch a bit of the parade and then went to meet Goofy and Pluto.

We rode Triceratops Spin and saw the Nemo show. We did every single thing we wanted to and were there from open-close. It was another wonderful day.

We hung in our condo that night and watched the Bears win. Icing on the cake. :)


Kelly said...

Once again, great pictures Erin! Gavin looks so big standing up..he is growing up too fast! Love all the fun pics!